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[Story] I Date White Men Only (Part 3 – END)

I Date White Men Only

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I Date White Men Only Part 16

We eventually attended the pool party in a hotel in IITA, IITA is such a nice place to be, that place is so damn big. The party was fun, I saw some nigerian girls there also that are dating the white men. It was so obvious those nigerian girls are dating them, those girls are so lucky. We finally met Cynthia’s white boyfriend, he’s not even that fine in real life sef, he’s even short, he’s just there. Anyway, I was introduced to the white guy that was so interested in me, honestly I was little bit disappointed. I was expecting something different, its not that he’s ugly neither is he handsome with his bald head, its just that he’s an old man. He’s a married man, I wanted a single guy, I was already blaming myself for not visiting the lebanese dude instead, but who am I to complain? All I need is someone to spend for me, that’s all I ask for, I want the money, I want to be treated the way Cynthia is being treated by her white man.

His name is Zvicka, 58 years old, he is from Israel, he’s a married man with 4 grown up kids, his family lives in Israel. We talked through out at the party, till we went to his apartment. He lives in a very nice place. He played a very boring Israeli song on the TV. Zvicka is very friendly and jovial as well, he was admiring as usual then he went straight to business. He told me he needed a girlfriend who will take care of him, a nigerian girl, a girl that would always visit him every weekend to take care of him, he told so many things about himself. He told me he’s not looking for marriage that he loves his wife and his family, he just wanted a concubine in Nigeria. He promised to take good care of me if I am loyal to him, he asked if I have a boyfriend, which I totally denied that I am very single and searching. Zvicka has been living or working in Nigeria for over 5 years, so I wonder why he want me to be his girlfriend, hasn’t he date any nigerian girl? So I asked…

Me: Am I gonna be your first Nigerian girlfriend?

Zvicka: Of course not, but you’re the prettiest of them all.

Me: Them? Like how many Nigerian girls have you dated?

Zvicka: Just 3 and they all left me, theu didn’t come back again.

Me: Why? Why didn’t they come back?

Zvicka: I don’t force them if they want to go. Even tho, one of them got married that was why she couldn’t visit again. But the others left me, and I don’t know why maybe they don’t enjoy the jigi jigi (laughing)

Me: What’s jigi Jigi?… Oh! s*x

We both laughing…

Zvicka: From the moment I saw your picture, I liked you instantly. Its been long I dated a nigerian girl, it was my friends that forced me to get a girl, I don’t like flirting my my friends, I just want a permanent girl. I just hope you won’t run away.

I was just smiling, I already liked him. He’s matured and sincere , and he’s even rich. Although, I would have preferred he was a single guy but I’ve no choice than to manage him. I want to marry a white man, less I forget, Cynthia got engaged at the party, her white boyfriend proposed to her with a diamond ring in front of everybody, that girl is really lucky. I would have prefer the lebanese dude cos he’s single but that one is a complete dog, make him no go do s*x tape with me and ruin my life.

Me and Zvicka talked all night, slept together on the bed, no s*x at all, it was just a kiss, just a kiss. The following day when I was about to return back to school with my friends, he was just taking my pictures with his camera, the old man likes me. The most shocking part was that, Zvicka gave me 20k as a gift, with no s*x or whatsoever, I was so surprised. I couldn’t believe it, 20k just like that…

In the hostel..

Bidemi: 20k just like that? (Holding the money)

Me: I swear with my life, he didn’t touch me.

Cynthia: Zvicka is the most responsible of them all, so don’t just loose this opportunity, that man is very reserved and he spends well to those girls he was dating before, I don’t why they left him.

Bidemi: But, if you date him now, what about Obinna?

I hissed and forcefully collected the money from her.

Cynthia: That’s true oo, the father of your son…. Tolu can you cope? Cos that guy loves you die.

Me: Abegi! I’ll play my game wisely, moreover its not like Zvicka want to marry me, he just want concubine that’s all.

Bidemi: This is your opportunity to save up for your school fees ooo, you know exams are knocking on the door. Grabbed this opportunity, pay your school fees and leave him so that you can concentrate on Obinna and your son.

Me: Enough with that ibo name..

Cynthia laughing….

I Date White Men Only Part 17

That was how I began to date Zvicka, I was always
visiting him every weekend, I visit him every
Saturdays and return back to school Monday
morning, his driver would drop me at the garage
with his car. Each weekend I visit Zvicka, he was
always giving me 10-15k as thanks for coming, he
doesn’t even wait for me to ask before he give. He
doesn’t even give me the envelope physically, he
was always putting the white envelop in my bag. I
always find white envelope in my bag when leaving
for school, he was so sweet. Zvicka took me to
some beautiful places inside IITA to take pictures
and have fun, he was a darling. We hardly cook, we
normally visit the restaurant in IITA where all their
staffs eat, we do visit the supermarket in IITA too to
buy foodstuff for me. The only challenges I was
facing then was that, I wasn’t saving at all, all the
money he was giving me, I was spending it on
something else like shoes, bag, cloths and I was
having a hard time with Obinna, we almost broke
Dating Zvicka was a blessing to me, even though
he’s not so good on bed, its better I don’t talk
about the s*x part cos its so boring. His Joystick is
just below average, I hardly moan during the s*x
sef. I don’t care about the s*x, Obinna is already
servicing me better in that department. One thing I
noticed is that all these white men, they don’t take
their bath or brush their teeth in the morning,
except in the night. Well, I met and became friends
with some nigerian girls there too, who were always
visiting their white boyfriend every weekend as
well, all the girls including me and Cynthia visit our
white men every weekend. Me and the girls love
having fun, partying, clubbing, going to cinemas
with our white men
Dating a white man is a blessing and you can’t
compare a white man to nigerian men cos white
men are so caring. Zvicka has done so many things
I couldn’t believe any man will do for me, I still one
time like that me, the girls and our white men
visited shoprite in Ibadan to go see a movie, so we
decide have a little shopping, could you believe
that everything I bought, Zvicka paid for it and not
only that, he was the carrying the items I bought
while i was cat walking, he carried the whole thing,
in fact all the white men did the same thing to their
girlfriend. Come and see the way we were cat
walking, showing off in shoprite, people were
staring, flaunting our white men, as they were
carrying our bags, can any nigerian guys do that?
Nigerian guys would have ten rounds of s*x with
you yet they won’t give you a dime, some would
even tell you to cook or wash their clothes for them
after the s*x, turning us to slaves in the name of
love. Anyway, I was a little bit scared cos Obinna’s
cousins live in Ibadan but Ibadan is big now so they
can’t see me.

I Date White Men Only Part 18

Just 6 weeks to our relationship, Zvicka got a new phone cos I was having problem with my blackberry curve 2, so he bought me this Tecno Phantom that just came out at that time, the phone cost around 38k or so. Dating a good white man is best honestly, I don’t advice girls to have anything to do with these arab men, they are dog, they spend well oo but you will also spend very well with your Kittycat, some demand for s*x tape sef.

2 months to our relationship, it was becoming so lovely, I was already in love with him and his money. Obinna on the hand was already suspecting me, he visited me in school twice during the weekend. He called him while I was in Zvicka’s place, I didn’t pick it ooo, there was one time, he began to call me, he called me, to the extent that I switched off my phone, I put it on back after some minutes, he continued calling again, Zvicka was already suspecting..

In the sitting room, watching israeli TV station..

Zvicka: Why don’t you pick your call?

Me: No jare

Zvicka: Is that your boyfriend?

Me: Boyfriend? I told you I don’t have one.

Zvicka: Are you sure?

Me: Don’t you trust me?
Obinna kept calling, until he finally sent me a text message that him and my son visited me in school, that my son wanted to see me as per my son’s school were on holiday so he was spending the holiday with his father and its been long I saw him, Zvicka has gotten into my head. Obinna abused me sef in the text message, foolish boy. Immediately I saw the text message, i quickly got up beside Zvicka..

Me: I want to use the toilet..

Zvicka: Okay

I rushed the toilet to call him back, so that I could talk to my son. I talked to my son after which me and Obinna began to exchange words on my phone, I blamed him for coming without informing me and I told him I would come see my son, when I’m less busy. He asked for my where about, I told him to mind his business, he called me useless mother and a Sl*t, I just had to hanged up on him. He began to call me again, can you imagine, that guy is so obsessed with me but he doesn’t have money.

Exam timetable was already out in school, I can’t write exams without paying my school fees, I need to pay for 3 sessions, that’s over 200k and what I have in my account is just 45k, I was so scared, I don’t want to have extra year, my school is a state owned university. How do I pay this school fees and I don’t want to tell Zvicka about it cos I lied to him that I’ve paid my school fees, I don’t want to look cheap to him and moreover he said he doesn’t like girls that ask for money. So I was so confused, I’ve lied too much for Zvicka ooo, I lied to him that my mother is a banker and my father is a retired engineer before he died. I can lie too much, I should have saved up all the money I was seeing but I just don’t know what came over me. Bidemi advised me to inform Zvicka about, that if he truly loves me, he would help me.

I Date White Men Only Part 19

The following weekend, I went to Zvicka’s place, he’s driver came to pick me as usual, as his oga’s concubine. Anyway, I was feeling a little bit reluctant to tell Zvicka about my problem, I was just so scared to tell him, I don’t want to look cheap. We went clubbing that night with others, I was so moody, I didn’t dance or whatsoever, I was just so on my own. Zvicka noticed my change attitude, he forced me to dance with, even tho he can’t even dance. Whites don’t know how to dance, him and his white friend were just shaking like agama lizard, very funny, his dance actually got me cheered up and smiling at the club, I was just laughing. After the whole clubbing thing, we went home, was still moody, still didn’t know how to tell him. Already in the sitting room watching TV…

Zvicka: What’s wrong with you? (Touched my lips)

Me: Nothing

Zvicka: What are you hiding from me? If you have any problem, tell me and I will gladly help if I can.

Me: I don’t know.

He drew me closer…

Zvicka: Talk to me dear…. Okay let’s do it like this, I also have a secret I wanna disclose to you… So let’s share our secrets now cos I know you’re hiding a lot from me.

Me: Secrets?… I don’t have any ooo

Zvicka: You better talk now before I change my mind ooo.

I burst into laughter…

Me: I need money to pay my school fees and exams are about to begin.

Zvicka: Is that what you don’t want to tell me?…. Moreover, I thought you said you’ve paid your school fees. You can lie Tolulope, you lie too much.

Me: I’m sorry, I just don’t want to disturb you.

Zvicka: How much is the school fees?

Me: Everything is 200k plus

Zvicka: Why? That is much

Me: I didn’t pay for 3 sessions..

Zvicka: Why?

Me: Stop asking why? You can’t understand, just help me if you wanna help.

He sighed, he didn’t say anything for some minutes…

Me: Please dear

Zvicka: I’ll see what I can do by next week before I travel to US.

Me: Thank you dear

Excited, planted a deep kiss on his lips…

Zvicka: So what else do you wanna tell me?

Me: Nothing else, that’s all. What else?

Zvicka: The little boy’s picture on your phone that so much looks like you.

Me: I told you he’s my sister’s son, my nephew, that’s all.

Ever since Zvicka saw my son’s picture on my phone, he’s been suspecting and asking me questions about. My son resembles me a lot, just too much resemblance. I just had to tell him the truth, I told him the whole truth except that me and Obinna are not dating anymore. I had to lie to him that I am not dating my baby’s daddy. He didn’t even quarrel with me when I spilled the truth, he was so neutral about it, he accepted my mistakes. But I actually thought I was the only one keeping a secret, Zvicka’s secret was even worse. Did you know what Zvicka told me?

I Date White Men Only Part 20

Zvicka revealed a shocking secret, he told me he’s got blood cancer, Leukaemia. I was so shocked when he told me, I didn’t know what to say. So I’ve been having s*x with someone that has cancer of the blood. I was scared, really scared. He told me the reason he was travelling to USA the following week was to go Chemotherapy, he would be gone for 4 weeks for the check ups and treatment. I was so daft, I didn’t know what to say. I just had to summon courage pretended as if all was well, he told me he’s been nursing this ailment some years. Zvicka doesn’t look like someone that has such, I felt bad for him. I really pitied him but honestly I was still scared cos if this man dies on the process of having s*x with me, then I’m big trouble.

I stayed with through the weekend before going back to school, I was just still worried about Zvicka. I got to school and informed Bidemi and Cynthia, they were all surprised also.

Me: I don’t think I will go to his place anymore ooo

Cynthia: Why?

Bidemi: Is it because of this?

Me: Yes now! I dunno if it healthy to be having s*x with blood cancer patient, I’m scared of being infected or something.

Bidemi: Haba, of course not as long as you use condoms now, moreover sef I don’t there is any danger having s*x with a blood cancer patient.

Cynthia: Wait! I hope you do use condoms sha?

Me: Of course, he can’t even do without it. He loves his wife, he wouldn’t wanna infect his wife.

Cynthia: Na wa ooo! This is a super story ooo

Me: (Sigh) Honestly, I’m confused right now, don’t know what to do. I couldn’t sleep through the weekend, he even noticed my attitude changed. I dunno jare. (Hissed)

Bidemi: You just have to take him like that, people with blood cancer live long for several years, as long as they go for their treatment. Its not a big deal like that, as long he doesn’t miss his appointment for chemotherapy.

Me: I noticed he was always using different drugs like that, I didn’t think of anything like that.

Cynthia: Girlfriend, you’re safe so don’t be scared.

Me: Cynthia, I dey fear wella. Can I go next weekend like this?

Bidemi: What about your school fees? You don’t have choice than to go.

My friend convinced me not to leave him, I summoned courage, I just have to. So I visited Zvicka the following weekend, he would be leaving for USA on Sunday Night. Zvicka was surprised when he saw me….

In the sitting room..

Zvicka: I thought you won’t come back again, I thought you were gonna run away.

Me: (Smiling) Why would I run? You’re my baby love

I kissed him…

The most annoying part of dating Zvicka was that, whenever he wanna skype with his wife and family, I will have to turn myself to a dead person in the house. I will have to lock up myself in the room, no noise, no phone call or whatsoever. I’ve got to be in total silence, cos he doesn’t want his wife to suspect. He Skyped with his wife that evening, talking about his travelling, treatment and all sorts, they can like to talk for hours, while I was in the sleeping like a rejected wife. Well, that’s the side effect of being a side chick. They finally finished their Skype Sh*t, I became important again. He even showed pictures of his new mansion in Israel, his wife sent the pictures to him, if you see the new house Zvicka just bought, I couldn’t help than to open my mouth, its shows that he’s very rich, its was so glaring that Zvicka is very wealthy.

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November 21, 2016
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