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[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE (Episodes 51 – END)

Afraid to love

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Episode 71

“It has to be here,” a male voice whispered to a person behind him. They were both in a control room. The room was dark as night. In order to aid their vision through the room, flashlights was with each of them.

The lights kept flashing here and there, as they both searched for something. It was really important. And they had to do it quickly. No one could find them, no one had to see them, they just had to get the d–n tape and flee.

They hid their faces behind masks and were dressed in dark clothes. The camera – they didn’t want it capturing their faces. The taller of the two moved towards the computer screen he saw as a result of the flashlight he held. He situated the flashlight on the table where the computer would enable him search for that tape. He carefully searched for it.

The other accomplice dressed in the same attire as his, distracted him by tugging his shirt.

He got angry. “What’s up with you? Let me quickly get this and get out of here! Give me some space.”

His partner refused to comply, he kept hovering around him. “I am scared,” that was a female’s voice, “Let me get close to you.”

He was feeling angry, more and more. “I did not ask you to come here with me, did I? If you are frightened, you can go back home.”

“So rude,” she mumbled.

He ignored her and continued what he was doing. His heart gladened as he put the monitor on and the videos saved were displayed. He held on to the mouse, scrolling down to get what he wanted. His heartbeat increased as he couldn’t find it. He nervously searched around for it. “This can’t be happening,” he gasped.

“What is it?” his partner inquired.

He ignored her again and searched for the tape, having left the computer and mouse.

She couldn’t understand what was happening. Hadn’t he found the recording? Time wasn’t on their side and they really had to leave. He was fidgeting. What was with him? “Haven’t you found it? C’mmon, lets get outta here.”

He immediately turned to gaze at her. His expression couldn’t be read since he ws masked. “Its not here,” he bitterly told her. “Someone got to it first. They took it.”

“You can’t be serious,” she sighed.

He glared at her. “Lets get out of here.”
“Now here’s exactly what happened,” Darren said, with an aura of authority, as he paused the video they were watching on the television screen.

Allan and Jeremy looked at him, the look on their eyes showed trust and confidence, they looked up to him. He was like their elder brother and trusted advisor. They were eager to hear what he had to say despite the fact that they understood what they watched.

“After you two had argued, you turned your back on her and walked away. She tried running after you, she tripped and fell. That didn’t make her scream. As she got up, a hand caught her, the shock made her scream, then she was forcefully taken into a room and drugged. That same person smashed bottles on your head and stole your cell phone.”

“What you said is just as we have seen,” Allan replied, rolling his eyes.

Jeremy sighed. “I can’t understand this. He was actually here all these while? God! What’s wrong with his guy? I can’t love again?” he seriously pondered.

“Don’t worry, brother. We’re here for you,” Darren consoled him. “We’ll catch that criminal and get your woman back. Lets catch up on old times. I’ve really missed you two a lot.”

That idea excited Allan, “Yes! Yes! Lets get relieved a bit. Lets go out.”

Their words made sense. Yes, he was so concerned and worried about his love, but he still needed to rest and relieve himself of stress, get more energy to search for her and battle with the scumbag who had taken away his precious. It’d be just tonight and the following day, he’ll get to work. He fully bought their idea. He tirelessly hauled himself off the sofa. “Alright. I’m in. Lets go with the tape, I don’t trust anyone.”

His reply got both Allan and Darren smiling sheepishly.
Darren, with his deep blue eyes stared at Jeremy with an uneasy expression on his face. Jeremy tried to have fun, but he was not. The smile on his face and the laugh he gave wasn’t natural, it was all forced. His missing girlfriend was really getting him worked up. He had thought the outing would ease him pains, but it was not, it only made him drown deeper into despair. What could he do to help?
“Hey,” he whispered to Allan who was seated by his right. “Allan, do something for Jeremy. He’s not okay.”

Allan nodded in agreement. “Tell us, Jeremy.”

Episode 72

Allan’s three words jolted him back to reality. Tell us? Tell us? Tell us? He blinked twice and used his right palm to rub his face. “Tell you what?”

“How you met Purity Theodore, dated her, fell for her and proposed to her,” Alan elaborated.

Jeremy disagreed. “I don’t really want to talk about all that. I might just get depressed again and again.”

“I don’t think so. Please, tell us,” Darren insisted, using Allan’s words, “You see, I haven’t seen the love of your life, not even a picture. I’m curious to know about the beauty who have stolen your heartbeat. I used to know you as a play boy. Please, talk to me.”

Jeremy laughed softly. His friend’s thoughtful expression lightened him a little. “Alright.” He grinned widely, remembering how he had met with Purity. Pretty witch – the name he had given her that very day. He had also silenced her with a breath taking kiss. “Well,” he was feeling shy, “Um, we were not the best of friends when we met. More like enemies, very good ones.”

Darren was intrigued. “Have you heard this story, Allan?”

“I don’t think so, please carry on,” he prompted Jeremy to continue.

“Do you still remember the girl who I told you two about? The girl who practically made me deal with women the way I did?” Jeremy inquired, he wanted to relate his love story in a way that his friends would contribute.

Allan thought for a while. Then he got it. “The little girl who used vile words on you after you helped her out?” His eyes widened, “That’s Purity? Is this a joke?”

“Wait, wait,” Darren was smiling in a funny way. “The little girl that practically turned you into a play boy is the same girl you’re crazy about?”

Jeremy nodded, confirming their suspicions. “She’s a woman, now.”

“This is interesting!” They exclaimed in unison. Soon, they all cackled with laughter.

Jeremy was beginning to feel better. Talking really did lots and lots of good. “I still felt hatred for her and did not want to marry her. She hated me too. But our parents were determined to see us end together. They set a date for us and I met her at a restaurant. And that was how our love story began…..”
Ernest was roaming around the sitting room from one end to the other. Anger was boldly written on his face. One did not have to glance at him twice to know he was extremely angry. They beat him to his game. No one has ever done this. He’ll see to it that they fail woefully. He’ll definitely ruin their plans. He angrily hurled a vase against the well. It hit the hall, creating a loud, ear-piercing sound, it broke into pieces and laid shattered on the floor.

“What’s gotten into you, huh? Are you gonna do this again? Get a hold of yourself!” Tricia yelled at him, fuming at his violent attitude. She was disappointed that they could not find the tape as well. What they needed was a solution to that and not smashing vases on walls.

He sneered at her. “What more can I do?”

She gave a sardonic laugh. “Now, I can see you don’t have a single thinking faculty. We didn’t find the tape. And so what? All hope isn’t lost yet. You drugged, kidnapped and assaulted Jeremy with a mask on. There’s nothing to prove that it was you. Unless you made a silly mistake. Just stop doing this rubbish and take that woman faraway.” She paced, getting more ideas. “Do something, something to her that’d make Jeremy despise her. She’ll become yours.”

“That’s very easy to say.” He faced her sternly. “I am so mad because this have never happened. Whoever took that tape is asking for trouble. They could nail me to the crime.”

“They’ll definitely do that since you’re feeling nervous, already.” she threw at him.

“Are you sure Jeremy is not out of the hospital? He is the only one I suspect.”

“He’s not out and the doctor is at the hospital. He hadn’t discharged him yet. They will get started tomorrow. The police isn’t aware yet. They have not done anything at all.” She sounded convincing and persuasive. “You have all the time now to get going with her.”

She was right, but she was wrong. “I have all the time. Running away with her would only arouse suspicions. Taking things slowly is the best option for now. I need to cover my tracks cleverly and avoid making mistakes. One has been made already.”

She nodded. “I’ll watch your back.”

“Yeah.” He was okay now and the anger had left him, completely. “Get going now, it’s late.

Episode 73


“I would never have agreed to this. I did it for your mother.” Her heart was already breaking into shreds. How could Jeremy accuse her of playing with the hearts of men, especially his. Her heart had never hurt this much. It was a horrid pain. She never wished to experience this in her life, ever again.

“My mother, what do you mean?”

“It was her last wish that I marry you!” That revelation took her by surprise. That was a mistake on her part. Edwin Broderick was to reveal this secret to his son and not her. She wished she’d take her words back, but it was all too late.

“No, no.” he whispered. He turned his back on her and walked out of the living room.

“Jeremy, I’m sorry,” she apologised. The words came out too late, for he was already out of the room. She gulped down her tears and blinked the ones clouded in her eyes, back.

She braced herself and was ready to go after him. She wasn’t properly composed emotionally. She still had lots and lots of things running through her mind. As she lifted her right foot, she unconsciously dropped it on her left foot, she tripped and fell to the ground. She groaned in pain as the tears ran down her cheeks. The urge to shout as the pain swept over her was overwhelming, but she wasn’t willing to. She bit her lips hard and tightly closed her eyes, trying to make the pains vanish.

After several minutes of struggling, she was finally able to lift her weight off the ground. She sighed wearily. She was already looking tired and weary. She dusted her clothes, put her hair in order and was ready to go. Before she could take any more step, a hand from behind, held her waist firmly. She quickly turned around and screamed loudly in fright. It wasn’t Jeremy, it was a man masked and dressed in black. Her lips quivered and her entire body shook nervously in his arm. He wasn’t letting to. His grip was deadly.

She opened her mouth to scream a second time, but he covered it immediately and dragged her into an inner room? She fought with him, however, he prevailed over her. She had to succumb to whatever he wanted her to do.

Then, she heard the voice of Jeremy. He called her his love, he was looking for her. That prompted her to cry softly. The masked man couldn’t let anything go wrong, he pointed a gun to her head which made her stiffen, she was unable to move and make a sound.

His footsteps could be heard, he was coming close and close. Her heart was beating rapidly and loudly. She closed her eyes and silently prayed. Please, he shouldn’t get to this door, he shouldn’t. She was sure the masked man would shoot him if he opened the door. It was as if her prayers were answered. His footsteps were retreating, moving to another angle. She was greatly relieved, Jeremy was safe. He would come for her, he would save her as long as he was alive. She knew he would, a better part of her hoped in him as she begged God to spare his life and make him safe. Too busy with her thoughts, she was oblivious to what was happening around her.

Her abductor spun her around and forced a handkerchief on her nostrils. She couldn’t resist, the drug was already having its effect on her. She suddenly began feeling dizzy, and everywhere was dancing round and round. His twin brother appeared from nowhere and they began smiling at her. Her brain went numb. She was unable to understand anything. She closed her eyes and drifted into a deep slumber.

The drug had taken its toll on her.
Slowly her eyes fluttered open. The things around her didn’t seem normal. They were all shadowy. At intervals, they became clear, later on they go back to being smoky. As her vision kept blurring, she saw a man standing before her. Jeremy, she quickly thought. Yes, that was Jeremy. He had come to rescue her, to set her free and take her in his arms. She was full of joy. She closed her eyes and opened it almost immediately to have a clearer view of her darling. A smile touched the corners of her mouth as she accessed him from his foot, gradually getting to his face.

That beautiful smile faded away and was replaced with disappointment and horror. She gasped in utter amazement and her eyes widened. She shook her head, sadly. “You,” she forced herself to speak, “You are not Jeremy.”

His eyes smouldered with jealousy. “You just woke up from a deep slumber and the first person you ask of is Jeremy?” He scoffed.

Purity’s head was beginning to ache badly. She squeezed her face, displaying her discomfort. “It hurts,” she muttered to herself, inaudibly.

Episode 74

She took a deep breath. The pains she felt were really agonizing. It had spread from her head to the other parts of her body. Something had to be done. The need for her to feel her temperature surged through her entire being. She had to do it.

Her hand didn’t move. It was stuck. She tried again and that hurt her even more. She turned her neck to see why her hands refused to cooperate, it was then she realized that she – not just her arms – was fastened to the chair she sat on. Her hands were tied behind her with a rope – which caused her lots of pains. Her entire body was tied to the chair, so were her legs. That was why she ached all over. What was she doing? Jeremy had been the last person she saw till. . . . . . . .
“Oh, no,” she whispered.

Ernest fastened his eyes on her face. He’d been watching her every move. He noticed the shock on her face having realized that she was captured. Those expressions made her look prettier in his eyes. His desire and cravings for her intensified. This is the woman of my dreams, I’d do everything for her, he thought, silently. It hurt him to hurt her, but that was the only way he could make her his. “Sweet, welcome back.”

Purity raised her head to gaze at him. She was weak, exhausted. She yearned for a good rest, food and water. She couldn’t fathom why she was all tied up and how long she had been that way. She just wanted to be set free. “Please, untie me. I need to be released.”

He smirked and moved closer. “Of course darling, I’ll release you. But, under one condition.”

“Let me hear it.” The urge to rip that disgusting smirk off his face seeped into her bl0*d. She so much wanted to have her revenge, it wasn’t the right time. She just had to act cool.

He was directly at her front. He dropped to his knees so as to see her eye to eye. “You have to call off the marriage with my precious cousin,” he snickered. “And you’ll be my wife.”

Purity coughed and spat on his face. “I’ll never choose you over Jeremy! You’re a stupid, arrogant demon! You’ll die waiting for me to ever become yours.” The energy she used in speaking to him, suddenly evoked her. He was being unreasonable. She’d never betray Jeremy that way.

He quickly mopped up the liquid from his face with a towel. “Melisa, you have done this before. I won’t take it from you this time around.”

In a blink, he stretched out his right arm and held her face tightly. He trusted his head forward and fiercely devoured her lips. He forced his way into her mouth, sucking her tongue and licking her lips. It was what he badly wanted and he had finally gotten it.

Purity didn’t know what he was thinking or what he was about to do when he violently took hold of her precious face. He kissed her demandingly. Ah, she hated this much more. She groaned, trying to free herself from his hungry kiss. She struggled with all her might, but it was all in vain. Her hands and legs were not active to help her out of the situation she was in. An idea struck her! She shook her entire body violently, with all her might, hoping to get his lips off hers. Her head was not an exception. She shook it too.

Her idea seemed to work. Ernest was very much preoccupied with tasting her lips. He didn’t give attention to anything else. As she had her way, she bit his upper lip, fiercely.

Ernest shrieked, painfully as he let go of her and staggered backwards. He touched his lip which Purity had bitten hard. It hurt but it didn’t bleed. He was thankful for that. He rubbed it. “Why did you do it?”

Purity grunted. If she had her way, she’d have bitten his entire lips off and made sure he wouldn’t force his revolting lips on any woman ever again. “This would be the very last time you’d kiss me again.”

He laughed. “You’re still full of energy, huh?”

She didn’t say a word to his taunt. Her angry eyes just stared into his – warning him.

“Oh, my dear Melisa,” he moved closer to her, “I sure kiss better than Jeremy. I think that’s why you had to stop yourself. You were going to fall for my very touch and me, only me clouded your mind.”

“He’s a better kisser!” she retorted.

Ernest chuckled. “Then, maybe I have to go and do some more practice. The next time, perhaps, we might end up tearing each other’s clothes. I’d make sure Jeremy hears of it.”

“When you have me tied up here? You’re sick Ernest! It’d only happen in your dreams. You’ll never have me.” She was visibly scared and shaking. Her effort to put up a brave front wasn’t easy. She was deeply terrified.

He laughed bitterly, “I have you now.” He caressed her face with his right palm.

Episode 75


“How did it go?” Darren questioned Jeremy with his hopes high. He was standing right in front of Jeremy.

Jeremy breezed past him and found himself a seat. He rested fully on it and let out a loud breath. “It was good,” he drawled.

“What exactly happened?” Darren was already seated beside Jeremy.

“It was really difficult for him to come to terms with the fact that his one daughter’s missing. I felt his frustrations and pains. I told him not to worry, things are gonna get better and we’d do it quick. Real fast,” he paused, reminiscising the event, “The good things is that he trusts me and is going to provide all I need to get his daughter back. I have his support.”

“You don’t really need a thing from him. You’re a billionaire.”

“Its the only way I can get him involved and to show I really value him as I do my father.” It took several pleadings and expressions of trust and secrecy for Jeremy to accept the help of Mr. Aaron Theodore.

“Have you told your dad?”

“What? Do you want him to die? I’m not revealing a single thing to him. He shouldn’t find out. Aaron Theodore swore never to mention it to him.”

Darren didn’t agree to that. “What if the information just pops up and he gets to hear of it? He has to know.”

“Oh, no brother,” Jeremy refused to be persuaded, “He’ll only get to hear of that when she’s found. I’m warning you.” Jeremy was firm and definite. He knew that Darren would want to involve his father and if possible, the whole world to save Purity. It was his kind of person – the more people that knew, the problem was getting solved. Jeremy was not going to accept that.

“Fine, if that’s what you want.” Darren accepted defeat. “What’s my mission here?”

Jeremy straightened up and cleared his throat. “I want this to be a private investigation. Involving you, Allan and I. You are a great detective and I could really use your help.”

“What do you and Allan know about detective jobs?” Darren jokingly asked.

Jeremy smiled. “That’s why you’re here. We should not alert the cops. I don’t want the abductors to know we’ve alerted them. They could harm my precious, do something horrid to her. And I need to catch them unawares.”

“Hmm.” Darren mused over Jeremy’s words, silently. “I see your point, I get what you’re driving at. But this is a dead end. We don’t even know where they are or who he is? How do we go about this?”

A pleasant smile creased Jeremy’s face. “I have two suspects and I’m sure of it.”

“Yeah?” Darren was loving this. “Who are they?”

Jeremy let out a breath. “My cousin – Ernest Turner and my ex – Tricia Cayson.”

“Cayson? David Cayson’s daughter?” That name rang a bell.

“Yeah. That’s right.”

Darren was dumbsruck beyond any doubts. David Cayson had once been his boss. What in the name of God was Jeremy talking about? The daughter of a superintendent? His suspect and ex girlfriend? “You don’t know what you’re talking about. That guy is in one of the forces. He’s a law man. How can you suspect his only child? He’ll rip your head off your body.”

“I didn’t know her father was a cop when I started dating her. It was later on she revealed that to me. She too is part of it, but not active yet.” Jeremy glanced at his friend, “What’s getting you jittery? No one’s above the law. She’s gonna pay for what she has done. One reason its better private.”

“Good point, Jeremy. But he was nice to me when he was my boss.” Darren was suddenly confused. He couldn’t conclude whether to chase the daughter of his ex boss or not.

“Show your appreciation by making the man realize who his daughter really is. She has been stalking me and stuck to me even after I made it clear to her that we’re over. She has this intense hatred for Purity. She warned me that she’ll never share me with anyone again and if she can’t have me, then no other woman would.”

“A jealous woman’s talk,” Darren remarked.

“I had thought so too. She’s not just jealous. She’s obsessed with me. And my cousin’s helping her ’cause he’s into Purity. They simply won’t let us be.” A look of disgust was clearly seen on Jeremy’s face.

Darren laughed. “Why don’t they just get together? They’re the same.”

“That’s the problem. They’re alike. They don’t attract eachother.”

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