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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

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Episode 41

The Doctor eventually confirmed she was pregnant. There was nothing much like happiness in her life before, she was more than sad before but now, she was more than happy. She was happy to the core, the King who was just getting alright too got off the bed on hearing this happy news.

The Queen and her best friend got back home together, they were driven by the driver in a Benz car. Her joy was just overflowing, her friend was also happy for her. They started their gisting from the car. “I thought the King had impregnated someone before, that’s why you are unable to conceive.” Oluwaseun said.

‘Does it matter?’ The Queen asked smiling.

‘See me oh, you that was crying some hours back, now laughing. Then don’t tell me you don’t know that if a King has impregnated anyone before becoming the King, he won’t be able to have any other child, especially a crown prince.’ She emphasized.

‘Never knew. That’s their business, at least I’m carrying my baby now, its a thing of joy!’ She shouted.

‘Anyway, don’t stress yourself sha oh. I’ll be checking on you every day and spend more hours than before with you. You can’t know how happy I am, as if I’m the one that is pregnant.’ She laughed.

The Queen laughed too. “Thank you my dearest friend.” She continued laughing happily.


The King was back on his throne with happiness written all over him. He was very happy and joyful that at last he would have a child. He suspended the meeting with his chiefs that afternoon and was in his wife’s room playing with her. Olatoye too was really wondering that she had never seen the King so happy like that before. He was always frowning and exclaiming on the word “MY ORDER WILL ALWAYS BE MY ORDER.”

The Church congregation and Pastors arrived in that Kingdom, that afternoon. They came to come and win souls for God which was an abomination to the Kingdom. It was only Feyi, a young woman that was preached too and given bible. Her soul was totally won before the King ordered the whole people to be brought before him.

He was so annoyed but in him he was thankful they’ve not preached to anyone and they’ve not shared their “useless bible” as he usually address. He ordered them to be burnt in the village square. He was without mercy during his reign. It was only a woman that was pregnant “Feyi” that could only be preached to.

The Doctor was invited to the Palace for questioning about the pregnancy. He was dressed in a cream suite and around his neck was a sthetoscope, he sat with the Queen and his wife in the palace and the discussion started.

“Is it possible for the unborn baby to have asthma also?” The King asked with eagerness written all over him.

‘Yes your highness. It is 100% possible and it may not happen also, no one can tell.’ He replied.

The King sighed. He wasn’t pleased by the answer he heard, he didn’t want his unborn child to have asthma. “Thanks Doctor.” He replied smiling.

The doctor smiled back and took his stand, ready to leave back to work.

He was on his way out when the chiefs also walked into the palace. They were holding their walking sticks and in Agbada attire. The exchanged pleasantries and walked into the Palace.

They greeted the King normally and all took their seats. “This one that I’m seeing a Doctor from the city, hope no Problem?” Chief Koku asked smiling.

The Queen stood up and excused herself to her room. The King laughed. “Its a thing of joy.” The king replied smiling.

‘Abi our expectation has come to reality.’ Chief Koku asked smiling.

“Exactly!” The King laughed out.

The chieves all laughed and were happy to hear that. “I just hope its not this Doctor that will carry out the delivery” Chief Koku uttered.

‘Haha! Koku! You talk too much, since we came in, you never took a rest. Just asking questions and hoping. Nawa oh!’ Chief Tola shouted.

The King started laughing. It seemed the pregnancy had turned the King to a free person, unlike before, the meeting was usually hot.

‘Abi o.’ Chief Okunola added too.

‘That’s your business.’ He replied and faced the King back, smiling.

‘Its according to our tradition, the midwife will carry out the delivery on her. We can’t allow an outsider to do that for us, although, everything is now turning into a civilized world.’ The King uttered.

‘That’s great!’ Chief Koku quickly said.

‘Urgh!’ Chief Okunola shook his head at Koku. “Always foolish.” He thought.

Episode 42


The Queen was rushed to the midwife’s place by a car. Her best friend also went with her, the King was in the palace, he canceled all meetings and was in his inner chambers, he was there calling on the gods of his fore fathers and very scared.

Seun got all the baby’s necessary materials ready, the Queen didn’t step the hospital after the departure of the Doctor from the palace when she conceived. The King prohibited her from going out and called on the midwife to daily come to the palace to check on her and give her concoctions till she gives birth.

If it wasn’t necessary that she must deliver in the midwife’s place, the midwife would have personally come to the Palace to take the delivery.


Feyi, her husband died some days after she discovered she was pregnant. The family of her husband chased her out of the house and concluded that the baby she was carrying wasn’t for their brother. She left the house, it was on the way to an isolated place in the Kingdom she met the Christians that preached to her, from then, she had been praying and steadfast in God. She neglected the idols they serve in their kingdom and was closer to God.


The Queen eventually gave birth so easily but it was very unappealing that she gave birth to a set of twins. She delivered two boys but luckily weren’t identical. She started sobbing in the midwife’s place, Omisola started thinking about how long she had been trying to conceive and even when she was in labour.

‘I have a plan, before the birth-guides get here.’ She quickly said.

Seun was also sitting on the floor, unhappy to see that her dearest friend just gave birth to a twins. Omitola was alos present but the maids and guards guarding the delivering house were outside.

‘What?’ Seun quickly asked wiping away her tears.

The Queen was attracted to her clause and quickly turned to her. “What is it? Please save me.” She uttered weeping.

‘You are the Queen of this Kingdom. You shouldn’t be weeping this way, I beg of you…’

‘Why won’t I? I’ve just given birth to an abomination.’ The Queen expressed.

‘I feel we can keep one of these babies, your best friend will keep one and you’ll withhold one. We will keep this as a secret since they aren’t identical.’ Omisola said.

“Em.. Th..that’s a great and good idea. I succumb to it..” The Queen said instantly.

‘Yeah, we have to act fast before these people come to check if you’ve just given birth to twins.’ Omitola advised.

‘This will be an everlasting secret between the four of us here.’ Seun said.

‘That’s nothing. I know my daughter, we don’t disclose secrets to anyone, no matter what!’ Omisola smiled.

‘Now, I’ll make a way so that you’ll start living with us in the palace, then I can breastfeed the child there secretly.’ The Queen said.

“That’s not a problem. I’ll bring him to the palace tomorrow as the son of my late sister. I’ll tell the King that Omitola was in charge of her delivery when that my sister died. So, you’ll monitor the remaining.” Seun grinned.

‘Nice one. Its very easy, absolutely easy to tell lies!’ Omisola smiled.

They all laughed happily.

One of the babies was given to the Queen while the other was quickly taken to the nearby bush after he had been breastfeeded by the Queen. Omitola was with the twin brother in the bush, taking care of him while Seun followed the Queen to the Palace so the King won’t suspect anything. They all pretended as if nothing happened when that child examiners came to know the gender and congratulated the Queen.


The Queen and the new born baby were conveyed to the palace that day. The King was very happy that he just gave birth to a son. He collected the baby boy and played with him, he damned all the council meetings he ought to head that day and days after due to his happiness. Oluseun was also happy that the King was pleased, assuming the all know that the Queen gave birth to a set of twins, it wouldn’t have been a funny case.


It was early the next morning. Oluseun arrived with the twin brother into the palace, she was weeping profusely and was allowed to sit. The Queen and the King got downstairs on knowing she was the one around. “What happened?” Queen quickly asked and moved towards the baby to see if he was still alive, she was thinking of something else before, “maybe he died”.

‘Be patient woman!’ The King shouted at Toye as she was being forward to check the baby’s face.

The Queen relaxed and kept her hands back. She took a seat beside her friend. “What happened?” She asked again.

‘My sister kicked the bucket yeaterday evening when she was delivering this baby boy.’ She uttered.

‘Its a pity. I’m sorry about that.’ The King said pitifully.

‘Urgh! A woman that walks into the delivery house and comes back alive doesn’t know what God has done for her.’ Queen shook her head pitifully, staring at the child as if she should snatch him and quickly breastfeed him.

‘That’s why I came your highness.’ Seun said.

‘Thanks for your gestures concerning my wife’s delivery yesterday. I guess you can give the baby to my wife for him to be well take care of, then after he has passed the stage of b—-t feeding, he’ll be returned to you.’ The King uttered.

Seun and Toye stared at each other. Seun’s mouth was shaking, she was very surprised the King could speak in that way.

‘Is it that this man just gave birth to a prince that is making him this nice?’ Queen Toye thought to herself.

‘…. Or you don’t agree?’ The King stared at her closely.

‘A..ah.. W.why not sir.’ She quickly uttered and handed the baby over to the Queen. “Thanks so much your highness. I’m more than surprised.” She uttered bowing before him.

Happiness was written all over the Queen also. She started the breastfeeding right from where she was given the baby

Episode 43

The Queen and Seun were in the living room, the king left them there to continue there talks. Seun was worried about her husband, if par adventure the baby is given back to her, where will she take him to? She and the Queen started thinking of a way out of their problem.

Not farther than then, the King came downstairs. “Tell your husband to see me. I have to sympathize concerning the loss of your sister.” The King said.

‘Urgh?.. Ooh… Y..yes your highness.’ She stammered.

The King went back upstairs. Seun was totally confused, she knew the kind of husband she had, he could come and scatter everything that has been arranged before the King.

‘We have no choice than to tell him.’ The Queen hesitated, staring at the twin brother.

‘I know my husband. He’s a talkative, he can use that as a threat when we aren’t on good terms or when he wants me do something I don’t want to.’ She replied.

‘I’ll beg him personally and even give him money.’ The Queen uttered.

‘He can use this as a medium of black mailing again. If he has money, he spends lavishly. Once the money finishes, he’ll ask for more. He can drain you.’ She added.

“Urgh! I’m fed up now oh! Which kind hubby be yours now.” They laughed.


Feyi, she gave birth all along to a female child. It was the midwife and her daughter that eventually took the delivery and it was successful. She took the baby back home, no one to celebrate together, to eat is a great problem. She named her “Olufunke”.


Segun, Seun’s husband got to the palace, well dressed. He bowed and greeted the King. Seun and the Queen were together, seated in the Palace when he arrived. Seun was surprised at his arrival. “Who told this man to come?” She thought to herself with fear rocking her heart.

Segun was offered seat, his mouth was never closed. “You sent your guards to get me, your highness.” He uttered.

‘What! The guards? Is this man not going to destroy the plan bayi!’ The Queen said silently with fear and curiosity written all over her.

“As if I can behead him. Why did the King send the guards without letting me and the Queen know about it.” Seun also thought said silently.

“Yeah, I heard your wife’s sister died. That’s why I’ve sent my guards to get you since your wife has been here since, I don’t want her to be roaming around when her sister just died when labouring.” The King said.


‘Sister?’ Segun asked thoughtfully.

He faced Seun to see her reaction to what the King just said. Seun started winking and blinking at him. “I pray he gets.” She thought to herself.

‘Yes now.’ The King replied facing him.

The Queen started sweating, not in her right mood any longer.

“Ooh.. Its true your highness. Her sister died, its a pity your highness.” He uttered setting one eyes on the King and the other on Seun.

She breathed normally and was somehow relieved.

“… And congratulations about this new born baby your highness.” He quickly uttered to change the topic.

‘Yes, we thank the Gods of our land. And the son she gave birth to will be living with us till he’s above the breastfeeding stage.’ The King uttered.

‘So after the breastfeeding stage, where will you take the prince to?’ He asked.

‘Not the prince, I mean the child she gave birth to in labour.’ The king relied.

‘Labour? Alright your highness.’ He replied smiling and somehow looking at his wife.


Seun got back home and met Segun seated angrily. He had been waiting for her to arrive from the palace so he could fire her. “What’s the meaning of that nonsense!” He shouted.

‘Oko mi, I’m very sorry for all that. Let me explain everything to you.’ She replied and took her seat.

‘I’m all ears, explain fast fast so that I can know what to do. Maybe I’ll go back to the King or something else.’ He exclaimed.

“Em.. The Queen.. Em.. She was in.. Em.” She parabulated.

‘Won’t you talk. When did “Em” enter into your own dictionary. My friend o je soro!’ he shouted.

‘The Queen.. Em… She was in labour the other time.’ She concluded and paused.

‘Story, my business with that is now what? Talk jare!’ He shouted at her again.

“She gave birth to a.. She paused

‘A? Twins?’ He quickly predicted and clicked.

‘Yes, so we planned it that way so that they won’t be killed.’ She said sadly.

“THEY MUST BE KILLED!” He shouted.

*oko mi- my husband, in yoruba language.

o je soro– u beta talk “” “” “” “” “” “

Episode 44

“THEY MUST BE KILLED!” He shouted.

‘Why will they be. You’ve helped and we are thankful, they shouldn’t.’ She shouted back.

‘So you can still shout back at me. Let’s wait and see.’ He replied and picked his shirt. He left the house immediately.


The midwife and her daughter were just in their home, discussing about the King’s family and about the delivery of the Queen. Omitola was just smiling. “Mother, why is there is useless rule about twins?” She asked

‘Its a long story my daughter. Let me explain. There was a family, long time ago. They had no child, and were very rich. Their richness was nothing to show off because they had no child. They later give birth to a set of twins then and immediately they were given birth to, the community turned into commotion. The King gave up a ghost and different things started happening, they would be the first set of twins that would be given birth to in this Kingdom. From then, giving birth to a set of twins was prohibited, they term them as evil children.”

‘Urgh, so who told them its because of those children that all that happened?’

“It was their belief.” Omisola replied.

Tola sighed.


Segun left the house angrily, Seun was disturbed and angry. “Who knows where he’s off to now.” She asked herself and ran after him. “Oko mi!” She shouted, but Segun didn’t answer her.

She caught up with him and apologized to him. “Then, we have to seal a promise. You, Queen and I.” He uttered.

“PROMISE?” She repeated.

‘Yeah.’ He replied.

‘What promise?’

“A contract…….”

‘A contract….’ He uttered.

“I thought as much, he’s just unfor… Don’t let me complete it, he won’t be unfortunate sha.” She said silently.

‘Em.. What contract?’ She asked.

‘Okay, the Queen will be present when I’ll say it. I’m going to have some palm wine over there.’ He uttered.

‘Don’t get yourself drunk oh. If you get drunk now, you can start uttering what you ought not to. And… Don’t go sef.’ She complained.

‘No, I’ve promised. Once we strike the deal, nothing more.’ He said.

“Alright, later.” She waved and turned back.


The Queen and Segun started the contract. Seun was also present there, looking very annoyed. “Em.. Your highness, its not that I want to be like this but situation warrants it. Let’s start from 1M” he uttered.

‘1 M? What do you mean?’ The Queen asked.

‘One Million.’ He uttered.

‘Haha, one million? Wetin!’ Seun shouted.

The Queen smiled, and stared at him. “I’m not joking, I’m serious. Deal or no deal?” He insisted.

‘Do you mean this that you’ve just said?’ The Queen asked again.

‘I’m serious. That’s it.’ He replied.

‘Haha.. Segun, what’s the meaning of this?’ Seun shouted.

“You better don’t shout, it won’t cost me anything to tell the King!” He shouted.

‘No problem, I’ll do just that. I’ll get it for you tomorrow.’ The Queen promised.

Segun smiled. “That’s all.” He replied.

Omisola and the Children examiner came into the palace with a set of twins. The Queen and her friend was with the King, all gisting. They interrupted their discussion, the King instantly understood that someone just gave birth to a set of twins.

‘Your highness a woman..’ One of the examiners was saying while the King cut in.

‘Yeah.. Twins abi?’ He asked.

“Yes your highness. She gave birth to a set of twins.” He concluded.

Omisola was somehow smiling to the Queen and her friend. “Go and do the necessary thing for them!” He exclaimed.

The Queen’s mood changed instantly. She thought to herself that if the King should know that she gave birth to a set of twins, he would kill them right away.


The Queen handed over the money to Segun. Her account became almost empty after she gave him the money. He smiled and collected the money. He walked inside and kept the money, he had in his mind that that’s how he’d collect the money everytime from the Queen till he gets satisfied.

Seun was really annoyed and disappointed in her husband. They all sat down and started their discussion again. “Well, after this, there is nothing more.” The Queen uttered.

‘Well, I can’t assure you of that. We can’t tell, I can ask for more.’ He uttered.

‘Mr Segun! What do you mean, we are okay, this is what they refer to as blackmail!’ Seun shouted.

‘That’s what you call it, that’s what I want!’ He shouted.

“THEN YOU ARE A THIEF” A voice uttered from nowhere.

Episode 45

They heard the voice from nowhere. It was the King who spoke, they all faced the back and saw him and was terrified.


It was on a sunny afternoon. Lolade, a young woman who also just gave birth to a daughter and named her Gloria. She didn’t know the meaning of the name and didn’t know it was a christian name, she just loved it. She was walking by the road side and met Feyi there with a new born baby, weeping. She walked closer to her when she heard the baby crying and her mother didn’t attend to her.

“Madam, the baby is… Why are you crying?” She changed her topic on seeing her face when she rose her head.

Feyi raised up her head and continued crying. Lolade walked closer to her, ‘why now?’ She asked wearily again.

‘Your baby is handsome.’ She uttered.

“Handsome? She’s a female, and that’s not what we are talking about now. Why are you crying?” She insisted.

‘Urgh, may God not let you a quater of my problem. I’ve just been sent out of my house.’ She uttered.

‘Your house? You rented it?’ She continued her questions.

‘Yes, my husband died when I got pregnant and his family sent me out of his house. Since then..’ She wept.

‘No, stop crying. Its not good if your tears drop on this girl. You don’t need this. I wish to help you, I’ll have to suspend where I’m going to. Let’s go my place.’ She said.

“Ehn? D… Do you me.. Mean..” She stammered.

‘Yes, don’t bother. My husband is nice, you don’t need to bother. If you just wish.’ She uttered.

Feyi wiped her tears and took her stand. “Bother? I’m ready.” She uttered.

Lolade smiled and helped her with the one bag she was with. ” Where are the remaining luggages?” She asked.

‘That’s all I have.’ She replied.

Feyi got to Lolade’s place and started living with her and her husband, she did follow Feyi to her shop and work together.

‘You are a thief then!’ The King uttered from the back. They all turned to the back and was terrified.

‘Is it because she now gave birth to a set of twins?’ The King smiled.

Seun kept staring at him. How did he know, “we are in soup” she thought.

‘Now, before all of you knew she gave birth to a set of twins, I’ve known. The medical doctor had told me he did a scan and saw them. I knew you’d plan it this way, such is life.’ The king smiled.

“Y..you kn..know?” She Queen shivered.

‘Yes. Now to you Mr money collector, if I hear this anywhere, I’ll assume you said it even if not you! The other child will be living here so that no one will suspect.’ The King uttered.

“Y… Yyy.. Ye.. Yes your h…highneess.” She automatically stammered, shivering.

‘Yes, no problem. I’ve been tracing all of you and I’ve been present in all your meetings, just to know if you want to eliminate one of my children.’ He smiled.

“Haa.. Never!” Seun shouted.

The Queen was relieved and smiled.

‘The one with us will bear Raymond, this one that will start living with you will be Tony. We’ll gv names when the time comes but these are the names I want for them.’ He uttered and left.

The Queen and Seun laughed seriously at Segun. “I can now tell you to go and bring me my 1M.” The Queen mimicked and laughed.

«Twenty years later»

Tony and his twin brother, Raymond gad grown up to twenty years. The King is already weakened by his sickness. The lives of the babies born twenty years back started.

Tony had been introduced to Raymond as a friend and not his brother. They were best of friends. Loved each other like brothers that they were and but didn’t know. Raymond was living in the palace while Tony was still living with Seun and was told Seun was his mother.

The two “jolly friends” do go hunt and watch females by the stream everyday when they were less busy.


Funke and Gloria were by the river playing before they wanted to carry their clay-pot and go home. The two friends arrived there and met the girls. “See beauty!” Raymond tapped Tony and pointed to Funke.

‘Na you sabi, you know Damilola musnt see me looking at girls.’ He laughed.

‘Shey that Dami, the daughter of women leader?’ He asked, his eyes were focused on Funke.

‘Yes now.’ He replied.

“This is serious!” Raymond exclaimed.

‘My friend, take am easy oh.’ He replied smiling.

‘Honestly, wait here. I’m coming.’ Raymond smiled and left him.

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