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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

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Episode 11


Daniel picked his phone later in the day, to speak with Darasimi on phone. He then knew she had given her mother the phone. He had been thinking of buying his sister and mother phones too. He thought in him that the three of them need phone presently, and he was going to buy for them.


AKINPELUMI, Darasimi’s father. He had three wives, of which Olufunke was the first wife, he married Shade their after, since Funke couldn’t provide him with a male son. Shade also gave birth to triplet, Taiwo, Kenny and Aarin. He went ahead to marry Layo as his third wife, she gave birth to two male children.

Akinpelumi was just a drunkard, known all over the village. He works as a hunter, and brings a lot of meat home. He sleeps with only Layo, and feed them, has never thought of he having other wives that needs a lot of care and children. He was a useless father. Throughout Darasimi’s days in school, he didn’t give a dime, for the books, textbooks, school fees and project fee.

Layo had been a bone in the throat of the Funke in that house. She and Shade had been troubling her life, whenever they sight Darasimi, they question her for what she hasn’t done. It was of a great surprise that Darasimi could pass her final SSCE examination, they disturbed her throughout the examination period because they wanted failure for her.

Darasimi and Daniel read under their normal meeting tree throughout the examination. Darasimi wasn’t sure of her place of study now, her father won’t assist her at all for her to further her studies, her mother just sells yam at the market.

Daniel was in his room, also studying for the examination coming by, not quite long, Ruth knocked on his door. Daniel walked down there and was surprised seeing her.

‘My princess, here?’ He asked with surprise.

‘Yeah, why are you surprised?’ She smiled.

‘I should be, wasn’t expecting you.’ He replied.

‘I’ve brought some word problems to you, for you to solve for me.’ She said.

Episode 12


Daniel ushered Ruth to the balcony. They both sat together, he taught her all what she requested for. This time, the queen had been searching for Ruth.

“Ruth.” She heard from some distance.

‘That’s mum calling you my princess. You have to hurry.’ Daniel uttered.

‘Yeah, I can hear also.’ She stood up and left the balcony immediately.

Daniel had a soft breath and rested his back.


“Where have you been? I’ve been searching for you.” Queen uttered.

‘I’ve been upstairs with Dan. She uttered.

‘DANIEL? Both of you all alone?’ She wondered.

‘You are surprised? Yes we’ve been together. He has been teaching me Math.’ She smiled.

‘Alright, just checked your room and didn’t see you, the driver also said you’ve been at home, that’s why I’ve been searching for you.’ She smiled back.

‘Alright mum.’ She replied.

‘And call me Daniel, the king wants to see him.’ The queen added.

‘Oooh! See him? What for? We are busy now!’ She complained.

‘He needs mouth organ. He said he is bored.’ The queen smiled.

‘Alright, but its not fair mum.’ She said as she was going.


She entered into the balcony back, she met Daniel playing a football game on his phone. She smiled and had her sit beside him back. Daniel continued playing the game without raising his head to know who entered.

‘Doesn’t he know that I’m here?’ Ruth thought in herself.

‘I’m here!’ She exclaimed.

Daniel raised his head and paused the game. He looked at her and smiled. “I’ve forgotten someone entered.” He continued smiling.

Ruth’s phone started ringing, she stood up and stepped to a corner to pick up the call. It was her guy that was calling her.

‘Then why are you calling me!’ She shouted on phone.

Daniel that had continued playing his game paused the game and raised his head up on hearing the noise.

‘Are you sick, you know I have my standards! I’ve told you I don’t like it when you call me by that name.’ She uttered angrily.

‘What sorry are you saying! You must be really crazy!’ She said and hanged the call. She was already looking angry.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I will be able to continue with the mathematics. This fool has spoilt my mood.’ She said and walked out of the balcony.

“What is the meaning of all this?” Daniel thought and continued with his game.


The noise of someone falling from the staircase was heard by Daniel immediately Ruth left the balcony. She already had her asthmatic attack on her way to her room, she slipped on the stair case and fell.

Daniel rushed out and hurried to meet her on seeing her. He rushed to her room to get the inhaler, it didn’t look as if she was with it. This time, the maidens were already around, they’ve surrounded her, one of them was running to Ruth’s room when she ran into Daniel and both fell.

Daniel stood immediately and hurried to where she was, he pushed all the maidens around and shivered to the princess to apply the inhaler on her.

The King was already coming this time, he rushed there and started shouting at the maidens for not guarding his daughter properly. He was totally angry, he watched Daniel as he was trying to help her out of the problem.

Sooner, he carried her to her room and was beside her.


Episode 13

The princess was eventually alright, Daniel was with her althrough, she woke up and saw Daniel by her side. She began her thoughts as usual. “Maybe he loves me, or he wants me to know that he cares for me a lot.”

‘So how are you my Princess?’

‘I’m alright, I’m sorry I frightened you. This will be your first time of seeing me this wasy right?’ She smiled.

‘Yes, I was so much surprised.’ He replied.

‘How pathetic, I wish God never created me.’ She commented.

Daniel rushed into her comment.”No! Never think of that again, if you mostly visit pages on facebook, you’ll see that what’s happening to you is just a little. Different people are out there, many dead, many begging for money, many in prison suffering for what they’ve not done. Its not your power but the grace of God.’ He replied softly.

‘Then if God wanted to create me like you, he would have created me like you. He did this deliberately, why me, why not another person.’ She said sadly.

The Queen and the King were already outside the door, eavesdropping.

‘Nooo! I still say no! So if it wasn’t you, who could have gotten it? God is great in his power, he does thing you’ll think he has done you bad. Like now, let’s talk about this asthmatic patient. She was asthmatic, she didn’t know God, she engages in all kinds of bad things, she had been crying to God for a good husband but she didn’t get. There was a day she had an attack, she was rushed to a different hospital from where she was usually rushed to, it was there she met her husband. Can you now see, assuming she wasn’t asthmatic, she may have found someone who isn’t the will of God for her life and mayn’t meet the right man. God has planned our lifes, he knows what we’ll pass through before attaining our joy.’ He said, looking sad too.

‘This boy’s words are powerful’ the king said softly to the Queen.

‘I’m touched, sincerely.’ The queen replied.

‘God! God! God! All is God right? Why hasn’t he designed my life to the right path and let me meet the right person, if that’s his will.’ Ruth said to him.

‘All isn’t God, satan too can be blamed on this. Although, if God doesn’t allow satan to do things, it won’t come to pass. The satan I’m talking about isn’t the satan of the bible, that satan maybe included but not the ultimate one. The King or Queen, as the leader and paramount rulers of this Kingdom, many will hate them, for some reasons, for no reason. Many might have done this to you, but God will also allow it to bring some promises to pass.’ He added.

‘Which is the satan of the bible, what’s the bible all about? She asked.

‘You don’t go to church? Do you have a bible?’ He inquired.

‘We don’t go to church here, I don’t even think there is a bible in this house.’ She replied.

‘You don’t go to church?’ He asked surprisingly. “I wish you all can start going.” He said.

The door was opened suddenly, Daniel and Ruth were afraid, it was the King and the Queen that entered, both looking good and smiling.

‘And we all will start going to church as from this Sunday.’ The king uttered as he was entering.

‘Huh?’ Princess was surprised.

‘Dad, mum, so you’ve been out there?’ Ruth asked.

‘Sure.’ Queen answered.

‘I’ve been touched by all what Daniel was saying, I’m impressed. Now, you won’t only be playing me mouth organ, you’ll start preaching to me too.’ The King uttered.

Daniel laughed, he was so much surprised. “Aaah! Dad, that will be tough, please Dad.’ He begged.

‘So where are the guards? You both aren’t with any of them. Its unlike you.’ Princess uttered.

‘I sent them away, so we can listen to you both well.’ Queen smiled.

‘Now, Daniel. You’ll just go out now, I’ll give you money, you’ll go buy each person a quality bible out there. The driver will take you there.’ King smiled to him.

Daniel prostrated happily. “Thank you sir.” He laughed.

He rushed out as he was told, to get the bibles.

Episode 14

Daniel got the bibles as wished by the King. He was so delighted the king accepted all what he said to Princess Ruth. He hurried back home to present each person with bibles. It was King James version he bought.

As he arrived, the king told him to sit and play him the mouth organ. He did found joy whenever he listens to the sound of that mouth organ. Daniel was also talented, he was greatly talented because he wasn’t taught by anyone on how to play the instrument. He had also composed a lot of songs.

Daniel sat down as commanded by the King and started playing the mouth organ. He king rested his back and neck on the throne he was sitting on. He was just enjoying all Daniel was playing to his hearing.


Ruth’s friends had already arrived to check her health. She called them when Dan went out to buy the bibles. They were inside gisting about Daniel, he had already completed the playing of the mouth organ for the King.

‘I just love that guy.’ Ruth uttered.

Beatrice stared at her angrily for few seconds and smiled back at her. “You must, at least he’s your life saver.” She responded.

‘You guys better don’t let him hear. As if you don’t have a boy-friend.’ Rachel smiled.

‘That idiot! I will soon break up with him. He doesn’t worth a lady like us, he’s so foolish and unrepentant.’ Ruth said.

‘Unrepentant, I can’t laugh. When did you become a christian? You are funny o.’ Rachel laughed.

‘Na you sabi, he went out to get us all bible.’ Ruth smiled.

‘Bible?’ Rachael and Beatrice stared at each other laughed suddenly

‘It seems there is something going wrong with you guys. What’s funny anyways? He went to get our family bibles. Are you guys a christian and that your stupid last friend.’ Ruth said and smiled.

The three of them were smiling. Daniel got to the front of the door and knocked. The three stared at the door. “Who is… it?” Ruth asked

‘My princess its me.” Dan said from outside.

‘Dan?’ Beatrice smiled at Rachael.

‘You can come in Daniel.’ Ruth smiled.

Daniel entered, they were all staring at him. His look was unresisting to them all.

‘I’ve come here to drop the bible.’ He moved towards the princess and stretched the bible to her.

‘Good day misses.’ He smiled at Rachael and Beatrice.

The two laughed. “Good day Bro Dan.” Beatrice smiled.

‘Bro?’ I’m not a bro oo.’ He smiled back.

Ruth was wearing an angry look. She was looking at Bibi and Rachael as if she should move near them and slap them. she was also smiling a smile that’s not from the deepest part of her heart, she was just smiling that way so that they won’t turn her to a topic.

‘So what are you, at least you said you have a sister also bearing Bibi.’ Beatrice continued smiling.

‘Yeah, so that’s why you addressed me as bro… You aren’t serious.’ He laughed.

‘Good day jare sister Rachael.’ He bowed.

‘I’m not sister too oo.’ They all laughed.

Episode 15

The examination day arrived just like a dream. It was Daniel and princess ruth that both read all night at the dinning table of the palace dinning. After reading all they could, they both read their bibles and prayed for success in their examination.

Each person went back into various rooms. Daniel prayed again and revised all he read with Ruth on the dinning. He took his bath and slept off. Ruth also took her bath and slept off. The exam would start by nine that morning.

Daniel woke up by 7:30 and got dressed. By that time, princess was already dressed and set. He came out dressed in a shirt, brown trouser and a brown shoe. He was looking so handsome. He went straight to the living room to greet the king and the Queen. He shook princess Ruth and both left the house with different cars.

They got to the main campus. Daniel and Ruth got down from the car and stood together, reading. They got there by some minutes past eight. Both were just gisting till princess’ friends arrived by 8:30. Each also with her father’s car and a driver each. They were all happy to see one another, Daniel was standing by the door side, reading his jottings. He greeted the friends all and continue reading until they were all called into the exam hall.

The examination was computer based. The whole thing started, Daniel was the first to finish the exam. He submitted to the computer and left the hall, straight into the car and listening to music. It was so simple to him.

He waited for his other friends to come out so he can quickly get home and visit Darasimi and her family that week.

Finally, they arrived from the exam hall. Smiling and gisting. “It was so simple.” They were saying till they got to the car. Daniel had a slight smile at them, got down and asked how the exam was.

‘It was hmmn… Should I say soft?’ Bibi uttered.

‘Which one is now hmmmn… It was awesome.’ Rachel said.

‘It was beautiful!’ Stella said hers too.

‘We thank God!’ Ruth uttered and smiled. She knew that Daniel would still pay reference to that sentence she just made.

‘You all are somehow. Apart from her highness. You said it was soft, beautiful, awesome. Argh!’ Temitope said.

‘So what would we have said.


They all laughed and hopped into the car and went home. The exam result would come out in the next one hour. They all went straight to the palace, so that they would check the result together there. They went in to greet the King and returned back to the swimming pool to sit with each person with his and her laptop.

Not quite long, the result was released. Each person was busy checking his and hers. No one was ready for one another.

Princess got 82% as her overall mark, Stella, 78%, Rachael, 75.3%, Beatrice, 77.4%. To their greatest surprise, Daniel’s result wasn’t released. They all filed up to the king to show their results. Daniel was told to come to the school that day.

He was so worried and rushed back to the school. He was told he got the highest mark out of all that came to the examination, but he was given another examination tougher than the one he did before. He was surprised so much and did the examination in the midst of many lecturers and the school’ board of directors. His examination was totaled by the computer immediately he finished it and got 96%. He got 98.8% in the former one he did, they were all proud of him there.

He was so happy himself. All the lecturers where beyond surprised at him. With everyone still standing there he wasn’t distracted and focused till he made it. He was congratulated and was given a lot of prizes that day

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April 6, 2017
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