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[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE (Episodes 1 – 50)

Afraid to love

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Episode 41


What is he talking about? Of course, she had agreed to marry him and that’s why she had to reveal everything to him. He had to know the truth. “Yes, Jeremy. I will marry you and that’s why I need to -”

Purity felt a hand, brushing her hair. Her body shook in surprise. Behold! It was Jeremy’s hand. She’d been so busy trying to explain to him what she needed to say. She hadn’t realized that he had left his chair to hers and he had apparently touched her hair. No man does that. She was still thinking of the right words total say to him when he lifted her off the chair. Her hands were firmly trapped in his. Electric sensations ran all over her body. What was Jeremy about to do? She couldn’t think much, for she was overwhelmed by those feelings.

He stared right into her silver eyes. “Why did you say yes? Why do you want to marry me?” He was too close. His emotions were beginning to cloud his brain. Purity, Purity. Only she could do this to him.

She couldn’t understand why he was asking that question. Was he ending things with her? He knew the reason. “I don’t understand you,” she tried not to stammer. “Why the question?”

“Please, answer.”

Purity heaved a sigh. “Fine. We agreed to be friends. To help your papa, he’s sick. And…and…” she trailed off.

“And what?” Jeremy’s heart danced with excitement. Was she gonna say she liked him?

She hung her head. “My parents wants us to be together. My father, especially believes you are the right man for me. The only man who could tame me. He believes you are just like him. It would break their hearts if we let them down.” She paused, then quickly added. “I believe he is right.” she raised her head and held his gaze.

He smiled at her. It didn’t hurt that much. She had come to terms that he is the right man for her. “What is my father wasn’t ill and our parents let us pick our mates and we met, you’d still like me?”

Purity smiled faintly. She knew were he was heading. “Maybe.”

“Do you know why I want you to be my wife?”

“Yes. Probably the same reason.”

He shook his head. “No. Its…. Its because…… because……” he scratched his head. Why isn’t this d–n word coming out? “Um…”

She laughed at his stuttering. “Cat caught your tongue, right?”

“I like you.” They finally came out. He watched her closely for her reaction. Seeing that she was too astonished to speak, he continued. “I want you to marry me not because of our parents. They had played some part in it, but its not just them. Its about us. I want you. Need you. To get to know you more and then spend eternity with you.” He was sure that amazement was killing her. He grinned, left her hand and dropped a knee to the ground. Searching his pocket, he brought out a tiny black box.

Purity watched him with her mouth open and her eyes, dilated.

He opened the box slowly. There was a tiny jewelry in it. He took it out- it was a diamond ring. Taking hold of her hand, he slipped the ring on her third finger. It fitted perfectly.

“Jeremy,” she gasped.

He titled his head upwards. “Now, you are mine.”
He got on his feet. “It fits well. Do you like it?” he beamed.

What just happened? Her brain was still processing what just token place. Jeremy said he likes her? Not marrying her because of his papa? He had given her an engagement ring symbolising their union? She never imagined this would happen so soon. She liked him too. She was very happy. She hid her excitement.
“Oh, Jeremy, this is lovely. How did you know my size?” her eyes were admiring the beautiful ring on her third finger. It sparkled. And it matched her neck-lace and ear-rings.

“Well, I didn’t know your size, I just got it and figured it’ll fit your tiny finger.”

She laughed gleefully. “Its beautiful.”

“Are you happy?” She was supposed to be. He could see it in her eyes. Thank God it went well. There should be no regrets.

Purity nodded. “Yes, I am happy. Thank you.”

He beckoned her to sit, which she did. He rested on the table. “You had something important to tell me?”

“I did?” Purity asked, she was trying to recall.

“Yes. You don’t remember?”

Uh-oh! About her past. She didn’t want to anymore. “Its just that, I… I….”

Episode 42

She could read the expression on his face. He was so excited, very happy and keen to hear what she was about to tell him. She wasn’t going to ruin it with an ugly past.
“I…. I love you.” What had she just done? That wasn’t what she was to say. d–n!

“You what?” Jeremy felt he didn’t hear right. She said ‘I love you?’ He felt good and confused at the same time. She was looking at him in amazement. Maybe she didn’t mean it. Before he knew it, she fell, crashing on the floor. He rushed to her and carried her in his arms. “Purity! Purity!” he called, no response. He felt her pulse, she was still alive. Thank goodness! He hastily dashed out of the eatery with her in his arms. He got to his car which he parked few meters away from the eatery. He successfully got her in, settled her at the back seat, sat at the front and drove off to the hospital. What just happened? She wasn’t sick, was she? How could she just faint like that? Oh, God. Let nothing bad happen to her. My life’s gonna be a mess. Please, save her, protect her, Jeremy prayed in his head.
Purity opened her eyes the third time. She did so slowly. Seeing only the doctor in, she opened them fully.

The doctor looked down on her and smiled. “Ah, you’re awake now. Welcome.”

Of course, she’d been awake all through. She hadn’t really fainted, she faked it. The thing was that, she couldn’t bring herself to tell Jeremy the truth. That was an exciting moment, filed with joy and happiness. Why should she ruin it by telling him of an unpleasant memory? Her heart couldn’t let her make him sad. She thought of what would make him smile and then she said ‘I love you’. Those words were a mistake. That was the first time she said it to a man. She was doing the opposite of what she said she’d never do-tell a man her feelings. And she had landed herself in a hospital. Jeremy would never have to find out. The charming doctor still had his eyes on her and his smile was still intact. She smiled back. “Thank you.”
She tried sitting.

“No, no. Lie down. You are weak.” the doctor advised.

She pursed her lips, then stubbornly disobeyed the doctor’s warning. “I’m fine.”

The doctor gave her a puzzled look. “You were unconscious when you were brought in here.”

Purity shook her head. “I wasn’t.”

The doctor pretended to be surprised. “My records said so. My friend brought you here. What are you talking about?”

d–n this doctor. He should know everything. “Sir-”


“Dr. Allan. I didn’t actually faint,” Purity began her explanation. “It wasn’t real.”

He folded his arms. “Hmm. No wonder. I’ve carried out some tests on you and you are perfectly fine. Why did you do it?”

“Uh. No reason.” she hung her head.

“Then, I’ll let Jeremy know.” he threatened.

“Okay. Fine. I was in a situation that I didn’t know how I got myself into. This was my only option.”

“Did he try sleeping with you?” Allan was grinning.

She didn’t expect that. “No, he wasn’t! He’d never do that. Please, don’t tell him.” She prayed he’ll cooperate.

Dr. Allan sighed and nodded. “Alright. Don’t do it next time.”

She smiled in appreciation. “Thanks.”

The door swung open. Jeremy stepped in. He was so happy to see Purity awake. He had been so worried and made sure Allan gives her the best medication possible. He wouldn’t want anything happening to her. “Purity!” He ran to the bed and gave her a hug. “How are you doing? Are you okay? Any pains?”

“I’m out.” Allan announced and left the ward.

Purity clung on to Jeremy. She felt so special. This was what it felt like to be loved? For someone to care so deeply about you? It wasn’t all about s-x. Thank God she found Jeremy. He was the only man that made her think about love. She hoped to love him back. But how?
“I’m fine. Just a little headache.”

They left eachother.

“I was so mad. So worried. I felt I caused it.”

She didn’t reply. She only stared back, smiling at him. Thinking about so many things.

A beat of silence. They were still close to eachother. Jeremy drew his head closer to hers. “I want to kiss you, Purity.”
Without waiting for a response, his mouth found hers.

The passionate kiss took them both to heaven.

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Episode 43


“Do you want this engagement party or not?” Jeremy asked his father. He had been arguing with his father for over twenty minutes. He wanted the party while his father did not. Edwin Broderick might have brought them together, but the decision was his to make. It was him engaged and getting married, not his father.

“You’ve given her the ring, what more do you want?” Edwin asked, he was getting tired.

Jeremy whooshed in a breath and scratched his head. “I have already answered that question.”

“I think I forgot the reply you have given me.”

Jeremy was beginning to get impatient. This man was playing games with him. “I don’t want to keep this engagement a secret. I want the virtually the whole world to know. Want them to know the unique angel that had captured my heart and making me her prisoner for life.” He was smiling.

Edwin smiled too. “Fine. Do it.” He was really glad his son agreed to wed Purity. She too had accepted. What more could he have asked for? Emily’s last wish was now getting done. He just had to wait till they take the wedding vows. They couldn’t disappoint him. He was gonna die a happy man.

“Thank you, father.” Jeremy couldn’t hide his joy. He embraced his father. “I’d see you when I get back.”

“Your cousin is in town. Invite him.”

“What cousin? I have a cousin?” Jeremy was surprised at that. He had another relative he never knew of? How was that possible? Jeremy shot his father a questioning look.

“Alright, alright.” Edwin understood his look. “My sister’s son. I didn’t to you to him and her family for they were out of town. Now, they are back. You’ll get to meet them soon.”

A family reunion? How was he gonna accept them? His father had never mentioned it. However, his engagement party to Purity mattered to him. To think about an unknown cousin, aunt and the rest wasn’t what he was going to do. But he had to know them.
“Give me a name.” he demanded.


His cell phone rang. It was his P.A calling.
“Yes, Adam.”

“Something’s not right, please come over.”

What could go wrong? “I’ll be right there.” He threw the phone into his pocket and faced his father who was having a hard time remembering the name of his cousin. Jeremy felt pity for the old man. “Father, its okay. You can remember it later. Please get some rest and take your medication. The servants will watch over you. I need to get to the office, will come back for you when I’m done.”

His son was understanding. For a minute, he thought he was going to go crazy trying to remember his sister’s name and that of her son. Was he that old? It wasn’t his fault. They hadn’t contacted eachother for years till she had rung him three days ago, she wanted their children to meet. He had no idea why.
“Now, I feel like a baby.”

Jeremy laughed. “An old baby. See ya, later.”
“Mummy, I’m so happy!” Purity shrieked in excitement, throwing her hands round her mother.

Prudence tried very hard not to stumble, she held her daughter firmly. “Honey, I’m happy for you too.” Prudence was full of smiles. But her daughter was pushing her. She couldn’t carry her up, she had put on weight and was not a little baby anymore. “If you continue like this, I’d fall to the ground and I won’t take it easy on you.” Prudence cautioned, feigning anger.

Purity laughed. “I’m sorry, mama. I won’t let you fall.”

Aaron Theodore stood at the doorway, watching his wife and daughter. His joy knew no bounds. He couldn’t believe it! His purity was giggling and having fun with the mother. What was making her so happy? Its been ages since he last saw his daughter that way. He was glad he lived to see this moment. All the praise goes to God that he didn’t give up on his daughter. Their complete happiness had just begin.
He cleared his throat loudly.

Both mother and daughter turned simultaneously to the direction the sound came from. Prudence grinned on seeing her husband, while Purity turned away from his piercing eyes, shyly.

“What are you two celebrating?” Aaron enquired, marching to join them.

They didn’t answer, they giggled.

Aaron got to the sofa and sat with them. “You’re not telling me?” he frowned.

“Purity, tell your father,” Prudence whispered.

Episode 44

Purity shook her head. “No, you tell him,” she whispered back.

Aaron was bewildered. “When did this start happening? My wife and daughter keeping a secret?”

“Like you don’t keep secrets from us.” Purity shot at him.

Prudence frowned, she didn’t like that comment.

Aaron raised a brow. “I don’t hide things from you two,” he denied. “What am I missing out on?” he really wanted to know.

Sensing her husband’s inquisitiveness, Prudence shoved Purity’s left had to him forcefully.

Aaron caught a glimpse of the glittering ring on her finger before she drew her hand back. “Oh, my God!” he exclaimed delightedly. “My boy proposed! He finally did it! I’m so proud of him. Congratulations, my daughter.” He stood up, pushed Purity to her feet and gave her a hug.

“Thank you daddy.” She couldn’t remember the last time she was in her father’s arms. She held him tightly and smiled. It felt nice.

“I’m beginning to feel jealous,” Prudence cooed. “I’m left out.” She feigned envy.

Father and daughter laughed.

Aaron used a hand to lift Prudence off the couch. “Come and join us, sweetheart.”

Prudence joined the embrace delightfully.

“Thank you, papa, thank you, mama.” Purity couldn’t help thanking them. They made the right decision for her. The best parents ever!

“You don’t need to thank us, dear.” Prudence remarked.

“Yeah,” Aaron agreed. “Its our duty. I can’t believe this is happening.” He grinned at them. “We’re one happy family.”

Purity disagreed. “We’re not complete, my brothers.”

Prudence laughed. “She’s right.”

“Yeah. I better call them.” He let go of them. “Edwin first, why didn’t he tell me? First things first, lets celebrate.”
“What’s going on?” Jeremy asked Adam as he stepped into his office.

Adam turned to face his boss. “Its an emergency board meeting. I don’t know why its happening.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Jeremy threw at him, sarcastically.

“Sir, I honestly don’t know. Its concerning the new company, JP-”

“Alright, alright. Lets move to the conference room.” Jeremy concluded.

He got to his mohagony desk and grabbed files concerning Theodore’s Enterprise and the Broderick’s, he also took a fountain pen. “Adam, go to your office and take whatever you need. We’ll meet at the door.”

Adam obeyed.

Before stepping out to the meeting, Jeremy made sure he was composed. He wasn’t used to emergency meetings and hated them. He had to be ready. He prayed that things will go well. He took a deep breath. As he opened the door, he saw Tricia in front of his office, she had wanted to knock. Seeing him, she dropped her hand.

“Hi Jeremy,” she showed all her teeth.

What does this woman want? He has a meeting to attend to and trouble just found its way to him. “What do you want?”

“I’m not a vemenous snake, at least answer my greeting.” The big grin was beginning to disappear.

Jeremy wasn’t ready for an argument. He made to leave.

“Don’t go. Well,” she paused.

“Yes?” He was getting impatient.

“I’m here for a job. I want to work for you.” she offered.

Jeremy sighed and rolled his eyes. “If you need a job, you know the whole process. And besides, you can’t work here. Your dad can get you a job with the forces. Isn’t that what you read at school?” He closed the door behind him. “I’ve got work to do.”

Tricia ran after him. “I don’t want a job with the forces. I want to work with you.” She insisted.

Who put this idea in her head? “I’m sorry, its not going to be possible. Visit other companies, they can offer you a job there, but not here. We don’t even have vacancy.”

“I don’t care about that. I need this job. I really need to surprise my father. Please.” Her big green eyes, pleaded.

Jeremy sighed and thought for a while. “I’m sorry. I am not going to fall for that. If you think working here would make us get back together, you are mistaken. Its absurd to work with my ex. My private life do not mix with my business. Got that? Please leave.” He turned his back to her and headed to the conference room.

Tricia was filled with anger and bitterness. Just who does he think he is? She had begged him, but he wasn’t coming back. She hated Purity more. Her cell phone rang.

“How did it go?” A voice asked.

She gave a depressed sigh. “Badly. Didn’t work.”
She could hear the breaking of glasses. She dropped the call. “Jeremy Broderick, you’ll regret this. I promise.”

Episode 45



The engagement party between Jeremy Broderick and Purity Theodore has just come to an end. Edwin Broderick’s mansion served as the venue for the party. Few guests were invited. It was a family, private gathering. It was a successful event.

At a corner of the magnificent ballroom, Aaron and Prudence Theodore could be seen with Edwin Broderick chatting animatedly. Their happiness and joy could be seen from a distance. They all wanted this and finally, it came to pass. Just one person who had desired this was missing-Emily Broderick.

Purity Theodore stood out among the women- both old and young- in that room. She was dressed in a strapless gown. The fabric that flowed was elegant. If words could describe perfection, this would be it. It was her symbol of elegance. The lustrous, pearl beaded fabric of her dress glinted, light reflecting from the ball room glow. It fit flawlessly, the dress molded her torso beautifully, complimenting her feminine shape. The gown draped past her spectacular emerald heels, slightly drifting from her legs. It was the color of green. Its strapless style revealed her precious collar bones, warped in smooth, luring skin. There was a silk band at the top, lining around the top bust. The spotlight above beaming directly on her and the darker cream, intricate, floral design was glittering.

Her hair was tied in a bun. A sparkling hair pin designed it. Her posture was perfect, her shoulders pulled back and her hands in front of her. Her eyes were roving around the room, searching for her prince charming. She’d accidentally spilled juice on his tuxedo, due to her nervousness. He’d excused himself and went in to change. Now, she couldn’t find him. He’s taking too long, she mused. She bit her soft, thin lips coated with red lipstick in worry. She tossed her head to the left, then she saw him.

The suit was grey, sharp-looking and well fitted. Exactly the sort of thing she’d have picked for him-after all, he was her man. That was something that made her a bit nervous. Still, it fit well, it made him look very handsome, and when her smiled, it was a little bit magical. It was perfect for his suave manners.

He radiated an air of quiet confidence. The three button suit was tailored to precisely match the contours of his body, giving him a lithe-some appearance; yet there was nothing effeminate in his bearing. His hair cut was amazing-a hair she was tempted to touch, to feel whenever he was close to her. As he walked confidently to her direction, her heart fluttered.

He finally got to her. A smile flittered across his face. “Been searching for me?”

She returned his smile sweetly. “People must be wondering why the couple celebrating aren’t together.” she replied, escaping his question.

Jeremy smiled mischievously. “I’m sorry, my love. Did I take too long?” He spread his arms wide. “I must be looking magnificent. I took my time just for you.” He winked at her.

Purity frowned. “You must be full of yourself. I wish you could see your face.” She smiled devilishly. “You are so ugly.”

He couldn’t help it but laugh out loud. “Women are attracted to pretty men, aren’t they? Those women are drooling over me.” he pointed to a group of women.

Purity’s eyes followed his finger to were he pointed. “Where are they?”

Jeremy smirked. “Oh, she’s jealous.” He encircled his left arms round her slender waist. “Lets go chat with your brothers. I want to meet them.”

Purity never expected him to her waist, nevertheless, she welcomed it. It felt good to have a strong arm on her body, protecting her.

He didn’t wait for her reply. He moved and she followed. They steadily walked together till they got to where her brothers were having fun.

Rodney caught sight of the couple. He grinned. “Hey, brother-in-law. Come join us.”

Jeremy was pleased. “Thank you. Jeremy would be okay.”

Ronald smiled. “Jeremy, you finally captured our baby sister’s heart. Who’d have thought she’d ever get married?”

Rodney nodded in agreement. They all laughed.

“I’m not a baby!” Purity protested. “And its not a wedding, an engagement party.” Now, she had to bear her brothers mocking her. They always did.

“Congratulations.” A strange voice greeted.

Purity froze on hearing that voice. It shouldn’t be.

They all turned to face the person who had just spoken. Then Jeremy recalled something. “Thank you.” He turned to Purity. “I want you to meet my cousin-Ernest. Ernest Turner.”

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