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[Story] I Date White Men Only (Part 3 – END)

I Date White Men Only

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I Date White Men Only Part 21

Zvicka was to travel to USA on Sunday night, so on Saturday we left Ibadan for Lekki, it was there Company’s guest house in Lekki. So we stayed there till he travelled, we were just having rounds of s*x, I gave to him hard cos he would be going for 4 weeks or so. I didn’t really enjoy the s*x like that, honestly I miss Obinna’s Joystick, damn! My white man gave me a staggering 250k before he travelled, I couldn’t believe it when he gave me the money in big brown envelope. I was so super excited, I couldn’t believe it, no man in my entire life has ever given me pass 20k, 250k? It was like 1million dollar in my eyes. I never expected up to that amount.. He warned me to spend the money wisely cos he would be away for 4 weeks or even more, thank God for Zvicka in my life. I escorted him to the airport on Sunday night, slept alone in the Lekki guest house, the following day, the driver dropped me in school as the oga’s madam or babe, whatever.
I shared my testimony with my friends, it was that very day that I went to pay up school fees, I didn’t even waste any time. I paid up my debts, I was finally free. All thanks to Zvicka for his kindness, I love that man, I love him so much. 2 days after, Zvicka called me, to ask about me, he asked if I’ve paid my fees, he told me has started his treatment already. I missed so much, I can’t wait to see him again. We talked on the phone for almost an hour, while speaking on the phone, another caller was calling, I quickly checked who the caller is, guess who it is, well it is the Ibo boy, Obinna. I didn’t pick, I continued talking to my boo, instead of Obinna to stop calling, he kept calling cos I’m sure he saw my number was busy, he still kept calling. Immediately I finished talking to Zvicka, he called, I picked, he was nagging, asking who I was talking to on the phone for almost an hour. Anyway to cut the long story, Obinna said he missed me and he wanted to see me, that I should come spend weekend with him and his family, he even told me he’s gotten a self contain for himself, so he want to come over, moreover my son is with his family for the holiday. I agreed to visit him because of my son, it been long I saw him and I think I missed Obinna’s Joystick, its been long I had s*x with almighty Obinna. He’s damn good on bed, I’ve not had good s*x all these while, thank God Zvicka has travelled, I need better Joystick to grease my boris.

So that weekend, I visited Obinna and his family, they are too many in that their house. His parents and like 6 siblings, he is the first born. So going there I needed to buy something for them, I had problem on what to buy for them cos they are too much and Obinna’s siblings can like to beg, “Sis Tolu come and give your top, come and buy recharge card for me, blah blah”, who am I to complain? I just have to force myself give them, I actually bought things for them from the money Zvicka gave me, can you imagine. I bought some things for my son too.

I Date White Men Only Part 22

He told me to suck the uncircumcised Joystick, I was so irritated cos I’ve never seen uncircumcised adult’s Joystick, I was so uncomfortable even this his Joystick has retracted. I didn’t have choice than to do it, I gave him the Mouthaction, yeah I did. He rimmed my Kittycat, damn! That white dude can eat Kittycat, this guy ate me up, I began to moan seriously while eating it. He worked a condom, poured lubricant on it and robbed some in my Kittycat and began to finger me, fingering me, till he finally inserted his Joystick in my Kittycat and began to bang me, pound me really hard, he went on and on, moaning, I was really enjoying it. He’s good but below average compared to Obinna, he tried, I enjoyed it tho. I shouldn’t kiss and tell you know, anyway, we had one more round and each round lasted led than 5 minutes I guess.

The following day, on Sunday, which I’m suppose to go back to school while Maurice was suppose to go to his office too, cos he told me he works on weekends sometimes. So I woke up early as possible, had my bath, dressing up already, one thing I noticed was that Maurice didn’t have his bath not to talk of brushing his teeth and he was already dressing up for office, then I asked…

Me: Won’t you have your bath?

Maurice: I’ve done that last night.

Huh! For real? I was surprised, wet in concern me, its your money I need, maybe I can be his wife too. Anyway he dropped me off at garage where I would take cab back to school, I kissed him, I told him I love him, he replied. He brought out white envelope, he gave me he envelope and also gave me money for my cab. He promised to call me later and he would see me soon, I told him I would come the next weekend, he replied with “okay”, I kissed him again, thanked him, got off the car. Could you believe that, that was the last time o saw Maurice? On my way to school, in the bus; danfo bus actually, I didn’t take cab oo, why would I pay 5k to a cab man? God forbid, when I can spend less than 1k to get to school. So, while in the public bus, I stylishly counted the money Maurice gave me, it was 10k with the cab fee making it 15k. I wasn’t really impressed because I was expecting more, well it is still manageable. I switched on my phone, received a text message from Obinna, lamenting, insulting, saying our son is hospitalised. Oh! Are you surprised? I have a 3 year old son with Obinna, he’s living with my mother, he’s name is Bryan, Obinna is the father.

I Date White Men Only Part 23

Later in the night, on the bed, our son already sleeping, Obinna started again.

Obinna: So are you going to give me silent treatment? You won’t even say anything or even give me a reply.

Me: What reply? I told you already i’m working, I dunno why you’re taking this too far.

Obinna: Tolu, you know i love you, i love you so much. I dunno why you’re treating me like this, is it because i don’t have money, things are better now, i’m now working or is it because i’m ibo?

Me: Stop all these Obinna… I want to sleep He moved closer to me and began to touch me…

Obinna: I love you Tolu, i don’t want to loose you.

He continued touching some sensitive parts of my body.

Me: What is the meaning of all these now, i’m not in the mood.

Honestly speaking, i’m in the mood, i missed Obinna’s Joystick. I miss the s*x with Obinna.

Obinna: I miss you (in a seductive tone)

Me: Leave me jare, i’m not in the mood for all these..

He began to kiss me…

Me: Oooooh stop..

He continued kissing me, touching my Bosom, kissing my neck, my ears, my cheeks..

Me: Obinna stop (Moaning)

He continued doing those sweetness, he began
squeezing my Bosom, kissing me, moaning, pull off
my night gown and began to suck my Tips, I
just couldn’t help but moan loud, he reached for
my Kittycat and began to finger me really deep,
Obinna is so good at it…

Obinna: Do you love it?

Me: Yes

I Date White Men Only Part 24

Moaning, he now went down low and was giving me head, he was eating me while he was using his fingers to rim the upper part of my Kittycat, it was sweet, he pulled off his boxers, wore a condom, lifted up my legs and inserted his long and heavy Joystick in me, i totally felt it, its been long i had such huge Joystick in me. I screamed, he was going slow, slow, slow, slow, my legs were up in the sky as he was banging me really hard, my Kittycat was just making this moisture sound, its been long i fed it with a good food, i was just moaning really loud, he was really pounding me so crazy, he continued kissing me and was pounding, squeezing, sucking my Bosom, then he lifted me as he sat on the mattrass, while his Joystick is still stuck in my Kittycat, i began to ride him, going up and down, as he was playing with my Bosom, squeezing it really hard. I was going up and down, up and down, up and down….

Obinna: Yes, i’m about to Pour(Panting)

Me: (moanin) Please don’t Pour, please f*ck me more i continued rocking his Joystick, he quickly pushed me as he Pour

Obinna: Ahahaha, yes… (panting)
I wasn’t satisfied enough with the s*x at all, i was surprised he ejaculated early, Obinna doesn’t Pour so fast like that, he stays longer.

Me: What happened to you? Why did you Pour early? You don’t Pour early now.

Obinna: I don’t know what happened, maybe because i’ve been fantasing about you for some days now…. Wow, the condom even broke sef (he removed the torn condom)

I panicked…

Me: What? Hope you didn’t…

Obinna: No i didn’t…

I began to touch him again, kissing him… Sweetheart, i want more, i’m not satisfied yet.

Well, we didn’t do anything again that night, we slept off till the following morning, in the bathroom, i regretted ever asking for more.

I Date White Men Only Part 25

While taking my bath, Obinna walks in, its a small bathroom anyway. Unclad Obinna walks in the bathroom with his erected Joystick, i looked at him, honestly my eyes were on his Joystick.

Obinna: Can i join you? (touching my Buttocks)

Me: What do you want? Bryan is at home ooo

Obinna: My sister have come to pick me

Obinna began to squeeze my Buttocks, touching my body slowly…

Me: Why did they come to pick him?

Obinna: Forget about that, i wanna fu*k you

He quickly turned me over… I hit him hard

Obinna: Yeh! What was that for?

Me: Fu*k? I look like LovePeddler to you or what, can’t you be decent for once learn out to speak to me, if this is the way you talk to other girls abeg don’t
talk to me that way. Rubbish

Can you imagine, no respect for me, this is why I don’t wanna date nigerian guys, Zvicka will never talk to me that way.

Obinna: Okay, i’m sorry….

He held me close, kissing me… I was still forming james bond

Obinna: I’m sorry now…. Okay i wanna make love to you.

The kissing continued, it was becoming so intense,
he continued eating my lips, my ears, i was
moaning mildly, he lifted my hands up, i held the
shower pole, he grabbed my Bosom and began to
suck my Bosom, squeezing my Bosom really hard,
then he went below, he knelt down lifted my left
leg on his shoulder, he began to eat my Kittycat
while sqeezing my Bosom simultaneously, i couldn’t
help but to moaning really hard.

Me: Obinna (soft tone)

He continued eating, then he fingered me,
fingering me as he rose up to kiss me, fingering
me, kissing me. Damn! In terms of s*x, Obinna is
the best, anything other than s*x, he’s a failure,
even tho i miss this kind of s*x, Zvicka is really a
failure in s*x department but i will mange him like
that. As i was saying, he continued kissing me and
fingering me, while my hands were still up, he
turned me over and positioned me, about to insert
his Joystick..

Me: Obinna, condom now…

Obinna: No, i want it flesh, its been long….

Me: No, no

Obinna: I wont Pour on you, i swear….

I tried to persuade him to use condome, before i
know it, Obinna had already inserted his Joystick and
began to bang me really har from behind. He
continued pounding, i couldn’t tell him to stop, i
had no choice, i just pray he doesn’t Pour inside
me. He was really fast with it slipped his Joystick from
my Kittycat , turned me over again i facing him this

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November 21, 2016
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