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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

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Episode 31

Princess’ friends had been watching the scene since they started shouting at themselves. They rushed downstairs on seeing a dirty slap landing on her face, it was that exact time she had her asthmatic attack. Daniel was confused, he shouted at his friends to get him the inhaler, he must save her soul since he caused it.

‘Rachael was standing, she grumbled throughout. Beatrice got the inhaler with immediate effect panting. She got well few minutes later, this time, Rachael had called the King himself and told him about the incident. She explained how Daniel slapped Ruth also in public and she had an attack immediately.

The king was infuriated. He stood up at once on the throne and ordered for his depature from palace that minute to see “his only daughter.” As he used to say.

Not minding whether it was girls’ hostel or not, Daniel already took his seat beside the princess with a hand fan blowing air to her. He was so much angry that was why he had to slap her.

In no time, the hostel was filled, the King arrived, several students who didn’t leave their various rooms got out to see see the King that minute and admired him. The guards got her into the Toyaota Sienna car they brought along and headed to the Hospital.

The king avoided Daniel, he shunned him and even refused him to follow them to the hospital or step there to see how well she would be. Daniel wasn’t really disturbed, he thought in him that at least this would have taught her a lesson that one doesn’t poke nose into another person’s affairs and don’t insult anyone because of the position.

He headed to the hostel and got some rest, few minutes later, the King called him.

The king called him to come to the hospital. He changed the cloth he was putting on to a white lace material and hurried there. For the King to have left the palace, his daughter meant so much to him then.

He met the King in the car. The air conditioner was on, he sat there and was depressed. He wondered why all had gone wrong with him. He remembered his childhood friend who also had that ailment. He was so sad because asthma eventually killed that his friend. He thought of how he met his wife and some other ladies, he smiled and shook his head, although not happy.

The King lifted his head and saw Daniel beside the car. He let him in, Daniel sat beside him in the car, looking cool and remorseful. “What really happened?” The King asked with a soft voice.

‘Dad, she caused it. She insulted and abused my friend in public, she disgraced her and did different things to her because she said she loves me. Although rather surprising to say to me myself not to talk of you that is hearing me. She lambasted my friend and I and called us useless. I then warned her that calling someone a useless person is wrong and I’ll be mad at her when next I hear it, never knew she would say it again. She made me loose my temper to the extent of..’ He paused and put his head down.

‘Of what?’ The king asked softly.

‘Slapping her sir. I didn’t even know what happened would happen.’ He bowed fearfully.

‘Will it ever tell you it would happen? It won’t. How dare you raise your hand and beat up the princess, despite the fact that you know her state of health. It annoys me when I remember that it was from you, let’s assume it was from an outsider, I can’t tell where he or she will be at this moment. I would have made life miserable for the human.’ He uttered.

The Doctor appeared beside the car door. He bowed and smiled. The glass was shut down so they would be able to discuss properly.

“She’s now okay sir. What happened was a minor issue.” The doctor said.

“Thank my goodness.” He smiled and said inwardly.

‘Thanks Doctor, can she be discharged now?’ The King asked.

‘Yeah, certainly sir.’ He bowed and left his presence to get the Princess. Treatments for Royal family was usually free.

Daniel excused himself and got down on seeing Ruth coming. He opened the door so wide so that she would be able to enter, he stopped the guards from doing the work. Ruth stared at him and smiled.

She waved at him and uttered. “Hi love.”

Daniel wondered what was wrong with her. Firstly, despite the fact of what he did to her, she came out and said “hi love.” He laughed to himself.

He watched the cars as they left the hospital. He took a bike and followed them straight to the palace. The bike dropped him at the junction of the palace’s estate, he walked to the palace sweating.

He walked into the main door and led to where the King was sitting. The maids ushered Ruth inside her room, she was not all that balance. The King sighted him and called him to his side so they would continue with their discussion.

‘Yeah, as were saying. The lady she insulted, who is she to you?’ He asked.

Daniel took off his face and used his index finger to scratch his head. He was smiling a liitle, didn’t want him to be seen by the King.

‘Answer me, we don’t have all the time.’ The King exclaimed.

‘A close friend dad.’ He replied, his two hands were together, he couldn’t look at the face of the king. He was mute.

‘Since she’s just a close friend, I’d like a relationship of you and my daughter as the Queen discussed with me.’ He uttered.

‘Huh?’ He looked at the eyes of the King.

‘Yeah, I’ve not pleaded with you but commanding you as a father and King.’ He uttered.

Daniel was quiet.

Daniel headed to his mother’s place to greet her after he reluctantly stood up from the side of the King. He was somehow annoyed but couldn’t show it. He got to the place while Bibi rushed out, looking more beautiful, she drove the wheel chair as fast as possible.

‘Girl, you’re looking more gorgeous!’ He admired and hugged her.

‘You are looking more handsome too bro.’ She winked back.

Daniel managed to smile, although not that happy. He turned the wheel chair and drove her in. Gloria walked out of the room to see who was at the door that has made Beatrice so happy and saw Daniel.

‘You this foolish boy!’ She uttered with an angry face

Episode 32

Daniel stared at his mum for a while. “Has she known?” He asked in his mind.”

She walked up to him and smiled. “It caught you. Just joking, welcome here.” She smiled.

Dan stared for some seconds before he got himself together. “Em..” He stammered.

‘You don’t need to do that. I guess you also have a skeleton in your cupboard or why are you acting this way?’ Beatrice laughed.

Daniel faced her and changed his face as if he was angry but just joking with her. “Skeleton ko, muscles ni.” He said while taking his seat near his mother. He relaxed and yawned, covering his mouth with his left hand.

‘Why did you come home?’ Gloria asked tuning the television station.

‘I caused a little trouble mum.’ He paused.

Gloria dropped the remote control and quickly faced him. “In the palace?” She quickly asked.

Beatrice also faced them squarely to listen to all they were discussing. Her eyeballs met with that of Daniel, she quickly took off her face and pretended she had not been hearing all what he was saying.

‘Naughty babe. I caught you o! Keep eavesdropping.’ He uttered.

‘I’m not now.’ She replied smiling.

‘Answer me, what happened?’ Gloria asked again.

‘I slapped Princess then she got her asthma attack.’ He uttered shyly.

‘See yourself. Pastor Daniel, you that preach to them, haven’t you now f—-d up!’ She exclaimed.

‘No mum. There was even a point in the scripture that Jesus canned those buying and selling in the temple because he was so angry. I told her not to call my friend “useless” but she continued. I was provoked.’ He uttered.

‘I pray you won’t walk on your father’s path. Beating a girl! Not an ordinary one but a King’s daughter!’ She shouted.

Bibi cleared her throat and faced the television back.

“Na you sabi!” He said to Bibi and faced Gloria back.

‘The King has forgiven me…’ He was saying while she interrupted him.

‘Thank God, but who’s this friend? Male or Female?’ She questioned.

Daniel frowned. “Female.” He shrugged.

Beatrice cleared her throat more at this time and itched her head all to attract his brother’s attention.

‘Female?’ The Queen asked.

‘Yes mum.’ He replied.

‘Ghen ghen!’ Bibi uttered although was facing the TV but was referring to Dan. He also understood her.

Daniel laughed. “You this girl, you get P o!” He uttered while both of laughed.

‘Who’s she to you oh?’ Gloria asked.

‘Just a close friend of mine.’ He replied smiling.

‘Then what now made it so difficult to the extent of slapping the Princess?’ She asked.

‘She was insulting her and disgraced her because of our closeness. The King and Queen sef said I must date her.’ He uttered in a low tone.

Bibi sighed deeply and smiled. She cleared her throat once more.

‘Then do it.’ She uttered.

‘Do?…’ Daniel asked staring at her closely.


Do?… He asked satring at his mum.

Gloria adjusted how she was sitting and smiled. ‘Yes, the King has just spoken, those that told you to be in a relationship with there daughter are in the place of authority. Since you are not going out with the other girl, I’ll like you to date her.’ She addressed.

“Mum! I don’t love her! I don’t want her!’ He shouted.

‘Imagine. Because of what you did for him, he made you someone living in the palace and attending a great university. He changed our lives here also and has made me a happy woman again. Don’t you know he has no male child and when he dies you’ll be the next King.’ She uttered.

‘Since Princess Ruth has no elder sister, she won’t marry before her now.’ Bibi said.

‘Yes oo.’ Gloria replied.

‘You people won’t understand. I’ve got to get going now.’ He said and took his stand.


Darasimi left the school as early as possible, she passed market side so as to buy her mother things she may need. She was excited as she headed home, she got inside the house and met her mother sleeping.

She dropped her belongings in the room and rested. She brought out her phone and noticed she had three whatsapp messages. She was happy meeting her phone that way. It was Daniel that sent her a message that she should watch her movement these days, he doesn’t know if anything could happen.

She was scared by this message. ‘Is the Princess in charge of this?’ She asked herself quietly. She heard a terrible knock at the door. Olufunke also woke up, they were frightened.

Episode 33

Olufunke was also surprised seeing someone was with her in the house again. It was such a relieve when she saw that it was her daughter. They both stared at the door, it was Funke’s husband there. He walked inside the house and smiled.

‘What has he come to do?’ Funke thought in her. She stood up and yawned stretching her small body. “Can I help you?” She asked.

‘I don’t have any business with you but with this your daughter. You arrived home, you couldn’t come to me directly. You came to this woman you call mother.’ He uttered angrily at Darasimi.

‘What’s all this. Come to you? For what.’ She asked laughing and beating her hands together.

He faced Funke and said. “You never told me you’ve told her. We both promised never to tell her. No problem sha, when you are ready to go to the Palace.” He uttered.

PALACE? Darasimi asked and stared at his mother.

He opened the door and headed outside. Funke sat down without control. “This man has disrupted everything. She won’t let me now!” She thought in herself.

‘Mum what did he just say?’ She asked.

“What did I say?” She thought inwardly.

‘Em.. Him? Don’t mind your father oh.’ She smiled a little.

‘Whose father! Mum tell me what I don’t know, now or never.’ She shrugged.

‘Em…. Wha..t.’ She was stammering.

Darasimi nodded and smiled. She went inside to pick her handbag and left the house angrily.

Funke sat down crying, Darasimi plied to the side of the bush, not quite long after, she was crossed by a truck carrying woods in it and carried inside the truck forcefully.

She was taken away by the set of guys that bundled her inside the truck with them. They held an handkerchief that a reasonable amount of a sleeping dosage has been applied to it. She slept off after the handkerchief had been used to cover her nose for a while.

She was taken to “DARI” forest by those guys. There was like a hut there with a thatched roof and made of mud. The whole place look so neat as if someone was living there. One of the guys came out and brought out his phone to call the Queen. “Job well donr ma.” He uttered and bowed.

The Queen smiled and stood up straightaway. She had gotten the guys to help her kidnap Darasimi so she could deal with her.

12:04 PM

The queen got to the forest with her car, driven by the able driver who was terrified and afraid driving into the forest. He did it hoping he would get cool cash at the end of the day. They eventually got to the scene, the Queen alighted. She met the guys who stood far from one another guarding the place.

She smiled at them and walked into the hut. Darasimi was already awake then, she sighted the Queen and was terrified. “What on earth have I done?” She asked herself in a terrified situation.

Queen smiled to her and uttered “You should know me as a no-nonsense woman. It doesn’t cost me anything to end anyone’s life. Why are stepping into my daughter’s business!” She exclaimed

Darasimi couldn’t speak. She was already shivering. Different thoughts were just coming to her mind. “Someone who has ordered some people to be beheaded before. At what lenght can’t she deal with me?” She asked herself, still shivering and afraid as the Queen moved closer to her.

‘I give you 24 hours to leave Daniel. Whatever I want, I must get!’ She exclaimed.

The driver was just afraid in the car he was. He was staring at the hut inside the forest and the huge gigantic men that stood by the entrance of the hut. The Queen walked out some minutes later and told those guys to untie her and let her go.

She walked into the car back and counted ten thousand naira for the driver as the money for him to keep quiet.

“If any man hears about what you just saw, I’ll kill you!” She promised as she gave him the money.

Episode 34

Darasimi made her way out of the forest. She got home sweating profusely, she sat on the floor as she entered into the living room. Olufunke came out of the room on hearing the door been opened. “You are back?” She asked surprisingly.

‘Mum, sit. I want to tell you something.’ She uttered breathing heavily.

Olufunke sat down staring at her. “Why are you like this. What chased you?” She asked concerned about her.

‘I got into trouble with the Queen.’ She said.

QUEEN? She quickly asked and stood up.

‘Mum, I hope there is no problem?’ She asked concerning her behavior.

Funke shook her head immediately. “No.” She replied.

Darasimi started suspecting her closely. “Mum, she said I should stop being friends with Daniel or else she might kill me, and I know her for that behaviour, human lives doesn’t mean anything to her.” She uttered

‘Then, we shouldn’t leave any trace. Leave him at once, I’m not ready to loose my one and only love.’ She uttered.

“Leave who? Daniel? She asked me to forgo him because she wants him to have a relationship with her daughter but Daniel doesn’t like her!” She exclaimed.

‘Whether he does or not, yours is to obey. Leave him and let my ming be at peace. I don’t want you to even have anything to do with the Palace and people living there.’ She addressed.

Darasimi stared at her closely. “Mum, you have an hidden agenda about the palace, the King’s family. Just tell me.” She uttered.

Olufunke felt cold. “No.” She shrugged.

Darasimi sighed and walked into the room angrily.

“Just come, weren’t you hurt?” She asked.

Darasimi didn’t bother to answer. “The queen musnt even know I’m still alive.” Olufunke said quietly.

Daniel went inside the King’s room on hearing his call. He took along his mouth organ, in case if the King was calling him to play the mouth organ for him. The king told him to sit down to discuss with him.

‘I’ve seen you as a child that obeys and a son of dignity. You see Ruth, she’s tha apple of my eyes and I don’t want any guys to love her apart from you.’ He uttered.

‘Dad, I know how you feel.. But…’ He paused.

‘Do you know you’ll become the next king if you get married to my daughter. What will it be like if she marries another man and he will be the King over you.’ He said.

‘Em… Dad..’ He didn’t know what to say.

‘Just go and think about it.’ He uttered.

Daniel’s phone beeped immediately after the King spoke. He was pinged by Darasimi who told him she doesn’t think the relationship would continue

The King showed Daniel Tony. His childhood friend who died of asthma. He gave Daniel one of Tony’s passport photograph.

‘What do I do with this?’ He asked.

The King smiled. “I gave you that so that you’ll be able to remember my daughter whenever you see that very close friend of mine.” He replied.

Daniel sighed. “Alright.” He responded and stood up, his mind was already at Darasimi’s place to go see her concerning the message she sent to him.

‘Will you just go like that without playing the mouth organ?’ The King smiled at him.

‘Mouth organ again. This man didn’t say this before. He should have told me, I have better thing to do jare.’ He thought.

He played the mouth organ for some minutes before he departed and went to Darasimi’s place. Their gate was always opened, he inhaled heavily before entering into the house. He entered and walked to their apartment, he exhaled heavily then and knocked.

Darasimi came out of the house, she was surprised to have seen him at her place. She started stammering. “Wh..what d…do yo..”

Daniel cut in. “Can I enter?” He asked.

‘Urgh… That?’ Darasimi smiled and opened the door wider than she did before. She offered him a seat.

Daniel sat down and looked around. There was silence for a minute, both were staring at each other. “Haha, you can’t even offer someone anything!” Daniel exclaimed.

‘Didn’t ha see my message?’ Darasimi thought and gave a smile. “Alright, I’ll be right back.” She uttered and walked to the Kitchen.

Daniel stood up and turned around. The passport fell from his pocket as he was about to fall while turning around the house. He didn’t notice. He sat down before Darasimi came and did as if he hadn’t turned his head at all, not to talk of standing.

Darasimi came out with a bottle of chilled Maltina drink and a neat glass cup beside it,in a new, brown tray. She got a stool and place it in front of him. She sat back on her seat. ‘See me oh. You can’t even open it. Where is the opener?’ He uttered with a look of disturbing her on his face.

‘Oh! Okay, I’ll get it now.’ She stood up and walked into the kitchen again.

She got out in no time with an opener and opened the malt. She smiled and sat back. “Wahala boy.” She uttered.

‘Wahala boy, anyhow. Will I be the one to pour it inside the cup?’ He stared at her and smiled.

‘You have hand oh…’ She replied.

‘Yeah.. I saw your ping. Was that a joke or something?’ He uttered, pouring the drink in the cup.

‘Em.. Actually.. The Queen kidnapped me today and gave me sound warning and she said she will kill me!’ She uttered.

Daniel dropped the bottle and stared at her. The Queen? He asked and stood up. He walked outside angrily, heading to the palace.

Episode 35

‘Will it be wise of me to go to the Palace to confront her? She’s wicked and a murderer, she can just kill me. Wait oh, what would I have done I got there?’ He asked himself thoughtfully.

He heard Darasimi calling his name from the back. She had been running after him. It might just be like a password to death for her. She thought.

‘Don’t go, you’ll put me into trouble if you should go, please save me from this. Help me, you know how wicked she is.’ She addressed.

Daniel turned to the back and stared at her. “Alright, I’ve been thinking about it too. It won’t make sense to go and tell her about this. She might even kill me also. I just don’t want you to do me like this, we can always behave we hate each other so that people won’t go and tell her about us. I really love you!” He uttered and moved closer to her.

‘I do too, but what I passed through in that forest she took me to, to warn me was deadly. I even thought I would die there, really afraid of my life oh.’ She uttered.

‘Don’t worry dear, I’ll protect you. In every aspect. During this holiday, I’ll monitor her to know whatever she’s doing and planning against you.’ He promised.

‘Dan, don’t worry about that. I don’t want you to risk your life for me. Everyone in this village knows how wicked and heartless she is, please don’t.’ She begged.

‘I will, I’ll just make sure I monitor my movement to the core. I’m really afraid of something happening to you.’ He drew her to himself and hugged her.

The Princess and her friends were at the usual venue of their gists and games. Beatrice was laughing out loud concerning what happened to Darasimi when Ruth was explaining to them.

The Queen had assured her of not fearing him, she has scared her with death and she assured her she must have left Dan as at the morning she was telling Ruth.

Ruth was so happy to hear this
she called all her friends to come and play
with her so they would celebrate that Daniel was now his.

They were doing that when Daniel came out of the Palace. He knew the princess and her friends were by the pool side and could guess they were talking about Darasimi. They all kept quiet on seeing him come outside, he thought on what he could do and called a guard beside the entrance to the palace.

‘I’m going to my girlfriend’s place, when the king wakes up, just tell him I went out. Wanna go have nice time with her.’ He uttered in a loud voice, so that princess and her friend would hear.

Olufunke was clearing the living room when she discorvered the passport photograph that fell down from Daniel on the floor. “This is Tony!” She said exclaiming and was afraid. “Where has this girl found this passport, is she really investigating?” She asked himself.

Darasimi rushed out and saw her mum staring at the passport. “Mum, what happened?” She asked.

The broom fell off Funke’s hand on hearing Dara’s voice. “Em.. Nothing. Where did you find this passport photo?” She inquired.

PASSPORT? She asked as she moved closer to see who was on it. “I don’t know this man. Why?” She asked.

‘Em… Nothing.’ Funke replied smiling.

Darasimi shook her head angrily. “I knew it, I knew that was what you’d say!” She shouted and went inside.

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April 6, 2017
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