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[Story] I Date White Men Only (Part 3 – END)

I Date White Men Only

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I Date White Men Only Part 31

Me: Why?…. Why is he drunk for crying out loud (sat on the ded)

Bidemi walks up to me….

Bidemi: What happened? You and Obinna, what is it again?

Me: The fool is drunk, he got himself drunk just because i said ‘no’ to him.

Bidemi: No? No to what?

Me: i rejected his marriage proposal..

Bidemi: Jesus christ! You did what? Haaa, Tolulope this is what so many girls are still looking for, you have this on a platter of Gold and you wanna throw it away, why?

Me: You can’t understand

Bidemi: Understand what? You should have accepted the ring

Me: Abegi, which ring? That cheap ring…. Its not as if, i don’t want to, i just said i still want more time, like 2 years.

Bidemi: This guy loves you, why can’t you just….

Me: No ooooo, i can’t. I can’t marry Obinna

Bidemi: But why?

Me: He’s family, they are too much, ibo people and moreover he’s the first child, he has so many responsibility on his head. I won’t enjoy the marriage. I have responsibilities too, look at my siblings too now

Bidemi: That doesn’t mean, it means you have to work hard as well, but you said his family likes you..

Me: I should not lie, they like me but how am I sure sef? They are ibo, they speak their language when i’m around, do i know if they are abusing me. Most times his mother like to speak ibo language to him in my presence, what if they are abusing me? Wo i can’t

Bidemi: I know what is your problem, you date white men only

Me: Whatever!

Bidemi: Must you be like Cynthia?

I Date White Men Only Part 32

Me: Don’t compare me to Cynthia, please….. Moreover is she different from us? I need a white man in my life

Bidemi: At what stage? Isn’t it too late, which white man do you want to marry now?

Me: Zvicka of course

Bidemi: What? I pray you don’t regret this, i just pray it won’t be too late.

I didn’t reply afterwards, as a matter of fact we kept malice for some days, i decided not to talk to her. Honestly, i have this quilty conscience, i just hope i’m doing the right thing, i just hope so.

In Zvicka’s room…

Zvicka: (Moaning) Yes, yes, yes baby…

I was on my knees giving a hot Mouthaction, the sweetest Mouthaction ever.

Zvicka: Oh babay i miss you, uh, yes, suck me (moaning)

I stood up, we were both Unclad, i started kissing him, as he was squeezing my Buttocks and Bosom. Both of moaning…

Me: I miss you baby

Zvicka: I miss you too…. Suck my Tips baby

I began to suck his Tips, he loves it, he crave for it, some men love it. I continued sucking his Tips as he was moaning so hard, squeezing my Buttocks. I stopped and stared at him with flirty eyes, deep my finger in his mouth, as he was sucking it…

Zvicka: F*uck me baby..

I pushed him on the bed, as i laid on him, grabbed his Joystick, inserted in my Joystick and sat on it.

Me: Haaaa!

Zvicka: Oh yes….

As i began to rock him slowly, riding him slowing, sitting on it, panting left and right, tilting up and down, doing it so slow and he was squeezing my Bosom with it with his hands, i was so enjoying it, he was also feeling it, i put my two hand on my head, rocking him really smooth.

Me: Zvicka, i miss you….

Zvicka was really squeezing the hell out of my Bosom..

Zvicka: Make me Pour baby, faster…

I was so fast this time, i was doing it really fast, banging his Joystick, up and down, i began tot make some silly noise, he continued playing with my Bosom and Tips…..
Then all of a sudden, someone opened the door and barged in, who could that be?

OMG! It was Obinna…. Clapping his hands as I quickly separate from Zvicka.

Obinna: So this is it, finally i caught you.

Zvicka: Who the hell are you? How did you enter my house?

I was really nervous, i was already panting, so scared…

Me: Obinna its not what you think.

Obinna: Really? Is that so?…. I’ve told you if i can’t have you nobody else will.

Obinna brought out a gun and pointed it at Zvicka.

Zvicka: What is going on here?

Obinna pulled the trigger and shot Zvicka on his fore head. I screamed… He pointed the gun at me

Me: Obinna please don’t kill me for the sake of our son, please. (crying)

Obinna: Our son? Now you remember our son…. I love you Tolu but i can’t stand any man sharing you with me, you betrayed me (crying)

He pulled the trigger and shot…. I screamed.

I Date White Men Only Part 33


Me: Obinna, please……………….

I woke up! It was only a dream.

Bidemi: Tolu what is wrong with you? Nightmare?

I was so scared…

Me: It was only a dream, thank God it was a dream (panting)

We slept back that night, honestly I was so happy it was a dream. But, can this happen in real life? Why would he kill me? For what now? Is it by force? It was just a mere dream, nothing can happen to me or my baby Zvicka, Obinna can go to hell. Oh, God what is all these now? Seriously, i’m nervous but that won’t change my decision, i’m gonna marry Zvicka and nothing can stop me, nothing, not even Obinna.

2 weeks later, our exam was suppose to start but exams was postponed indefinitely, my school can be a pain in the Buttocks. During this period, Zvicka do call me once a while, i really do miss him, can’t wait to see him cos i’m so broke already, i need money to buy some new clothes for dinner and award night in school. Zvicka also promised to buy Peruvian hair for me from the states so i can’t wait to see him…. 2 days later, i was in the bathroom, my phone rings…

Bidemi: Tolu, your phone is ringing ooo

In the bathroom

Me: Abeg help me check who is calling

Bidemi: Zvicka!

Me: Stop jare, hope its not Obinna?

Bidemi: I’m serious, its even with a Nigerian number sef

Me: Nigerian number?

I quickly rushed out of the bathroom to go pick my phone, i picked and checked who was calling, it was Zvicka, i was so excited.

Me: Hello baby, are you back in Nigeria?

Yes! My baby is back in Nigeria and he’s even Lekki, so he want me to come meet him in Lekki.
I quickly rushed, packed my things, i didn’t even make up sef, i couldn’t wait to see what Zvicka bought for me, especially the Peruvian hair. While i was rushing outside, i met Cynthia.

Cynthia: Where are you rushing to?

Me: Ha, Iyawo how far? Wo, Zvicka is back jare, na lekki i dey go now.

Cynthia: With no make up?

I touched my face..

Me: I didn’t make up?

I dipped my hand inside my handbag and brought out mirror, checking my face in the mirror.

Me: I don’t look rough like that…. Wo, let me go, i’m not looking for husband. I will see you later.

Cynthia: Wait now… I’ve brought my ankara for my wedding, and i want us to discuss about bridesmaids clothes too.

Me:Ha! See, Bidemi is inside, when i come back we will discuss more.

I excused her, rushing out of the hostel compound…. I got to Lekki in evening, saw my baby, I was so happy to see him, I missed him so much. He showed me everything bought for me, including my Peruvian hair. Wow, I’m so delighted. He bought clothes for me, perfumes, bags, lots of items. Guess what, he also bought clothes for my son, Bryan. You see the Advantage of dating a white man. How sweet of him.. I swear nothing in this world can stop me from marrying Zvicka, I repeat, nothing in this world.

I Date White Men Only Part 34

It was so cool to see my baby again, we had s*x all night. I didn’t even care if he has blood cancer or not, we had fun all night just please him. This man was just banging me all night, he kept banging me, on and on, i can’t even count how many tissue paper he used that day but something actually happened and i mistakenly caused it. The following morning, we were taken to IITA in Ibadan. Immediately we got to IITA,

Zvicka was all over me, he wouldn’t let me be, his Joystick was already erected even while in the car this old white boy wouldn’t let me be, he was just kissing me in the car, he stylishly dipped his finger in Kittycat has he fingered me in the car, while his driver didn’t even notice. Chai, Zvicka has missed my Kittycat, i satisfy this man a lot. As soon as we got to his apartment in IITA, he was just squeezing my Bosom, kissing me, pulled off his trouser and gave him a sweet Mouthaction, it was so intense, kissing him so thirsty, we got his room, then he was about to penetrate me, I stopped him.

Me: Baby, condoms..

Zvicka: Lets do it flesh for the first time, just this time. You will take drugs to clean it out.

Me: Baby, No…

Zvicka: You’re not a small girl

We actually had s*x without condoms for the first
time, he banged me and released in my Kittycat. I
didn’t know what came over Zvicka cos he had
never accepted flesh to flesh, does it mean, he
want me give him a child? It means he now trust
me, i just pray i conceive after this s*x, i will just
use the pregnancy to hook him down. i won’t use
any postinor neither will i abort, atleast for him to
request for flesh, it means something. Anyway,
while i was going back to school, he gave me as
usual, driver dropped at the garage, i was living
the life of big time posh mistress, maybe. Lol,
ever since i began dating Zvicka, my whole life
has changed, i was wearing expensive wigs and
weavon, my lifestyle changed, i don’t pay
attention to any naija men, my skin and body
changed, i was rocking expensive things to the
extent that i was nominated for most expensive
on campus. Zvicka, changed my phone several
times, i was using 4 expensive phones. I was on
top of the world, Cynthia was even jealous, i think
she was jealous, honestly i’m the one that is
jealous of her, i so envy this girl, her own better
atleast she will be getting married to white man.
I continued visiting my baby, sometimes i spent a
week with him cos exams was postponed, so
nothing to do in school, i didn’t even have time
for my project, i paid someone to do that for me.
Sometimes, i will stay with him for a week or
more, he took me to Abuja on a business trip sef,
that was the first time i enter plane and Abuja,
levels don dey gather up for me oo. We also
travelled to PH too for one project like that. I was
so having fun, taking pictures, dp things, girls in
my class that we don’t rap became friends with
me, i was moving on a fast track. Less i forget,
Obinna kept on disturbing me, to the extent that
the fool reported me to my friends, and my
mother, he began to update some silly post on
Facebook, i got so pissed with his attitude, i told
him to back off if he can’t wait for 2 years or
more. As a matter of fact i broke up with him, it
was so hard for me to break up with him. Obinna
didn’t allow me rest, he begged me to forgive
him, he even said he was gonna wait for the 2
years. I just told him to look for someone else,
Obinna cried on phone begging me. My mother
and friends begged me to take him back but i
was too blindly in love with Zvicka.

I Date White Men Only Part 35

Cynthia on the other hand, she eventually got married, she had her wedding in Edo state, the wedding was huge, it was a big one, come and see how white people full the party. God do my own like this oooo. After her wedding she and her husband travelled to Israel for honeymoon. I was so bittered, God i want my own to be like this, sincerely speaking if i decided to marry Obinna will it be as big like this? Tell me, who no like better thing?

After few weeks, i discovered i missed my period. I’ve been praying for this i just hope it was i want. In the hostel…

Bidemi: Tolu, your body has changed. I’ve been noticing you lately.

Me: Maybe, i am pregnant…. I just hope it is pregnancy oo.

Bidemi: I pray so, maybe this will make you go back to Obinna.

Me: You dey mad…. God forbid (tapping my fingers). Backward never..

Bidemi: Wait, wait… Zvicka?

Me: Of course, whom do you expect?

Bidemi: I pray it is not pregnancy, i just pray so

Me: What if it is pregnancy?

Bidemi: Don’t you use condoms with him?

Me: We had flesh to flesh sometimes ago

Bidemi: Haa, Tolu… You should have taken pills, just find a way to get rid of it oo

Me: Get rid of what?… Girl, i’m having this baby, I know it is pregnancy. This is the only way to hook Zvicka down

Bidemi: But he’s married now.

Me: I don’t care!

I should have listened to the warnings, but I didn’t…

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November 21, 2016
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