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[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE (Episodes 1 – 50)

Afraid to love

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Episode 31


The blue Volvo XC90 wheels furiously sped on the road of New York City. The driver was Jeremy. He was crazed with anger and fear. “Darn it!”

‘Very critical.’ ‘Act fast.’ ‘He said not to.’ The words Dr. Allan had to him kept echoing in his head. That further agitated him. His hold on the steering wheel tightened. He put his right foot on the accelerator and increased the speed of the car. He drove too fast, like one possessed by a demon. His anger. His fear. He really still doubted what he’d been told. He hadn’t come to accept what he heard. Why should this be happening now? Why should it ever happen? How am I going to cope? How will I survive this? He was d–n too absorbed in his thoughts. A tear slid down his cheek.

The siren of a police car could be heard. The vehicle was trailing Jeremy’s ordering him to pull over. Jeremy failed to notice that. He kept on driving. He had to get home quick. He really had to talk to his father. Patience, he didn’t have.

The wailing siren soon hit Jeremy’s ear drums. He quickly glanced at the door window of his car. He saw the police car following him. “Holy s–t!” Jeremy didn’t stop to obey their command to pull over. He just turned on his radio, increased the volume and acted as if no one was behind him. His car was still on a very high speed.

Fortunately, the street leading to his home came into view. He smiled to himself. A light at the front and back of his vehicle indicated he was about to turn right. He adjusted the gear lever, released his foot from the pedal, the car’s speed reduced. He turned successfully. As he made to move the vehicle further, the police car drove past him and stopped right in front of his vehicle. This was possible because he had reduced the speed of the vehicle while turning. They hadn’t, they took the risk. Jeremy was already on the move, to avoid hitting the car ahead of him, he slewed the car sideways and abruptly halted the engine. His vehicle was only a few inches from the police’s. He escaped narrowly. He sat back in his car, panting.
A woman? What was a woman doing out here? She doesn’t look like a killer. She was dressed in a close fitting pink gown. Wore flats and had a purse with a long chain hand- matching the colour of her gown. Was she a friend of Melisa? Or she came to spy on her. His Melisa was more prettier than she, perhaps she was jealous of her. He smiled within him. She’s so striking. He never withdrew the gun from pointing at the strange lady.

She in turn, kept daring him. Those green eyes of hers blazing with fury. She looked at him with disgust. From his foot to his head. He was dressed in a black suit and was quite handsome, but not as Jeremy. Her Jeremy. She scowled. “Aren’t you going to shoot?”

Whoa! Acting so tough. She was scared a moment ago and now she’s trying to be brave. He grinned.
“Don’t ask for something you don’t want.”

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Episode 32

“Go on. Carry out your threat.” she insisted. Deep within her, she was quivering.

He inhaled deeply. “Are you alone?”

She smiled. “Yeah.”

Quickly, he lowered the gun, dipped it at the back of his trousers, probably at the waist. He reached out for her hand and started dragging her.

She hit his hand hard.

He immediately stopped and looked thunderously at her. “What is the meaning of what you just did?”

She returned his glare with cold eyes. “Let me go!” She almost screamed.

He tightened his hold on her, flung her to his side and placed his left palm over her mouth. “You realize we are in front of someone’s house?” he rhetorically asked in a harsh tone. “Don’t forget I have a deadly weapon here and will be forced to use it if I want to.” He warned her.

She fought within his grip. Trying to prove stubborn.

He released her mouth.

She gasped. “Who are you? Let me go!”

Ernest only chuckled. He buried his left hand at the back of his trousers and pulled something out. He placed the object on her hips.

She stiffened feeling the gun on her.

“Ready to cooperate?”

Her head moved up and down.

He smiled wickedly. “That’s it girl. Move.”

Tricia obediently moved. She wasn’t ready to die yet. Her legs moved till she was at his car.

“Get in!” he commanded.

“What?” She asked.

“Don’t let me use this on you!” his eyes were filled with fury.

She’d had enough. If he wants to shoot her, he’d better do it. Who was he to order her around? It angered her a lot. Was this how Jeremy felt when she ordered him? This wasn’t the time to think about him, he dumped her. It was time to deal with this intimidating man. “I am not going to do that! I have my own car, in fact I drove it down here. I will ride it back home. Not going anywhere with you.” she protested fiercely.

His eyes darkened. “Don’t try my patience.” He pointed the gun at her. “I’m going to sho-”

“Shoot me already!” She yelled, cutting in. “I’m tired of waiting for that. Do it!”

This was one tough woman. She had given him the permission to kill her, what was he waiting for? He silently laughed. He wasn’t gonna kill her, he just used the pistol to threaten her, get her do as he says. Too bad, she wasn’t a lady one could control. She bravely opened up her feelings. Direct contrast of his Melisa. He smiled. “Alright, dear. You got me. Please get in. I’m not going to murder you. We’ll come for your car, later.”
Purity sank into her bed. She let go of the notepad. It fell to the ground. Why now? Why? Not when she was beginning to feel happy, love her parents more and to love a non-member of her family. Things had began to fall into place. She placed her hands on her face and rolled.

Why did he have to come back? How did this happen? He was surely going to disturb her relationship with Jeremy. That night, he had told her he’d never forget her. Wasn’t he drunk? Oh my, God! I’m in trouble, she mused. Darn it! Jeremy would definitely stop trusting her. What if he finds out? She didn’t think he would, besides he never knew Jeremy. She’d deal with him her own way. No one was going to find out.

This time, she was gonna do the right thing. She wasn’t gonna make a fool out of herself. She wasn’t gonna let her parents, Edwin nd Jeremy down. She slowly closed her eyes.

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Episode 33


The cops quickly climbed out of their car and went over to Jeremy’s. Jeremy surrendered to them. He unlocked the doors of the car. When they officers got to Jeremy’s one of them flung the door open.
“Can we see your licence?” One of them questioned. He was hefty. A very bushy mustache hung above his lips. He had little eyes. He wasn’t smiling.

Jeremy opened the glove compartment, took out his licence and handed it over to the cop that asked for it. He rested on his seat and placed his hand on his head. Edwin Broderick worried him. Why should he do something like this? He kept it from his only son. Who does that? Why carry a burden, an overwhelming problem alone? Why? Why? He loved that man so much? After his mum had passed away, his father had always been there for him. He reminded him of his mother- whom he’d never forget. They were still healing and this happens? Life’s so unfair. It couldn’t even think about him, how he’d feel and handle the situation. God!

Jeremy was so engrossed in his thoughts and the challenges he was going to face. He didn’t realize that he had been dismissed. The first cop tapped him lightly. Jeremy was startled. He almost jumped out if the vehicle. The officers held on to him. They settled him in.

“I can see you’re not okay.” the small officer observed.

The other hefty one returned his licence to him. “Don’t drive when you’re not okay, Mr. Broderick. Where are you headed?”

Jeremy pointed to his house. “I’m there already.”

“Good. Next time, listen to orders from the cops and don’t break the law. You might not get so fortunate next time.”

“Thank you.” Jeremy was delighted. He had never done what he just did and didn’t want to spend even a night in a cell. He really appreciated the fact that he was set free.

The officers nodded and moved back to their police car. Soon enough, the road was cleared for Jeremy. He started the car and safely drove to his father’s gate. On getting to the gate, he honked and it opened on its own. When he drove into the compound, he stopped the vehicle few inches away from the huge iron gate. He pushed the door open and jumped down.
“James!” he called the guard.

A young man of about thirty came, running out. He was dressed in a blue uniform and boots. He caught the key Jeremy threw in is direction. What to do with it, he knew it well.

Jeremy stomped out of his presence towards the mansion. On getting in, he briskly climbed the stairs. He met his father sitting on the arm chair and his eyes glued to the television in front of him. Jeremy walked over and stood, facing his father, obstructing his view.

Edwin scanned Jeremy. The look on his face was sad and filled with anger at the same time. The last time he saw his son that way was when Emily passed away. What had happened this time around? Who was going to die or dead already? Was it Purity? He got off immediately. “Son, what is the matter?” He hoped he was totally wrong.

Jeremy stared at him. He could not make a sound. This man was still going to die. He was going to leave him soon.

Now, Edwin was starting to worry. His brows furrowed. “Talk to me, son.” he insisted Jeremy tell him what the problem was.

His fists clenched. “Father,” he decided he was going to take things slowly. “What are you hiding from me?”

“What? Hiding from you?” Edwin was confused.

Jeremy wasn’t gonna fall for that.
“You are keeping something serious and very important from me.” He took a step forward. “Why did you have a heart attack? Why were you looking so sad today? I need answers!” he demanded firmly.

Jeremy? Was this the Jeremy he knew? His son? Why was he acting this way? Talking to his father that way? “Will you stop that? What is wrong with you? Are you drunk?” he shook his head. “I can see that you are not yourself. Go to bed, we’ll talk tomorrow.”
He began walking out of the living room.

Jeremy turned to watch his father. “Heart disease?” he blurted out.

Edwin froze where he stood. His mouth dropped.

“Cardiovascular disease? Your heart has a permanent damage? It could lead to stroke and then death?”

Still where he was, tears slid down his cheeks. How did he find out? He wasn’t gonna let him know till he was married to Purity. He had plans, he wanted to reveal it to him, himself. Edwin slowly turned to face his son. He didn’t know where to start from.

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Episode 34

Jeremy was panting. His blazing, tear eyes locked to his father’s. “You kept this from me,” he accused.

“I’m sorry, son. So sorry. I’ve wronged you.” Edwin gave him a look of contrition and hurried to be close with him. Edwin opened his arms wide, Jeremy welcomed the embrace. “My boy, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

Jeremy sniffed, he tears fell down, freely. “Papa, why did you not tell me?” he felt betrayed. “No secrets between us. Why?”

Edwin patted his son. “Shhh. My boy. Its okay. I’ll tell you everything.” He clung to him, never wanting to let go. He regretted not telling him.

After several minutes, Edwin let go of his son. “Lets sit.” He took him by the hand and led him to the sofa. They both sat. Edwin looked his son in the eye. “How did you get to know? Who told you?”

Jeremy dried his tears with the back of his hand. “Dr. Allan. I forced him to vomit all he knew about your situation. It was quite difficult. But after I told him you wanted to know, he finally confessed. You swore him to secrecy? Even from your own son?” He was still having a hard time to come to terms with that.

Edwin looked sorry. “I didn’t want that. I could have shared my heath condition with you, but I didn’t knw how you’d take it. We lost your mum not too long ago and now, you’d be losing me. I couldn’t bring myself to hurt you by telling you the worst news ever- that you’d soon be all by yourself in the world- an orphan.”

His heart was pierced by the painful words that came out of his father’s mouth. He felt remorse for doubting his sick father, not trusting him. He felt guilty. “How did it begin? When did you get to know?” Jeremy wanted the whole truth. It was his right. He had to be involved.

Edwin looked away, painfully. “Two years ago.”

“Two years! How-”

“After Emily’s death,” Edwin cut him off. “You know I wasn’t able to cope after she left us. I resorted to taking alcohol to be free from my pains. Little did I know that I was ruining my heath. I had the first attack while you were away, to seal some business deals. It became more frequent. Then Dr. Allan carried out some tests on me. It was then revealed there’s a permanent damage there. It was all too late. Nothing could be done about it.” He took a deep breath.

Jeremy squeezed his fingers tenderly, prompting him to go on.

“I instructed him not to let you know only till I give him the permission to do so. I think that’s why he told you. I didn’t want you to feel miserable. After losing your mum, you’d lose your dad. I want that not to happen. Only if I could.”

Jeremy’s vision was blurred. “Father, I’m going to be all alone in this world? Don’t leave me. I’m very sorry about your health condition. But please, don’t leave me. We could have a heart transplant, a surgery.” He suggested.

Edwin waved his head sideways. “Then someone would have to die. Its soul for soul. A person dies and I live? I can’t do that.” he explained.

“d–n! So what do we do? I can’t be without you! You want to join her? Where are you two going? I’m gonna go with you two!” He was visibly shaking.

Edwin Broderick chuckled. “My son. Its parts of life. No one wishes to die, but its inevitable. We just have to wait till it comes.” He held Jeremy by the shoulder. He tried to cheer him up. “Come on. I’m not dead yet. I’ve still got few years to live. Lets not spend it in mourning, make it the happiest years of my life. Just as we did with your mother.”

Jeremy heaved a sigh. “And when you leave?”

“Purity and her parents will be here for you. That’s why I so much want this marriage. With her and her family, you’d have kids bu then, you’d never miss me. You would see a reason to live, to go on. Your life would have hope and meaning. Just do this for me.”

It was all about him? He was this loved by his father? He loved him very much. If he was going to be born in a next life, he’d ask God to give him the same father. He was really going to miss him. Already missing him. He was determined to put smiles on the face of his father during the years he had to live. He wasn’t gonna fail him.

“Father, I promise to do as you wish. Will make you happy.” Jeremy solemnly vowed.

Edwin smiled and nodded in appreciation.

“I Love You, father.”

“Love you too, my boy.”

Episode 35


Ernest drove this strange lady to his favourite bar-the bar he had met Melisa the first time. Why was he taking her there? He only took special women there. This woman had been stalking his Melisa. He caught her doing so. He didn’t know how long she had been stalking her, but he was gonna find out the reason why. He was going to coax her into spilling the bean. Protecting Melisa was his aim. He was determined to do so.

“Why did you bring me here?” Tricia enquired, eyes the strange man intently.

He ignored her question and cold eyes. Taking her by the hand, he pushed her through the door and they were finally inside the bar. There was loud music booming. The loud sound of the rock ‘n’ roll music almost got him deaf. He watched her as she made to cover her ear with her free hand. The lights were dim and they flickered. It wasn’t quite easy to see clearly the face of the people in there. Sensing this, he let go of her hand and forcefully took her by the waist and drew her closer to him.

She frowned at his rough behaviour.

Ernest didn’t really care.
The bar was rowdy. People on the dance floor, dancing to the rhythm of the music. All kinds of immoral acts were going on there-men to women, men to men and women to women. It had grown worse from what it used to be. He still wondered why a girl like Melisa would visit a place like thus. He was sure she still hid things from him. He pushed those thoughts aside. It was a blessing she did, she now belonged to him. Thank goodness he found her.

His grip on this woman’s waist tightened. They both moved to an empty chair and table together. As they got there, he released the woman, granting her the permission to settle in one of the chairs. His eyes were firmly fixed on her, he wouldn’t let her escape. He had to admit-she was something, really attractive. Probably he could be with her till he got his Melisa. She could be of help too. He chuckled wickedly.
He had already settled in his chair. Watching her send him dangerous looks, he smiled in satisfaction. He loved her kind of women. Dangerous and deadly.
Nathan had kept his eye on this man. He’d not returned after he was kicked out. Who had he brought with him now? Was that the woman he had been searching for? She was beautiful and could turn a man on. He didn’t want any trouble and was still gonna act like a man. The man he was. He left the counter and strolled to meet this regular customer. He gave him a half hearted smile as his gaze met his.
“Would you like to order something?” Nathan enquired innocently.

Ernest sent him deadly snare. He hadn’t forgotten what had transpired that morning. He had returned so they’d know he wasn’t afraid of them.
“Just get us any drink you have. No alcoholic one.” Ernest ordered.

“Coming right away.” Nathan assured them and turned to leave.

“Who are you? Why did you bring me me here? Why didn’t you kept me go? Do I look like a criminal? Have I done any wrong?” Tricia fired several questions at him. She was tired of being treated like a prisoner. She loved her freedom. It was so precious to her. She didn’t like anyone getting on her way and trampling on it.

Ernest wrinkled his nose. “What were you doing there?” he returned her questions with a question.

That really angered her. She looked at him with disgust. “Like you weren’t watching her too.”

He had to be tough on her. “Listen lady, you’ve go to answer my questions. Why were you out there, hiding among the flowers? Who is she to you?”

She smiled mockingly. “Are you the FBI or something? Is this an interview? I can’t see any cameras or-”

“Here they are.” Nathan announced, interrupting Tricia. He laid the drinks and glasses on the table. He looked at Tricia and then at Ernest. “Is this the woman you wanted to kill me over? I don’t know her.”

“Move away from us!” Ernest snarled. This b—–d. He’s never spare him when he gets the chance to wring his neck again.

“What woman is he talking about? Do I know you? Or you know me?” Tricia was perplexed. What the hell was going on? Now she regretted her actions. She’d have stayed home or got herself a new man. She couldn’t resist the temptation of wanting to see the pure virgin that had stolen her Jeremy.

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