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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

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Episode 56

The deal was completely stricken, minds were at rest that Darasimi won’t escape that friday, it might even lead to her death, they didn’t care.

6:30pm Friday evening…..

Daniel was in his room with his friends gisting. He got a call from the students’ Fellowship coordinator. He was told there would be a fellowship vigil and must at least bring two people. He was amazed and told his lazy friends about it who laughed it off. He decided to ping Darasimi about the fellowship vigil.

‘I can’t come for vigil oh..the lectures were tiresome today.’ She replied

“Please now, it won’t be easy for me alone and I must bring at least to people.” He replied.

‘And must they be ladies?’ She teased smiling.

“Come if you want to.. Haha, please Darasimi.” He pleaded.

‘Okay, where should we meet?’ She asked.

Daniel smiled happily. “Okay, around the library.” He replied.

‘I’ll be there shortly, we shouldn’t walk at night.’ She uttered and smiled.

‘Alright. Thanks lots of love.’ He smiled.


08:30pm Friday evening….

The guys got to the front of the room and knocked. It was one of them that walked in asking for Darasimi. They were surprised a male could come to their hostel to ask for Darasimi.

‘She’s not in.’ The room mate replied.

“But everyone is on bed right now. How come she’s not here.. You are lying.” The guy smiled.

‘Please who are you? I said..’

“Just show me her bed..” The guy insisted.

She pointed to her bed and met a girl sleeping on it. He smiled and walked towards the place. All other girls kept on watching them and busy with what they were doing, all wondering about what he was up to. He whistled and other guys broke in, everyone was afraid and couldn’t face them. They walked to the bed the guy was showed and sprinkled acid on her….


The guys left after they’ve completed their job. The other room mates rushed to check on Adeola who was sleeping on Darasimi’s bed that was washed with acid. The girl was quickly rushed to the hospital and attended to. The guys went back home happily that they’ve just completed their good job while Darasimi was busy with prayer in the fellowship meeting.

The princess and her friend celebrated all night when they heard that she had been rushed to the hospital, not knowing it was Deola, one of the girls in the hostel and not Darasimi.


Darasimi was escorted by Daniel to the hostel. The princess and her friends were angrily outside then, they’ve discovered that it was Deola that was the victim of their bad intentions towards her.

She climbed up the stairs and greeted them, they never answered but were all standing and facing the last floor looking at Dan to verify if she went out with Dan all night. They neglected her as she went in, she entered into the bedroom and met everything scattered. Nobody was in, she walked out looking so scared. “What happened?” She quickly asked the princess and her friends.

They pretended as if they didn’t hear all what she had been saying and started their discussions. She brought out her phone and met twenty-eight missed calls on it, she wondered what went wrong that her phone didn’t ring out. She remembered she had to personalize her settings to silent so that she won’t be the wave in the fellowship.

She quickly dialed Funmi’s number to confirm what happened but it wasn’t going through. She rushed downstairs, her eyes were although heavy she got down and tried another room mate’s phone number but it wasn’t going through. She rushed to a room downstairs to ask of what happened, she then heard about all that happened. She rushed to the hospital to confirm.


Gloria and Funke were together at Gloria’s place to discuss and play together. They usually see to discuss but they’ve seen each other for somehow long. “The Queen still doesn’t know we are alive. That woman just killed Tony just like that.” Funke uttered.

‘Urgh..’ Gloria laughed out.

“Haha. What’s funny now?” Funke stared at her.

‘Just imagined something, Tony should just come in now.’ They both laughed.

‘Its true, I’ll take to my heels instantly.’ They both laughed.

“I even saw his passport with Daniel. He said the King gave him to keep.” Funke uttered.

‘King? I don’t even like how my son is living with that Queen, human lives are nothing to her.’ Gloria complained.

“Its just a matter of time, when he becomes the King now..” Funke uttered.

‘Who? My son.. He can’t marry that princess oh!’ They both kept laughing.

“You are desperate about this?” Funke smiled.

‘Sure, that useless Damilola that calls herself a Queen. She can do anything to protect her useless dignity.’ Gloria added.

“Is it me that Is useless?………..” A voice uttered from the door.

Episode 57

“Who could that be?” Gloria and Funke were startled, staring at each other.

‘Did you lock the door?’ Funke asked very scared.

‘No, when you came in, the happiness I used to escort you in made me forget you’ve arrived.’ She replied quietly.


‘Yeah.’ She replied quietly.

They heard people laughing outside. “Mum, come and open the door for us oh!” Daniel shouted.

He opened the door and noticed it was opened. He and Darasimi walked inside laughing heartily.

Gloria and Funke couldn’t close their mouths and was staring at each other closely.

“Mum!” Daniel shouted.

She faced him at once. “What just happened?” She stammered out.

Daniel and Darasimi laughed out suddenly and shook each other.

‘Mum, I’ve gotten home and didn’t meet you so Dan and I decided to come here. We’ve been there for a while so we heard everything you’ve been saying. I…’ She started laughing.

The both continued laughing. “I did as if the Queen was at the door.” She concluded.

They continued laughing. Funke and Gloria couldn’t take off their eyes from each opther, they were staring at each other non-stop and couldn’t say anything.

“Em.. I can’t just utter a word now. Why did you come home?” Funke asked pretending to be angry.

‘Some people attacked my room, searching for me last night and I’ve gone for vigil then, the girl they met on my bed was washed with a bottle of dangerous chemical, maybe acid.’ She uttered.

“What!” Gloria stood up.

‘Yes mum.. This is serious.’ Daniel said.

“What of that girl now?” Funke stood up too and questioned.

‘She died this afternoon.’ Darasimi changed her face, looking extremely sad.

‘What!’ Gloria shouted.

‘Yes ooh. Its so painful, so I had to leave school, we can’t tell the people trailing me. The police has been involved because that girl’s parents are extremely rich.

‘So despite all this, you have time to scare us!’ Funke shouted.

“I suggested that. We came home so taciturn, I decided to at least make us laugh and happy.” Daniel said.

‘Oh my God! So that girl died?’ Gloria sat down suddenly.

‘Yes mum. I guess she should stay here for the main time or go else where, they might be searching for her.’ He uttered.

‘Heeeeey.. I’m fed up!’ Funke uttered.

THE QUEEN? Gloria asked.

The princess and her friends were still in school, vexing and annoyed about their f–k-up. Stella stood up when everything was so quiet and boring to talk to them all. “I don’t know why you all are quiet as a graveyard. Is it because it wasn’t Darasimi or because Deola died. Cheer up babes.” She encouraged.

“In one word, we are murderers” The princess said and gave a heavy exhalation.

‘No, we didn’t carry out the job ourselves so we aren’t the murderers and this is not the end. That Darasimi thinks she’s smart, we must still dear with her!’ Stella shouted

‘After wasting a soul?’ Princess asked wondering.

“Please jare…” Rachael curt in. “Please, forget about the issue of soul. We all have our various destinies. That’s what her destiny is all about, we didn’t kill her. Its annoying me how you guys are doing. If you are ready for us to strike a deal, call me. I’m logging into Coolval22.com to read some literature series.” She uttered and picked her phone angrily.

‘We must at least pity the girl that loosed her life. I’m afraid of something, we all know that this girl’s father is stinkingly rich and I think….’

‘She’s the only child, don’t think!’ Beatrice completed.

‘Can it be traced to us?’ Rachael wondered.

“You all, let’s just get those guys now and tell them they did a wrong job. I’ve been told she went home this afternoon with Dan. She should be trailed but this time around I want us to change the technique.” Rachael dropped her phone.

‘Let’s conclude this first!’ Princess exclaimed.


Honourable Olukayode arrived with policemen into the school and sent them around the school, especially to the hostel to arrest everyone their. All the girls in the hostel were arrested and taken to prison, investigation commenced.


Tony and his wife was in the living room watching a program, not quite long after, the program was ended and news started about THE RILY KINGDOM. As Tony heard the name of that Kingdom he stood up immediately and stared at the television set. “Rily” he kept repeating the name.

‘Is anything the matter?’

“No..” He replied and smiled, took his seat back but still worried.

One of his daughter walked downstairs with a Nokia booklet and sat beside her mother. The magazine contained the pictures of all the phone Nokia has made. The continued checking it and was smiling while Tony was still watching the news. It was after some minutes the news ended he could notice things around him. He stood up and walked to his wife and daughter to watch the phones they were watching.

He was smiling and pointing at different phones. Soon, they got to a point with the heading “OLD MADE PHONES”. The continued checking it and were laughing at the phones people were using then, suddenly Tony sighted Nokia C1. “This phone.” He tapped the magazine and stood upright.

He started remembering how Raymond brought it to him. “Raymond!” He exclaimed suddenly.

The wife and daughter were staring at him and dropped the magazine.

‘Raymond brought that phone to me and told me that the King said its for the two of us, but I can’t remember where exactly I was that day.’ He uttered.

‘You, go to your room.’ Funmi said to her daughter and she left.

‘Who is Raymond and who was he when you were together?’ Funmi asked.

“My best friend, we do things together.” He replied.

‘I think this is the best time to call my friend. That guy that I said he’s a Doctor, he should bring along a psychologist so that they’ll help us from this that you just remembered.’ She said and brought out her phone to call them.

Episode 58

The King rose from his throne angrily. “Who’s the man that has the guts to get my daughter detained?” He asked shouting.

‘Get the car ready, I want to get one or two things, I’ll be with you now. The man will face the music!’ The king exclaimed and walked into his room angrily.


They got to the police quatres. They met different parents their pleading for their children. Everyone was silent on seeing the King and the Queen there. “Your Majesty” they addressed.

‘And who is the head of this place, I want him to come out and see me.’ The King shouted.

‘Alright you highness.’ A sergeant at the bar stammered out and rushed to call the D.P.O. The king and the D.P.O walked to the car while the king was talking to him angrily and commanded that his daughter and her friends to be released. Investigation isn’t done that way!

The princess and her friends were released to the King immediately and taken home. The policemen continued their secret investigations.

The Doctor and the psychologist were invited but the psychologist brought along a woman that could help them predict things from Tony who’s named Winnie. The woman is into writing and reading of stories. She had gained a lot from their and good at predicting and as well guessing. They all got to Tony’s house while they went to the balcony upstairs to start their discussions.

The doctor started everything by asking him how much and well he forgets things since the incidence. Finally the job was handed over to Miss Winnie to complete.

“The name of that your friend is?” She asked.

‘Raymond.’ He replied.

‘What are the things you do together?’

“I don’t know?” He replied.

‘Hmmn.. You can eat, play, hunt, since its in a Kingdom. You can farm, go to the stream. There, you can meet different girls sent to go and fetch……..’

“Wait!” He uttered suddenly.

He remembered the day he and Raymond went to the stream and met two girls. He couldn’t remember their names but was still thinking on it. “That’s true, we go to the stream to look at girls.”

They all laughed. ‘So which girl exactly have made friend with?’

‘Em..’ He remembered the day at the supermarket when he heard Damilola. “Damilola!” He voiced.

‘That Damilola, she should have friends you know with her, and maybe her scent, and other things.’ Winnie said.

‘I can’t recollect.’ He replied.

‘Do you still remember the name of your kingdom?’

“Yes.. Rily.” He quickly replied.

Winnie brought out her laptop and typed rily to search. There was a map that was brought out that shows how they could get there from exactly where they were to that place. ‘I guess once you get here, you’ll be able to remember some things.

‘No.. I was told by Mr Akinola that I was thrown at the road. I can’t possibly go their wh..’ “Wait!” He uttered again.

‘Haa.. Damilola! She should be the one. I’m remembering..’

‘Good. Be fast at that!’ Doctor uttered.

‘Raymond was in a relationship with a lady, Funke and that lady has a friend, Gloria. Both overheard when Damilola told me she was pregnant.

‘Preg what!’ Tomi barged in.

‘Preg what?’ Tomi barged in.

“Pregnant.” Tony answered frankly and turned his head towards where she was.

‘You’ve never told me this!’ She exclaimed.

“And I’ve never remembered to.. Just remembering.

“Come and have a seat here madam. Its nothing.” Winnie called her.

She sat down beside the psychologist staring at Winnie and Tony.

“So continue with what you’re saying, sir.” Winnie addressed.

‘….Yes, I’m sure she didn’t know and even doesn’t know I’m still alive. It’ll be like a great surprise to meet me hale and hearty. As for Funke and Gloria, they must be dead by now because I know the Queen very well.’ He concluded.

“This is awesome.” The psychologist said and shook his head.

“We’ll be going for now and get back to you later, against what we’ll do.” Winnie said and stood up.


Deaola’s Father was invited to the palace by the King to sort out things. The King was also in support of the investigation but his daughter was with him throughout. Darasimi had been gotten also for further investigation to know why the hired assassins were looking for her.

The King provided adequate support concerning the investigation of the death of Deola. Darasimi was interrogated by the policemen on who she was suspecting concerning the issue of the acid attack. She couldn’t mention anyone as she wasn’t suspecting anyone.

It came to a stage the whole investigation turned out to be nothing. Hon. Olukayode himself later removed his hands from the case and the school started their work back.

Rachael wasn’t pleased about all that happened. She hated Darasimi like ending her life anytime she sees her. She brought up the idea between her friends again that Darasimi should be kidnapped and killed so that they’d have their way.

They invited their normal hired- killers to get Darasimi kidnapped. They scheduled their job to be Wednesday morning, on her way to the lecture hall.

It was Monday morning, Darasimi was off to the lecture hall, dressed in a pencil jeans and fitted blouse. She had her handbag on her and was looking beautiful. Everywhere was quiet and people were scanty. The guys got down from the car and drugged her into the car and ran off.


They got her to an uncompleted building as wished and tied her with a rope against a pillar at the second floor. They got a place that was very quiet and no one will ever believe some one was there.

The princess and her friends were already gathered there also and rounded her up, staring at her angrily. The boss of the hired assassins already stood at Dara’s from laughing wickedly, Darasimi’s vision was blurred then and couldn’t see properly.


Episode 59



Since the incidence of the acid has happened, Daniel had been following Darasimi around the school with the help of one of his room mates. They both sat to discuss ways of saving her from problem. Emmanuel, his room mate brought different ideas of knowing who the people had been trailing her and the ways to deal with them all. They’ve started going around with camera to record and take pictures as their evidence. Daniel had gone back to the palace too to pick the car that was brought for him by the King in case something will happen.

“Guy, are you this crazy for love?” Emmanuel asked him wondering as he got down from the parked car.

‘Sure, but you’ll help me a lot..’ He uttered.

“Sure now, I’ve started helping you.” Emmanuel replied.

‘Not only that, I want you to help me to be sleeping behind her hostel for like a month.’ He uttered.

‘What! Na me dey date her!’ Emmanuel shouted.

“We’ll be sleeping in my car, no problem.” He replied.

‘No.. I still don’t want that. Its not ideal, if you die because of her, who told you she won’t marry again!’ Emmanuel convinced.

“I know but I must still protect her.” He replied.

‘We both know that the security of the hostel is now tough, if at all anyone wants to catch her, it should be in the afternoon and we’ll always follow her.’ Emmanuel said.

‘But this work will be tiresome. We won’t have rest?’ Dan laughed.

“Na you wey wan protect now.” Emma laughed.

It was Monday morning, Darasimi was off to the lecture hall, dressed in a pencil jeans and fitted blouse. She had her handbag on her and was looking beautiful. Everywhere was quiet and people were scanty. The guys got down from the car and drugged her into the car and ran off.

They were behind the hostel as quick as possible and had been following her till they saw what happened. They zoomed off after the car immediately, looking so afraid. “Should we call the police?” Emmanuel asked.


‘Why not the policemen?’ He asked trembling with fear.

” I don’t have any number that leads there now! They’ll be late sef. You know too, we don’t know what they’d have done before those useless policemen arrive! Are those stuffs in the booth?” He shouted reducing his speed so that he won’t be suspected.

‘Yes. Stop shouting jurh, I’m dead afraid, running after hired killers with just siren radio and bangers.’ He shivered.

They got her to an uncompleted building as wished and tied her with a rope against a
pillar at the second floor. They got a place
that was very quiet and no one will ever
believe some one was there.
The princess and her friends were already
gathered there also and rounded her up,
staring at her angrily. The boss of the hired
assassins already stood at Dara’s from
laughing wickedly, Darasimi’s vision was
blurred then and couldn’t see properly.

Daniel and Emmanuel were by the bush side. “I guess they want to kill her now!” Emmanuel shivered.

They lighted a banger stick with them and threw if further. The radio siren was also gotten and everything turned out to be as if the policemen were around.


It was a banger sound but everyone dismissed immediately and on hearing the siren, they didn’t wait but all ran away. Emmanuel was busy recording and taking pictures from where they were so as to use as an evidence for the policemen.

They waited for a little time and could see from where they were hiding that everyone had ran away, they ran up and untied her, straight to the hospital and picked things that can serve as their evidences.


Emmanuel and Daniel were at the reception discussing about all that happened that day.

“But you are rather brave and strong. For us to have followed and use bangers as our gun and dismiss them all. But I’m still eager about something. Do you think the policemen would listen to this?” Emmanuel asked

‘Why won’t they? We have our evidences. The pictures, video, the handbag of the princess we met at the scene too.’ He replied.

“But, we might have died if not for God’s mercy, using a banger and trailing hired-killers.” Emmanuel said still shivering.

‘Its God’s mercy. I don’t have any policeman’s number and before we start describing everything, and before they’d get there the man at her front might have killed her, she might have died if we’d not been following her!’ He uttered, his heartbeat still beating at a fast rate.

The Doctor came out to them. Both stood up at him immediately. “Was she drugged?” The Doctor asked.

‘Yes ma, she was.’ Dan quickly replied.

‘Hmmn..’ The Doctor sighed.

“Can I see her parents?” She asked.

‘You can tell us anything.’ Emmanuel said.

‘I’m sorry..’

‘I’m sorry, I must see her parents.’ The Doctor uttered.

“We don’t know her parents, we saw her lying on the floor and decided to help her.” Emmanuel said.

‘I’m only curious about how you’re going to pay for her bills. She’s now okay.’ The Doctor replied.

Dan laughed. “That’s simple, I’ll go pay to the cashier right away.” Daniel replied.

‘Okay, the cashier will tell you the amount that should be paid.’ She said and left.


Daniel took Darasimi home and headed to the police station with Emmanuel. They reported the case and involved the policemen immediately who also started their investigations about the case.

The policemen got to the princess’ place and got them all arrested. They were detained while the King was called about his daughter’s case. The evidences were all dropped and the case began.

Winnie, the Doctor, Philosopher and Tony all got on their way to the Kingdom that same day. They got to the Kingdom and started asking of places till they got to the Palace. They didn’t meet the King and decided to wait a little longer.

The King was in the Police station with the D.P.O. The Queen was also present there with the King sorting out the issue of their daughter and her friends. Daniel was there with them seated with his friend and smiling.

Episode 60

The D.P.O insisted on the fact that he won’t release the princess and her friends to the King, no matter what he insists on.

‘The Princess and her friends must have been the ones that killed the girl, Deola, upon trying to kill Darasimi.’ The officer said.

“My daughter isn’t a hired killer! I’m the King of this Kingdom and I have the authority over everyone!” He exclaimed.

‘That was what you said the other day sir. Now, we’ve not concluded our investigations. One of the princess’ friends has gone with my guys to get the killers here, from there we’ll know what to do.’ He replied.

“Its the king that’s before you!” He frowned.

The officer laughed out. “This is not the issue of being the King. Being the King doesn’t mean a princess should be doing things anyhow.” He replied.

The King couldn’t talk and was quiet, he didn’t know if he should stand up or remain seated. As a king, that will be his second time that his daughter will be arrested. He kept staring at the D.P.O’s face continually.

‘I’m sorry your highness, its just a matter of getting a good lawyer that can save you from this.’ The D.P.O concluded.


The King walked out of the police station and saw Daniel seated by the bar. “What are you doing here?” He asked surprisingly.

‘Em.. I came..’ He stammered.

“Because of my daughter right?” The king asked smiling to him. ‘I guess he now loves her.’ He thought in him and walked out. Daniel rushed after him, ‘what did the D.P.O say about it?’ He quickly asked.

‘He said he’s not going to release her. There are strong evidences backing her case up. But why must she do this?’ The King asked frowning.

“So he hasn’t known I’m the one..” Daniel thought in him.

The King entered into his car and off he was driven to the palace. He got to the palace and met Winnie, the Doctor and the Philosopher around. Tony was in the car parked behind the palace. The King was in real anger as he entered into the palace and met visitors waiting for him.

‘I won’t be able to talk to you now.’ He addressed and walked in instantly.

The Queen was still in the police station. She sat there thinking “a royal majesty in a police cell. Had I known, I should have eliminated this Darasimi right from time.” She continued thinking of different things.

The D.P.O came out looking blamed and faced the sergeants. “Release them all.” He uttered.

‘Release?’ One of them asked staring at him.

‘Yes, order from above said we should release them.’ He uttered.

‘Urgh…’ The sergeant understood immediately, order from the commissioner of police. He shook his head.

The princess and her friends were released with immediate effect.


Winnie and others left the palace immediately after the King neglected them to the car. They explained everything to Tony, and thought of going back. Tony refused to return. “Is the Queen there?” He asked.

‘No..’ They replied.

“I must see them and let them know the kind of woman that the Queen is.” He uttered.

‘Do you think you’ll be save there?’ Winnie asked looking at him.

“Absolutely nothing will happen.” He replied.

He got down and walked into the palace and was allowed in. The King had already gotten the call that his daughter and her friends had been released then, he came downstairs to refresh himself and get his anger off him.

Tony walked into the palace and looked around. “This place has really changed.” He thought to himself. The Queen’s car started hooting outside, he entered into the living room and saw the King seated on his throne, the glass cup with him dropped immediately.

He still recognized him, Tony walked more closer to him smiling. “Its me Raymond, you don’t need to fear.” He uttered as he walked closer, the King stood up and terribly afraid, he began to move backwardly as Tony moved closer.

“To….. Tony..” The King stammered out.

‘I’m alive, Ray.’ He replied and continued walking closer.

The Queen walked into the living room smiling that she eventually got her daughter and her friends out of their problem. She was smiling in as she saw the King afar and a man moving closer to him.

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