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[Story] MY MISERY (Complete Episodes)

One Sweet-smelling Monday morning,
Davidson did something very stupid.
My dad leaves for work as early as 06:00am. I
usually leave for shop by 08:00am.
Davidson’s dad on the other hand works in a
different local government area so he’s only
around on week ends, Friday evening,
Saturday and on Sunday he would return by
the evening.
So on this sweet-smelling Monday morning I
went to take a shower.
When I returned to the room after shower, I
never knew Davidson was hiding behind the
He saw my nakedness. It was when I finished
dressing up and was about to lock the door
with a padlock that he screamed my name. He
actually screamed my name otherwise he
would have been there till I returned from
work cos he can’t go out through the window.
Naturally I got irritated. But it only lasted
some seconds.
“I am sorry,” he apologised. “Do what ever you
want to me,” he added.
I couldn’t figure out anything. I search
through my inner mind. The sheet I could
come up with was tell him to remove his
clothes so I could take my revenge by starring
at his….at his….his…. Oh Gush!
“Alright,” he simply said and took off his
clothes. I starred at him. I gave my eyes the
pleasure it has longed for. My hands were
begging me to give them a feel of his Organ
and I almost did.. Almost.
I was so out of my mind that instance. I was
already feeling s#xually excited again.
Then I heard him say, “that’s enough… Except
“Except if I will also take off my clothes
right?” I completed the sentence he started.
He responded with a nod.

What I was doing was wrong. I knew.
But you know the saying, ‘we are all prisoners
of our own Passion.’
So I took off my clothes ‘cos I wanted to stare
at Davidson much longer. I locked the door
with the bolt before doing that.
Davidson drew closer to me. We were both as
Adam and Eve.
His Organ was hard. He tried to put it in me.
I held him back. “Do you want to get me
pregnant?” I told him.
“I would be careful not to release inside you,”
he promised.
I was so Obssessed. I didn’t want to
masturbate that day again. Plus I was eager
to have a taste of the pleasure of s#x. I was
s#x freaked.
I still managed to decline telling him that
unless we get married. I remember his crazy
reply. He said, “But we are still going to get
married afterall…whats the use starving
On hearing that I succumbed. He placed his
right hand on my left boob and I felt his thing
inside of me. At first it was painful, a kind of
pleasure mixed with pain….. then it was
normal. Oh gush, don’t wanna refresh my
Then all of a sudden he was riding so fast.
Then all of a sudden he paused. I didn’t
understand what that means.
“I’m sorry,” were his words.
“Why, for what?” I remember asking him.
“I released in you…. I… I” he stammered.
I suddenly became worried. I was already
imagining how shameful it was going to be
moving around the house with a big tommy
outside wedlock.
Davidson was just smiling. A kind of irritating
But the funny thing is that we still continued.
Since he had already released in me, we just
continued until I cum.

For the second time in my life I felt so
inferior. The first time was when I
We wore our clothes.
I recorded the date. I said to ma self that I
was going to visit a doctor after about three
weeks for a test to know if a foetus is growing
inside my womb so I could quickly remove it.
Oh gush, One sin leads to another. It would be
so shameful for my dad to find out that I got
pregnant outside wedlock.
I went to shop late that day.
“There must always be a reason………..So
what’s the reason for coming late today?”
Amina asked.
For the first time in ma life I had to lie to ma
Best female friend, Amina.
I couldn’t tell her I had s#x. When did I get
into a relationship that I have started having
Davidson went back to school that weekend.
His dad also went back to his place of work
as usual Or so we thought.
He came back to the house the next morning
claiming that he forgot some office files. My
dad had gone to work already that morning.
I was preparing to go to the shop.
Davidson’s dad has this bad habit of opening
the gate or even doors with his foot. He would
just it open. So when heard the sound like the
gate was kicked open, I knew it was him.
I greeted him when he bumped in.
“Oh how are you my dear?” he responded in
the usual manner.
“I never knew I would meet anyone at home,”
he added.
I simply smiled.
“In that case come assist me find this file so
it doesn’t take much of my time.”
I didn’t hesitate. I followed him with One
mind. I didn’t see what was coming. But Oh
men, I wonder why S#x always go on in their
mind whenever they are alone in a room with
a lady.
When I bent down and was searching for the
file in a drawer which he showed me, I felt a
hand on my b0bs. I turned slowly, hoping
that I would wake up from the slumber before
I finish turning my head. But it was happening
for real. Davidson’s father actually touched
my b0
“I have missed my wife so much. I use to do
that to her whenever she is around,” he said
without even showing any remorse for his
I made to leave the room but then he grabbed
me. He pressed my hand to the bed. He
overpowered me.
I screamed in vain.
I used to say it’s not possible for a lady to be
raped. Until it almost happened to me.
“Don’t tell me you’ve not been wishing for this
moment,” he said, smiling satisfactorily to
Probably I would not have been able to
defended myself if there was no tumbler at
the edge of the bed.
When he let go of my hand and tried to take
of my pant, I smashed the tumbler on his

Just within the twinkle of an eye, the lady you
use to know, who was single and not
searching, who was hardworking, who was
innocent, a virgin,
is no more. Just within the twinkle of an eye.
I have been staying with Amina ever since the
incidence between Davidson’s dad and me.
I kept it all to my self.
I simply told my dad I was going to be staying
with Amina but would be visiting time to time
until our building is complete.
Davidson’s dad on the other hand kept
pleading with me not to tell anyone saying
that he didn’t know what came over him.
I was certain I couldn’t keep it a secret for
ever. Or at least not from my dear friend
I have told no One yet,
Well, except for you reading it right now.
I needed to put my life on the right track
Davidson and I have been keeping in touch.
I still love him.
It’s getting to a month. I havn’t gone to no
hospital. I have done no check up.
I woke up One morning and started feeling my
b0*bs getting fuller and heavier. I started
urinating more often than usual and I started
getting fatigued easily.
The signs were clear to me. It was hard to
Davidson said he was coming back during the
weekend so he could get some stuffs and also
to say hi to his step mom. She was back to
the house. I got to meet with her once but we
didn’t get along so well. (As in Our spirit no
“I would go see Davidson when he returns
during the weekend and tell him I am
pregnant and see his reaction,” I though to
I was also thinking, my dad may not be that
mad afterall if Davidson showed some
seriousness. At least it was better than
committing abortion.
Then probably I could just keep the secret
between Davidson’s dad and me just to
maintain a peaceful atmosphere between our
Life could be better again. Perhaps the
sadness that has been in my heart for over
three weeks now could varnish. These were the
thoughts that ran through my poor mind.
But I was wrong. Oh Life: One minute
everything would seem as if it’s going to be
better and another minute the situation goes
That’s where I found my self.

Davidson arrived home at about 12:00pm, Friday.
When he called me on phone I promised to see him On Saturday morning before leaving for work. Amina was also eager to see this guy that won my heart. She’s never seen him before.
But somehow I couldn’t wait till the next day before going to see him. I was impatient. Or rather, I was really in love.
By 04:00pm, I told Amina to close the shop so we could go see Davidson.
“I can’t close the shop this early because of your guy,” she said, jokingly… and we both laughed, hysterically.
We closed the shop and proceeded to Davidson’s house.
It was kind of a surprise visit ‘cos Davidson wasn’t expecting me.
when we got to the house and entered the compound, I told Amina to follow me let’s tip-toe to his Room. Good enough there was music playing gently in the parlour that made it impossible to Suspect footsteps.
We tip-toed to Davidson’s Room and I met the most shocking scene of my life.
His step mom, naked. Her hands tied to his ceiling fan.
Davidson was actually practising One of the styles of the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY movie with his step mom.
I remember he said she owned the movie.
I blinked my eyes randomly, hoping that the person I saw wasn’t Davidson. But he was.
With a loud scream I ran out of his room, out of the parlour, out of the compound, out of the house. OUT OF MY MIND. Amina followed suit.
Davidson didn’t come after us. I guess it’s ‘cos he was naked.
I kept running until I was ran down by a bike.
I actually did saw the Bike coming but didn’t realise it was so close. I was so out of my mind. I tried not to b’lieve that it was the guy I hoped to get married to that was doing the Fifty Shades Of Grey with His step mom, His father’s wife, my b’loved boyfriend whom I was eager to introduce to Amina.
She saw it with her own eyes…. She saw it.
I just wonder who else he can’t sleep with if he could sleep with his father’s wife.
The bike damaged my legs. It climbed on my legs after knocking me down. Chances that I would ever walk again is very meager.
As you are Reading this story right now, I am still in hospital Bed.
I havn’t set my eyes On Davidson so far. I am not much surprised.
I know I should have waited until I was out of this situation before sending my story to you. But I don’t know if I would ever get out of this situation. And soon my stomach would start protruding. I am just so going mad right now.
This is MY Misery. And I have come to realise that in life, ‘shits’ happen when you trust the wrong person.
Your advise would help me alot. I am So Downcasted Right Now.

I will be happy to see your advice at the comment box…


MY MISERY (Complete Episodes)

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[Story] MY MISERY (Complete Episodes)

April 5, 2017
I am a nice guy who admires what you love to give it to you.

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  1. Segun says:

    Of course we take some wrong turns in our life’s journey, but it’s not enough to give on neither life nor one’s self. At times, we need to go through tears to get the strength we need, encounter unplanned disappointments or losses. However, they are all trying times that will pass. All we need to do is find strength and courage to push through.

  2. Anonymous says:

    all ways pray to God almighty you will heal in jesus name amen

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