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[Story] I Date White Men Only (Part 3 – END)

I Date White Men Only

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I Date White Men Only Part 6

I was so disturbed when I got the news, instead of going to school, I quickly rushed home to check on my son. Got to the hospital, Obinna began to nag, shouting at me, asking me where I slept last night, calling me all sorts of names. I didn’t even reply him, men and their small brain, smh! Out of the 10k, I gave my mum 5k for drugs and other bills, instead of Obinna to do that he was nagging, instead of him to pay the bills, he tried sha, he gave out the little he could afford, he’s a corper so what do you expect? I went back to school after spending a day with my mum and son, got to school, I discovered Maurice didn’t even call me to check of I’ve gotten to school or not. Less, I forgot, I dare not go back to that school empty handed, I had to buy snacks just to make Bidemi believe I had nice time and that Maurice gave me plenty money, packaging things.

In the hostel room….

Bidemi: How far? How was is it? (Excited)

Me: What do you expect? I had a nice time girlfriend

Bidemi: Are you serious? Gist me now

Me: Amebo….. well, well, well, he paid for the cab, he was nice, we to shop rite, Silverbird cinemas and Raddison Blue in Lekki. I even met his friends, he already introduced me as his girlfriend to his friends, can you imagine. ( I showed her the pictures I took in Shoprite) Look at the picture I snapped in shoprite now.

Bidemi: (eating the snacks I bought) Hmmm! Girlfriend? Just like that?

Me: Yes now, what do you expect? That guy loves me, he’s in love with me and he’s nice, he’s lives in a duplex.

Bidemi: So did you guys had s*x?

I was shocked, why would Bidemo ask me this kind of a stupid question, I was confused. I didn’t know if I should say “Yes” or “No”. This Bidemi sef is really foolish

I Date White Men Only Part 7

Me: s*x? No ooooo…. We didn’t

Bidemi: Its a lie

Me: I’m serious, I only gave him a kiss that’s all

Bidemi: And he gave you money?

Me: Of course now, what do you expect? This is oyinbo not stingy naija men…. 20k, he gave me 20k, I’m even going this weekend sef, I miss him already

Bidemi kept eating the snacks, I looked at her and shook my head.
2 days later, Maurice didn’t even call me, if I chat with him on social media, he was just giving excuses that he was busy. I even called him, he didn’t pick my calls. It was almost weekend, I asked him if I should come, Maurice declined, he said I shouldn’t come that he was busy, he began to stylishly insult me that I’m disturbing him, that my own wahala was too much. That was how Maurice ignored me, that was how Oyinbo used and dumped me, can you imagine? I guess I wasn’t lucky, maybe I should try another, I’ll try another white man cos I’m so desperate.

I continued hunting for a perfect white man, it was not easy getting a responsible one cos most them just wanted s*x. After s*x they pay you 10k, I just don’t get it. Some cheap Nigerian girls don tarnish the image of we good girls, yes I’m a good girl of course. The white men believe we are all the same. Anyway, on the other side, I needed money to settle some bills, I’m in my final year and I’ve not paid school fees for 2 sessions, if o don’t pay I’m not gonna graduate. My son too is there, his school fees and every other things, my mum is a petty trader, my Dad is late and I have 3 younger siblings to cater for. So it wasn’t my fault after all, I also made a terrible mistake getting pregnant at the age of 21 years, Obinna impregnated me, he’s the father although he’s taking his responsibility as the father but its not enough. Obinna is just a mere corper jes the first child of his family too, they are even Nine in numbers, I mean he’s got 8 younger siblings and his both parents are still very much alive.

I shouldn’t lie, Obinna loves me and he’s ready to marry me, I love him also but I don’t think I can cope and I have so many reasons. Me and Obinna started dating in my first year in school, he was my immediate senior. I got pregnant after 6 months in our relationship, so I never had the chance to enjoy myself, even though after giving birth I did some small small runs just to fend for myself. Me and Obinna broke up so many times but we kept coming back again and again. Like I said earlier I’ve done some small small runs but they don’t really pay like that and they are Nigerian guys, this is the reason I wanted to date a white man, as you already know Cynthia is dating a white man and she’s having a good time with him, even though I’m sure she’s using juju for him, me sef I’m ready to use Juju for a white man that makes sense.

I Date White Men Only Part 8

Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I met an Indian guy, he’s in his late 30’s he’s not married, he works with Nigerite. I met him on badoo, he’s name is Ahmad. Ahmad is not ugly not handsome, he’s just there. He was always calling and all that, exactly the way Maurice started with his tricks. I liked him but I was careful this time, I didn’t brother to inform Bidemi about him but I just had to cos Bidemi kept on asking about Maurice.

In the hostel room, arranging my clothes while Bidemi was eating concoction Rice.

Bidemi: How far with you oyinbo guy now? You didn’t go last weekend again

Me: Maurice?

Bidemi: Yes now.

Me: I broke up with him, I dumped him jare.

Bidemi began to laugh…..

Me: What’s funny?

Bidemi: You dumped him abi he dumped you?


Me: What? Never, I was tired of him jare, he’s not good in bed.

Bidemi: He’s not good in bed? How come?

Me: The guy no fit f*ck wella, his Joystick is just too small, uncircumcised for that matter.

Bidemi: Jesu Kristi! You can lie, I thought you said, you guys didn’t have s*x.

Me: s*x? I said so? (I’ve totally forgotten I lied to her concerning the s*x part), we didn’t really have s*x like that jare.

Bidemi: Tolu ooooo, you will not kill me (laughing)

Me: Honestly, i dumped Maurice, he is even begging to come back.

Bidemi kept on Laughing….

Me: See, I’ve met someone else, this one is better and richer than Maurice…

Bidemi: Who is this one again?

Me: He’s an Indian guy…

Bidemi: Shori Shori?

That was how Bidemi knew about him… Ahmad invited me over to his place in Ikeja, it was on a weekend as well.

I Date White Men Only Part 9

Weekend is finally here…. Me and Ahmad had
planned to meet at Shoprite in Ikeja, so I got to
Shoprite at the entrance of Shoprite waiting for
him, of which I borrowed money for transportation
from Bidemi. It was even Ahmad that advised me
to borrow from my friend that he was gonna pay it
back, when I told I don’t have transportation fare.
Before I forget, when Ahmad asked me how much
was the transportation fare from my school to his
place, I told him 5k for cab, can you believed that
Ahmad told me to enter public bus that will cost
me less than 2k to get to Shoprite. He said the 5k
was too much, can you imagine.
Well, at Shoprite already, I packaged myself as
usual, waiting for Ahmad, I waited for over 30 mins
before Ahmad finally showed up. I saw Ahmad but
to my surprise, he was totally different from the
picture, he’s short, not handsome with a bald head
and he’s a black Indian. I wasn’t impressed when I
saw him but I just had to faked a smile, even tho
he seemed reserved cos he greeted me with
handshake instead of hugging. We greeted…
Me: (frowned my face) What took you so long? You
kept me waiting
Ahmad: I’m really sorry, it was traffic… Please don’t
be annoyed.
Me: I actually wanted to change my mind and go
back to school.
Ahmad: Please forgive me angel.
Go back to school? For my mind, when I don’t have
t.fare, OYO is my case. We eventually went inside
Shoprite to get somethings, not something
important, we just bought food, snacks and
pastries. After buying we straight to his place in
Ikeja, he was living a nice apartment tho, but I
discovered this garlic odour in his apartment.
Anyway we ate our food, we talked on and on, he
was admiring me, he said he’s single. Honestly, he’s
not charming at all but I’m after his money
anyway. While talking with him, I checked my BBM
and I saw numerous pings from Bidemi, asking me
about Shori Shori (Ahmad), when I saw her pings I
just burst into laughter. I quickly replied her with
whole details, giving her the Ahmad’s full
description, what he looks like. I stopped chatting
with her, continued talking with Ahmad. So I
remembered during me and Ahmad previous chats
on social media, he told me there was one secret
he would expose to me when we meet that he
wouldn’t want to tell me on phone cos so many
ladies left him because of this secret. So I asked
him what’s the secret, cos he promised to tell me
when we meet. You wouldn’t believe what the
secret is, honestly speaking I didn’t even notice it
not until he showed me his left fingers, two of his
five fingers have been chopped off, he’s got just
three fingers. Fear catch me, no wonder he was
hiding away his left hand away. I was shocked
when I saw it. He told me girls run for him
whenever he shows them the hand even indian
girls, he began to beg me to leave him. I said to
myself, that I will only stay with him if he can
spend very well.
It was late in the night, on the bed already, we’ve
both freshened up. I kept on looking at Ahmad’s
lower region, he’s got a tiny Joystick. Omo, which kind
disappointment be this? I would have even
managed him assuming he has a big Joystick anyway,
I’m here for the money. While sleeping, Ahmad
began to touch me, I was so irritated. He moved
closer this time, touching me, I didn’t know what to
do anymore. I just had to respond by kissing him,
odour of garlic gushing out from his mouth. I just
had to endure, we continued kissing, smooching,
squeezing my Bosom. I grabbed his uncircumcised
Joystick in his boxers, it wasn’t that tiny after all. We
continued, he grabbed my Bosom and was sucking
my Tips, this one na bad indian ooo. Then he
pull his boxers, reaching out for my Kittycat, I
quickly stopped him, I declined that I don’t want
s*x on our first date. He began to persuade me,
begging me, he was a gentle man anyway, so he
didn’t argue much. I promised to give him a
Mouthaction instead, which I did, sucking his Joystick till
he Pour. We slept off, till the next morning.

I Date White Men Only Part 10

Initially I already planned to stay with him till
Monday morning but I changed my mind, so we
woke up that morning. Freshened up, had my
breakfast from leftovers of yesterday. It was on
Sunday, so I lied to him that something came up
which I won’t be staying till the next day. He
begged me stay till the next day which I declined
but promised to visit him the next weekend, the
next thing I heard was…
Ahmad: My ATM card has expired, I don’t have
much here.
Huh! I hope this Shori Shori won’t fall my hands
sha. I eventually left his place, he even dropped me
at the garage. While in his car on our way to the
garage, his driver driving. Ahmad brought out
money and was giving flimsy excuses, saying his
ATM has expired that he doesn’t have much. I
knew he was lying, I collected the money and I
counted it, it was 7k. I was so furious but I just had
to pretend to be happy, he begged me that he was
going to do better the next weekend I come
visiting. I requested for a kiss, I kissed him, I got
down from his car and bid farewell cos that would
be last time, I’ll ever see him again. Gosh! He’s so
stingy, he can’t even give common 20k, because I
didn’t have s*x with him, I already knew he was
going to be a very stingy man from the moment he
told me to take public bus to Ikeja, can you
imagine, he doesn’t want to spend. I told him 5k
for transportation he reduced it to 2k, now I believe
Indian men are stingy, very stingy.
I went back to school, Ahmad even called me when
I got to school, he’s caring right? Anyway, i settled
some bills or should I say debts, payed Bidemi the
money I borrowed from her, gave her the full
details of everything that transpired between me
and Shori Shori (Ahmad).
In the room…
Bidemi: Na wa ooo, this Shori Shori na bad market.
He can’t even do you well, no snacks or ice cream
for me.
Me: For where, he’s very stingy and unattractive.
Bidemi: Probably because you didn’t give him s*x.
Me: God forbid, s*x with that thing, smelling of
Garlic. I only gave him Mouthaction (feeling irritated)….
That his uncircumised thing.
Bidemi: Tolu you are very raw and disgusting.
Me: Abegi! No be my fault now, na money…. (Stood
up) See, I know I will still hit my jackpot, I will meet
own white man that is sent from heaven. I know I
will, I just won’t give up.
Bidemi: But what about Obinna your boyfriend?
Me: That ibo boy, abegi. He’s just my baby daddy…
The only thing that is still making me run after him
is his Joystick, he’s very good bed, he can only fu*k
well, apart from that nothing else. Very useless
Bidemi: I thought you love this guy so much.
Me: Love sha! I need more than that now, shey na
love go help me pay my school fees, 3 sessions ooo
(hissed)…… That reminds me, let me even call the
fool to remind him about the pocket money I asked
him, I even missed his Joystick sef.
Picked up my phone to call him…..

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November 21, 2016
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