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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

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Episode 21


Peter was a tall and fair guy. Also brilliant and taciturn, he loved eating so much and hated pride and lies. He was fredrick’s best friend in the room because he was somehow more holy than the other friends left.

Dammy, he was refered to as the Boss. He was a complete womanizer, he loved girls and had interest in them like shi. A fair and tall guy, handsome and had kept afro haircut. He loved wearing pencil jeans and a white top. He was just a dullard that never heed to advice from people.

Faith, a dark and handsome young guy with a white and beautiful set of teeth. He had pink lips and was a neat guy. He was a talkative and also loved food.

Tade was a dark guy also, not very handsome and do have “obama” haircut. He was shorter than all of them and also loved girls. He and Dammy did finish the business about girls together.

Beatrice and Gloria were eventually discharged, the king bought the wheel chair she started using. Gloria was fine, although had several wounds on her body. The King bought them an apartment to be living and commanded the that their marriage should be broken.

Not so long after the King did all this, David heard, he then brought his concubine that had been telling him to beat his wife to death so she would be able to pack in and be the proper wife in and made her his new wife.

The King started catering for their well-being and sent Beatrice to school and furthered her education. He got them a driver and a car that would be driving her to school everyday and dropping her back home. She was lucky.

The King had asked on what he should do to David, maybe banish him or kill him or maybe he should call the commissioner of police because of him. Gloria still pleaded on hid behalf, she pleaded that the King should just leave him and his new family and let peace reign.

Beatrice was just in the living room, on her wheel chair weeping. Her mother, Gloria just came out and met her in that condition.

‘What is it again Bibi, why are you just weeping? You know you are the one that will be petting me if it was me, so tell me, why are thou weeping?’ She asked, standing by her front.

‘Mum, I just thought of everything, I just had a remembrance of how that man pushed me to the mirror and made me someone who can’t bath by herself again, someone who can’t walk around as she wishes, someone who can’t behave like others!’ She cried.

‘You ought to be thanking God, just a little thing that is even not up to this happened to them but they are dead. Who are we to question God. You don’t know if standing up will make you spend a short life on earth.


Episode 22

The 6-cliques were in the room, each guy on his neatly prepared bed. Fredrick was on his laptop, trying to google-search the assignment a lecturer gave them. Each person was busy on his laptop trying to get the assignment well done.

‘I think I’ve gotten it.’ Faith shouted.

‘Have you seen the exact machine?’ Blessing asked with concern.

‘Yeah, this is it.’ Faith pointed at the screen of his laptop, laughing.

‘I just hope this guy is serious oo, or else you know I’ll beat hell out of you.’ Fredrick smiled.

‘Then he’ll go to heaven.’ Dammy added and smiled.

They all stood up and went towards him. They all sat around him and stared at the laptop. The page was blank, Faith started laughing, ‘I’m just joking.’ He uttered and continued laughing.

‘La what!’ Tade shouted. They all surrounded him and gave him the beating of his life. They all play and gist together in the room, they share their thoughts together and pray together excluding Dammy who nags whenever it comes to praying.

They all returned to their various beds and continued with their work when Dammy received a call, it was from a guy that they nicknamed “Lala” he’s the regular guy that provides him with ladies of different types. He smiled at the phone and picked the call.

‘Ah! Lala, you dey there?’ He sat up.

‘Don’t tell me you want to go and meet that guy!’ Fredrick frowned looking at Dammy. Dammy never payed concentration to what he said, everyone neglected their laptops and focused on him.

‘Alright, I’m already coming.’ He replied Lala and stood up, pulling up his pencil jeans and got his comb from beneath his pillow to comb his afro hair. He smiled at them all.

‘I said I’m sure you are not going to meet that guy, Lala.’ Fredrick repeated.

‘Sure, new babes are on ground guys.’ Dammy uttered and smiled, buttoning his shirt.

‘Babes? Are you okay at all? How many times have we told you to neglect all this issue of babes and let’s face our studies and pass at once!’ Blessing exclaimed.

‘You these guys, for God’s sake free me now. We’ve all been reading all day, searching for that useless man’s foolish assignment. So, why won’t I have a time to wipe off my reading sweat.’ He uttered.

‘On girls right? Peter stared him.

‘Sure, I’m a gay or would I spend it on guys?’ He smiled.

‘Guys free this guy now, let him go and enjoy his life. Wait, is he at the usual place?’ Tade asked.

‘Sure, with hot ones.’ He replied.

‘Then, I’ll be there soon too.’ Tade smiled, Dammy left the room.

Blessing stood up. A tall guy, very brilliant also. There is no day one will see hair on his head, his head is always shinning. He shook his head and sat down back.

‘Guys, why are you disturbing yourselves? This is sweet world and we just have to live in it sweetly!’ Tade uttered.

‘Guy now, don’t vex me with the horrible and annoying words of your mouth!’ Fredrick exclaimed.

Faith smiled. “I guess I’ve seen it, seriously.’ Faith said frankly.

‘It seems you are more serious now.’ Fredrick said and all moved towards him. He was just lying and was beaten again.

The princess and her friends too were just gisting in the room as the princess arrived back to school. Daniel and the Princess arrived a day after the incidence back to school. She started feeding them about the miracle Daniel performed.

‘That guy will be a wonder guy oo.’ Stella wondered.

‘This is more than wonder, it just that his family has broken apart. He has a useless father!’ Ruth uttered.

‘Na Daniel oo!’ Beatrice shouted.

‘The way its doing me sef, I’m just loving the guy more like we should…’ Ruth paused amd sighed.

‘Hmmmmn…’ Rachael stared at her and exhaled.

Episode 23

Daniel and Darasimi were at the library. They planned to meet there, its been a while they’ve seen each other. Darasimi was so happy seeing Temitope it was just as if she won a jackpot. They started gisting about school life and the likes. Temitope brought out his new laptop and gave it to her, he also gave her a new phone.

“Which lappy you go dey use now?’ Darasimi said.

‘You don’t worry about me. I’ll get one soon. Just make sure you don’t loose this one I’ve given you and read whatever you want to read, whatever project should now be easily doe shey?’ Daniel smiled, dipping his hand in his pocket. He brought out a flash and handed it over to her.

‘You make me worry. You know Engineering students are mostly in need of laptop, don’t bother about me. All will be well.’ Darasimi spoke.

‘It seems you now like talking, just take them. You’ll see, just meet me here by 4:00pm tomorrow.

‘Alright, thanks so much.’ Darasimi hugged him. Looking very happy to have a laptop. She walked to her room majestically with the new phone and laptop.

She knocked at the door of the room and entered, still walking majestically.

‘Where this one come see lappy now?’ Seyi was the first to question her in the room.

‘I no know wetin concern you there now. Girl dey flenjure jare!’ Ronke said where she was.

‘Thanks all, this is just a token from a great friend of mine. At least you all won’t be making jest of me now. In fact, I’ve gotten another new and durable phone.’ She smiled and raised it up in the room.

‘Its a pity shola and pamilerin aren’t in presently, they would have laughed at you like mad.’ Seyi laughed.

‘Does it matter? Omo, no trouble me oo.’ Darasimi sat on her bed and opened the laptop.

‘Wait, like seriously. Are you really the owner?’ Ronke asked.

‘Yeah, seriously.’

Daniel hurried to the palace. He got there and met the King without visitors. He quickly told him about his laptop. Although never wanted to lie, he told him that the laptop now has a big problem.

‘You can throw it away. Just go into my room and pick hundred thousand there.’ The King smiled at him.

‘Where exactly sir and I guess its too much dad. Eighty thousand is alright.’ Daniel bowed.

‘In the wardrobe. Nothing is too big for my able son.’ He smiled.

Daniel prostrated and went inside to get the money and went straight to get a new laptop.

Episode 24


The battle continues between the princess and Darasimi. The princess now developed a kind of hatred towards her, Darasimi never cared, she also started doing things on her own. Daniel called Darasimi the next day to show her his new laptop.

Darasimi was very surprised. Although, she knew the King would do everything he wishes for him but never thought it would be as fast as that.

Weeks later…..

Exams preparation started, everyone now busy with the reading of their books. Many that weren’t serious started their seriousness and various books started getting lost so that people who has never written note would be able to read.

Dammy never began his own reading. He knew the examination was around the corner, that was when he and Tade knew there were some parties they had to catch up with.

The results for the examinations done eventually came out some weeks after. Darasimi got home with her G.P of 3.86. She was totally happy that day, rushed into their apartment and didn’t meet her mother. She couldn’t control her joy, then walked to meet her father to show him the result.

‘Then what’s my own business with this? He shouted.

‘Dad, just want you to know I passed!’ She smiled.

‘How does it concern me. You want to freak me with this paper right? So that I can believe that you are really in a university right? You fools.’ He shouted.

He threw the result on the floor and left her presence. “You’ll soon understand.” Darasimi thought in her and picked up the result on the floor.

Fredrick also made his result, with 4.05. The driver came so early that day and took him home. He got home with joy and happiness written all over his face. He rushed inside the house and went straight into the living room.

The living room was a big one. The floor tiled and everywhere painted cream colour with a brown shining leather sofas there. The center table was made of glass, also sparkling. There was a plasma flat screen television there and everywhere smelling nicely. Most of the things inside the house was imported. They were indeed rich.

“Mum! I’ve made it now!” Fredrick shouted.

Episode 25


Victoria, Fredrick mother came out as she was called. Fredrick was so much joyful that time, he sat by the side of the sofa, expecting his beautiful mum outside.

‘What’s this noise about son?’ She came out, walking gently on the tiled floor.

‘Mum just see!’ He smiled, stretching the paper forward to his mother.

‘I’ve told you that its not until I go to oxford I can make it in life!’ He continued.

‘Wao! This is a great result!’ Victoria said surprisingly, as she sat down towards him.

‘Mum, its not easy. You know, as the boss!’ He smiled again.

‘Keep it up son.’ She stretched forward her hand and shook him.

Olufunke got home at last. Darasimi was in the living room alone with her result by her front. She was still happy, and expecting her mum until she heard the door been opened by someone.

She ran up and rushed to Olufunke on seeing her. Olufunke was also surprised meeting her at home. She was so happy and both hugged each other. “You never told me you’d be come here today.’ Olufunke uttered, facing her side and her left hand on Dara’s neck.

‘Mum, a surprise package.’ She replied smiling.

‘That’s great then.’ She replied and sat on one of the plastic chairs.

Darasimi brought out her result and gave it to her. Olufunke didn’t understand what was there, Darasimi explained that she passed to her.

‘I’m so impressed, thank God you are my daughter!’ She smiled.

Darasimi also smiled and brought out her laptop to show her mother that she was given by Daniel.

‘That’s good also, have you shown your father your result?’ She quickly asked.

‘Sure I did. He abused me. Mum, why is it that my father hates us this much. He doesn’t like us at all?’ She asked frowning.

Olufunke smiled to her. “He loves us, but you can’t understand his techniques.” She replied.

‘No mum. He hates us in particular!’ She exclaimed. “He does call me a b—–d sef.” She added.

‘Don’t mind him.’ Olufunke replied.

‘Mum, I’m now minding him. Before, I don’t use to mind whatever he says. Now, to me mum, it looks as if he’s not my father.’ Darasimi uttered.

‘Shut up!’ Olufunke exclaimed, staring at her closely.

‘Mum, get me right! He behaves well to his other wives. Why us alone?’ Darasimi asked sadly.

‘You’ll soon get it. That will be when you’ll get it, not now.’ Olufunke uttered.

‘Mum, you are hiding something away from me?’ Darasimi asked.

‘There is something about the names I gave you. You are Darasimi Enitan, that name “Enitan” means a child of history. There are some things you’ll know but not now.’ Olufunke smiled a little and walked inside.

‘A child of history? Or is this man not my father?’ She asked herself with a low voice.

The palace was filled with the princess’ friends and herself celebrating, by the pool side. They all made good results out of the exam they did.

‘Well, this means that we aren’t dull. We made all our papers and had no carry over.’ Rachael uttered and smiled.

‘That’s awesome, its cool, its gracious. We are just so lucky and it worths us celebrating it as we are doing.’ Stella uttered sipping from the cup of wine.

‘Yes-oo. Wait, when is Daniel checking his result?’ Beatrice asked.

The car hooted outside. It was Daniel who was there and drove in silently.

‘This guy is not a b—–d. He just went to check the result. Let’s see what he has brought.’Ruth said, taking her stand as Daniel walked toward them. He was dressed in a white shirt and a blacker trouser. He held a brown envelope and smiled to them all.

‘Just bring the result like that.’ Ruth uttered smiling and staring at the envelope.

‘Alright, I’m not taking it away, just bringing it to you guys.’ He smiled back and walked up to them and gave the result to princess.

‘This is aweome! 4.62!’ Ruth shouted as they all surrounded her to check the result.

‘You tried Dan, keep it up. The King will be happy to see this!’ Ruth commented smiling.

‘Thanks all.’ He smiled back.

‘Na you oo!’ Beatrice commented laughing to him.

‘Thanks sis.’ He replied, he stretched his hand forward to receive his result from them.

‘Is it true you are dating that girl?’ Ruth asked with a low voice.


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April 6, 2017
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