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[Story] I Date White Men Only (Part 3 – END)

I Date White Men Only

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I Date White Men Only Part 11

Ahmad kept on calling me to ask if I was still going
to come the next weekend, he kept calling to the
extent that I ignored his calls, he was already
turning to a pest. Initially, I had intention of going
to his place that weekend but something else came
up. I met another white guy that invited over to his
place in V.I, this one is a Lebanese dude, I’ve totally
forgotten his name. He is very cute, as in very cute,
he’s cutest of them all. This Lebanese guy has been
living in Nigeria for 9 years, so he was just acting
like Nigerian guy, he speaks Pidgin fluently and
little bit of Yoruba language. I was surprised, to the
extent that he wears native attires and he attends
owanbe parties very well. So I went to this
Lebanese’s place in V.I, took cab of course, he paid
the cab man. He is very cute, he works with a
construction company, the funniest part is that I
actually met him on Badoo on Friday and I went to
his place on Saturday, can you imagine how foolish
I am. Its not my fault, this Lebanese dude is
charming, funny and so friendly, that was the
reason why I ditched Shori Shori. Well, I got to his
apartment, its a nice place. This Lebanese dude
was just all over me, speaking yoruba to me, he
was just pecking me, he was too close for comfort
and I liked it. We were already acting as if we’ve
known each for a very long time, I just don’t know
what came over us. We began to kiss, kissing,
smooching, squeezing the hell out of my Bosom,
doing all these on the couch in sitting room, pulling
off my blouse, sucking my Tips, kissing me really
hard, the tension was crazy, it was crazy. He
quickly loosened his belt and brought his 14inches
Joystick, fear catch me, I was surprised, this is even
bigger than my boyfriend’s own, very long and
curvy, he is circumcised. I grabbed his Joystick and
gave him a crazy Mouthaction, as he was Squeezing my
Bosom, sucking his Joystick his 14inches Joystick, it
couldn’t even size my mouth. Then he went on
knees and reached for my Kittycat and was eating it
so bad, my legs were shaking as he was rimming
my Kittycat, damn, he’s so good at it, he began to
finger me, squeezing my Bosom simultaneously, I
was just moaning really hard, fingering me and was
eating it also, I was already squirting, then he

Lebanese dude: Are you enjoying it? (Fingering me)

Me: Yes baby (moaning)

Then he asked for the impossible…

Lebanese dude: Should we tape it? (In a S#xual tone)

I Date White Men Only Part 12

Me: Tape what? ( Moaning)

Lebanese: A s*x tape, let record it.
Huh! Record what?

Me: No, no, no baby, I don’t want that..

Lebanese: Why, its fun… (Kissing me) I’ll pay you more.

Me: No, no tape please..

Lebanese: I’ll give you 50k (Kissing me)

50k? At the sound of that 50k I became confused, if I should do it or not, but no way, I can’t do it.

Me: No baby..

Lebanese: Why? Nobody will see it, I promise.

Me: Baby no, just fu*k me, please fu*k me, no tape, fu*k me baby. (I was so damn in the mood)

The lebanese dude held his 14 inches, rimming my Kittycat with it..

Me: Baby, condom..

Lebanese: No condoms girl..

Before I know it he inserted his Joystick in Kittycat, I screamed. Gosh, it was hot, he began do it slowly,
kissing me, slow and steady on the couch. Banging
me slowly, kissing me, squeezing my Bosom, then
he became faster, banging me really hard, I was
just moaning really hard, he brought his Joystick and
inserted it again, brought it out again, inserted his
and continued pounding on the couch, my two
legs were up as he was banging me, my voice were
already shaking, moaning, both of us moaning, he
was squeezing my Bosom really hard as he was
banging to the core, at some point he went so
deep down, inserted it so deep, I screamed.
Banging me so hard, pounding me, I was already
squirting, my legs shaking already. Then he asked…

Lebanese dude: Can I fu*k your Buttocks?

I Date White Men Only Part 13

Even tho I’ve never tried it before but I was willing to do it for the first time…. I replied in a slutty way.

Me: Yes baby fu*k my Buttocks

He turned me over, spits on my anus, fingering it,
rimming my anus, damn, this guy is crazy, eating
my anus really hard. Spit on my anus again, he
tried to insert his Joystick in my asshole but it was so
tight, he got up, went inside and brought
lubricant, he poured lubricant on my anus,
fingering it till he inserted it freely. I screamed on
top of my voice cos it was painful, he brought it
and inserted it again, as he began to pound me, banging me really hard, it was painful but I could feel the pleasure, banging my Buttocks so damn hard. To the extent that, i was crying, pleasure cry anyway..

Me: Fu*k me baby, yes fu*k me harrrrrrd.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I fell off the couch, on
the floor this time he continued banging my Buttocks, then he brought out his Joystick again and inserted in Kittycat from behind, banging me so hard, sitting on my laps Bleeping me from behind, pounding me, then he put his fingers in my mouth. He continued…

Lebanese: I’m about to Pour to baby, yes, yes, yes, yes…

He quickly brought his Joystick and ejaculated on my
body. His Pour was massive, we were both sweating
despite the fact that the air condition was on.
Panting, breathing really hard, anus was really
hurting me. I couldn’t stand up, both of us couldn’t
stand up. Kissing me, till we slept off on the floor.

I Date White Men Only Part 14

Woke up very early in the morning as usual, I need to go back to school. I was so damn weak, when I woke I couldn’t find the lebanese guy beside me, I was a lil bit scared. I quickly got up, put on my clothes, where is this dude? I hope this Lebanese guy didn’t snap pictures while I was obviously Unclad on the floor, I was kinda scared cos I’ve heard and seen a lot of Unclad leaking online, I wouldn’t want to fall into that category. While dressing up, the lebanese guy walked into the sitting room, he was practically Unclad and smoking a cigarette. When I saw him I was bit nervous, for the fact that he was also Unclad, hope this Lebanese guy didn’t do the undoing? He walked up to me, held me closer, kissing me…

Me: (Giggling) Morning

He kept on kissing me…

Me: Stop it (Smiling)

Lebanese guy: Are you leaving now?

Me: Yes, I’ve got a lot to do in school, so I need to leave asap.

Lebanese: I’m so gonna miss you, you were awesome last night.

Me: (Shying) Stop that, don’t be nutty

Lebanese guy: I’m crazy right? You be real bad girl, omo yoruba to bad (Bad yoruba girl)

Me: How many Nigerian girls have you had your ways with?

Lebanese: E plenty ooo (too many girls).

As he walks away to his room, I couldn’t help but to look at the skinny Lebanese guy’s Buttocks, shaking my head. Finally dressed up, wearing my peep toe heels, as he walks in again. He was fully covered up this time, he stretched a white envelope to me..

Lebanese Guy: You can have this, abeg manage am (please manage it). I would have given you 50k assuming you allowed me tape it.

I collected it, the envelope is heavy oooo.

Me: Thanks, dear…. And hope you didn’t take my Unclad pictures while I was asleep?

Lebanese guy: (Laughing) Why would I do that?

Me: Are you sure?

Lebanese guy: Yes! So when are you coming again? I can’t wait to fu*k you again.

Me: Maybe next weekend sha..

The lebanese guy dropped me at the garage, as I
find my way to school.

I Date White Men Only Part 15

I got to school, the first thing I did was checking
the envelope, I couldn’t check it while in the bus
cos I was so tired. I counted the money, it was
25k.. I was surprised, I never expected it, I
honestly didn’t expect that much. Bidemi came
back from Church, I explained everything to her, I
even gave her 1k cos she wouldn’t let me rest.
Honestly, that 25k will do a lot, cos I needed to
send money to my mother, my son needed
somethings too. The following day, immediately
after lectures I sent 7k to my mother and deposited
the rest in my account, saving up for tuition fee. I
got the hostel that day, I met Bidemi and Cynthia
discussing my room, its been long I saw Cynthia,
the foolish girl doesn’t stay in school anymore
always following her Oyinbo boyfriend up and down
like a desperate cheap girl. Anyway, I joined the
conversation, Cynthia was actually inviting us to
her White boyfriend’s birthday party in IITA in
I joined the conversation, Cynthia inviting to her boyfriend’s party. Initially I was surprised she could invite us cos she never wanted us to meet her boyfriend, probably she was scared we could snatch him, honestly speaking, I would snatch him if he’s snatchable.

Me: When is the party?

Cynthia: Its this weekend…. Believe me girls you’re gonna have fun

Bidemi: Really?

Cynthia: There is even one of his colleagues that needs a girlfriend and he even likes you.

Me And Bidemi: Me?

Cynthia: Tolulope of course…. He saw your picture and he said he likes you, he’s been disturbing me that he needs a Nigerian girlfriend, he’s from Isreal.

I became totally focused, he likes me? I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy but I dare not express my happiness in Cynthia’s presence cos I don’t want to look like a cheap girl. I pretended as if I wasn’t interested, pride no go kill me.

Me: Me ke? Its not possible, I’m not interested ooo, you know I already have a boyfriend now. I love Obinna and I can’t cheat on….

All of a sudden Bidemi began to cough, faking the cough, stupid girl, she knows my secret, its not her fault. I looked at her in annoyance and hissed.

Me: I can’t cheat on Obinna ooo

Cynthia: Awww! I already told him you won’t even be interested, that he should forget it.

Me: (shocked) Why now? You shouldn’t have done that now, let me even be the one to decide.

Cynthia: I thought you said you’re not interested.

Chai! This Cynthia want to sand, sand for my garri

Me: I’m not really interested

Bidemi: Lobatan (Mocking me)

Cynthia: Bidemi I tire ooo (mocking me as well)

Me: Na una sabi, I sha go come the party and I might be interested in him. Who knows?

Both of them laughing, mocking me…. Stupid girls.

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November 21, 2016
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