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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

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Episode 51

Amnesia meaning “without” is a deficit in
memory caused by brain damage, disease, or
psychological trauma. Amnesia can also be
caused temporarily by the use of various
sedatives and hypnotic drugs. Essentially,
amnesia is loss of memory. The memory can be either wholly or partially lost due to the
extent of damage that was caused. There
are two main types of amnesia: retrograde
amnesia and anterograde amnesia.
Retrograde amnesia is the inability to retrieve information that was acquired before a particular date, usually the date of an
accident or operation. In some cases the
memory loss can extend back decades, while
in others the person may lose only a few
months of memory. Anterograde amnesia is
the inability to transfer new information from
the short-term store into the long-term store.
People with this type of amnesia cannot
remember things for long periods of time.
These two types are not mutually exclusive.
Both can occur within a patient at one time.
Case studies, such as that of patient R.B.,
show that both types of amnesia can occur
simultaneously. Case studies also show that
amnesia is typically associated with damage to
the medial temporal lobe. In addition, specific
areas of the hippocampus are involved with memory. Research has also
shown that when areas of the diencephalon
are damaged, amnesia can occur.
In people suffering with amnesia the ability to
recall immediate information is still retained, and they may still be
able to form new memories. However, a severe
reduction in the ability to learn new material
and retrieve old information can be observed.
Patients can learn new procedural knowledge.
In addition, priming can assist amnesiacs in the
learning of fresh non-declarative knowledge.
Amnesic patients also retain substantial
intellectual, linguistic, and social skill despite
profound impairments in the ability to recall
specific information encountered in prior
learning episodes.

‘Therefore, I’m sorry the man you brought hit his head on the floor, the pressure was too much that he has amnesia and has forgotten everything about him, including his name.’ The Doctor uttered.

‘Ha.. What do we do about this now?’ Mr Akinola asked pitifully.

“The only thing is to get thing that will make him remember his pasts, like if he has a wife, children and maybe songs that he loves and other things.” The Doctor explained.

‘How do I get them… A man that doesn’t even know where he’s from.’ Mr Akinola uttered.

‘This is serious!’ The Doctor smiled and rested his back on the chair.


Damilola and Dolapo were together in the living room discussing about Funke and Gloria when they heard shouts of inside.

“What’s happening?” Dolapo asked Dami.

They started panting and rushed inside.

Damilola and Dolapo rushed inside, and traced where the noise was coming from. It was the Queen and other female maids wailing, the King just gave up. “Just like that?” Dolapo uttered and the feather-like hand fan she was holding dropped.

Damilola felt dizzy and fell on the floor immediately. The great man is gone…


Tony was in the Akinolas’ living room all alone looking around. Mr Akinola came out with his family members and introduced him to all of them. He was happy to see them all although he couldn’t remember all what had happened to him in the past. He greeted them with love.

Esther was the first daughter of the family who’s of the same age with Tony. She is a tall and fat lady, she loved eating so much and turned it to hubby, she was working with a great company on the city through his father’s intervention.

Boluwatife, the secong daughter, she has also completed her studies and had served. Very beautiful and dress-sensed, she had no friend except the guy she was in a relationship with, Abiola.

The last daughter is Foluke. Just in her final year in a private university. She was well known for her long and dark hair and was also beautiful.

The only son of the family, Durodola. He’s a young and ugly guy. He resembled his father but his father isn’t as ugly as he is. He loves playing BasketBall and some other games, also in the University, 200 level Engineering.


The whole Kingdom turned sour, everyone sad and everywhere quiet. Two great people in the Kingdom died the same day, the king and…………

Episode 52

Two great people of the Kingdom died the same day. The King and Omisola, the midwife. The whole Kingdom and villages under and within it were calm and quiet, everyone mourning their death.


Tony became like a son to the Akinola and started living with them. He started working with Mr Akinola, he went to school while he was in the Kingdom. He had no idea about what his past was at all but continued his life in Ibadan.



GLORIA AND FUNKE continued living in that village, it was a rainy morning, Funke felt ill and was vomiting, her eyes turned white and wasn’t alright. The old woman continued staring at her and later called her to tell her she was pregnant. She was surprised, her friend was also afraid and surprised that she was pregnant.

She was encouraged by the old woman, not quite far from then, some men arrived from the King of that village to tell the old man woman she has some visitors in her house. The King requested her to follow those man to come and explain herself. She was rough-handled and wasn’t considered as an old woman. They got to the King where they met him and the priest seated discussing about the bad things be falling the village.

The old woman was told to kneel before them and started explaining herself. “The whole village has turned upside down, things aren’t going the way they should. The oracle said their are some strangers in this village, received by you.” The priest explained.

‘Yes, it true but they aren’t the one causing all this..’

‘Shut up! The King shouted. “You know the price for this that you’ve done, they’ll be thrown into the evil forest!” He exclaimed.

‘No, my King. Don’t do this..’ The woman begged.

‘I’ve done this and I’m not your King.’ He addressed her.

It was in the evening after several beating and maltreatment, the two friends were banished from the village.



They got to another village after that ten years, Funke has given birth then, to Darasimi while the new Queen of the Kingdom, Damilola has given birth to Ruth. That same year they all gave birth that Gloria gave birth to Daniel too.

Gloria married when she got to the new village to a young handsome guy. Life was not easy for the two of them after they left their Kingdom.

Episode 53

Funke lived with her friend and her husband just as Gloria’s mother did. Each woman with her child. It was a day David, Gloria’s husband had to vacate the house he was living, then he went back to his father’s house which is in the Kingdom. At this stage, the Queen has forgotten about Funke and Gloria.

They got back to the Kingdom, everything still seems to have changed a little bit and civilized. Gloria and Funke continued living together till Funke met her new husband and lived with him.


Daniel got home after the whole day with
Darasimi. He was looking happy as if he was
with the president, he passed through the
living room to his room to rest for a while. He was so tired and full, he didn’t bother to come downstairs for dinner again. The Queen wasn’t at peace, it was just as if her conscience wasn’t giving her rest, she was
sighing up and down. Although the arrival of
the King was near, the following day. The
school will resume on the seventh of January.


Darasimi was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching the Television and kids that were shown that went to celebrate new year in a broadcasting corporation. She was
smiling and sipping a bottle of Maltina while
her mother walked out of the room, she just
took a shower and relaxed on the sofa. Darasimi stared at her for a moment, Olufunke wasn’t looking towards her direction. She was palming her hair that was wet, she felt refreshed.
“Mum!” Darasimi suddenly called.
Olufunke quickly raised her head up and
looked at her. “Yeah. Why the shout?” She
‘Nothing.’ She smiled.
“Nothing? And shouted that way?” She asked
with curiosity of knowing why she was
suddenly shouted upon.
‘Okay, just want to gist you about Tony.’ She replied smiling.
“TONY?” Olufunke asked staring at her, she took off her hand from her hair.
‘Yeah, or you don’t want to?’ She asked
‘You aren’t serious, do you now want to start
teasing me?’ She shouted.
“Mum, just tell me what happened back then. Tony was asthmatic, Ruth also is asthmatic.
Does it mean Tony is Ruth’s father?” She
winked. Funke was short of words. She stared at her for a moment and smiled. She walked up to her and sat beside her. “I’ll tell you want you’ve always wanted to hear. This is how it went……………..

Funke was relieved explaining everything to her daughter. Darasimi also felt eased and walked into her room thinking. They all still believed Tony is dead, whereas he’s till a living soul.

Few hours later, Dan called Darasimi to greet her about the day they spent together

Episode 54

Daniel was in his room till 10:00pm. He stood up and went to the palace. The queen was still there watching the television set. “I’m off to church.” He uttered.

‘No one is going to church. As a matter of fact, how sure I’m I that you are going to church?’ The faced him.

“Where else will I go tonight. Tomorrow is January 1st, isn’t it good to receive fresh blessings before then?” He smiled.

‘Do you think I’m joking? Go and pair up with Ruth and start praying together in this house.’ She said.

“Not me.” He replied and walked into his room back.

Tony and the Akinolas got to church as early as possible for the service, as they entered, a guy who was to play the talking drum rushed and passed his side, the perfume he used was although much, so it diffused into the air.

Tony kept wondering about that smell, although, that’s how Ray smells but he still couldn’t remember the exact person with that scent. He entered into the church and kept on racking his brain so as to remember who exactly uses that pef.

Tony was already living together with his wife in their beautiful house in Ibadan. Mr Akinola really assisted him in various ways and he has been seeing many things he ought to remember but maybe due to the absence of people that can make him remember, he won’t.

He remembered when his wife told him she pregnant, something stroke his mind that he has heard something of that nature from someone but totally forgotten. God is great.

His wife also usually ask about the family he’s from, his friends and the likes but none of it could he remember, since he wasn’t close to people that can make him remember and things that can assist him aren’t done so often.


The six-cliques as usual met on the first day of the year for a get-together. Fredrick Charles was dressed in a black suite and a black pair of shoes, looking elegant. He entered into the relaxation center last. They started discussing with each person with a dish of food.

‘Me get gist for you guys oh.’ Fredrick uttered smiling at the quiet Peter.

‘Why are you now smiling at me. You better talk.’ Peter replied smiling.

“Both of you have started now. What is it that is hard now? Faith said eating his food continuously.

“FFO! Now, the issue is about the princess.” He paused.

“You don turn to home theatre wey dey pause! Fredrick talk!” He shouted.

They all laughed. “Okay, he wishes to be the King.” Peter laughed.

“KING?” Dammy repeated and laughed.

‘Don’t mind Peter. Its just that..’ He paused and continued smiling.

“It seems you all aren’t ready for this talk, let me bring up my topic…” Blessing was saying while he was interrupted by Fredrick.

‘Em.. Its that I want to date the princess.’ He concluded.

‘Ehn.. What did I just hear? This is serious, our fredrick loves a girl.’ Dammy laughed.

‘Hmmn.. That’s the reality sha.’ Fredrick replied.

Faith kept on eating, not bothering about what they were talking about. “Go and ask her out now. Its so easy…” Dammy smiled sipping from the cup.

‘Should I?’ He asked, turning and looking at them all.

“Sure now.” They echoed.


The princess and her friends were by the pool side holding their usual evening gists. The princess thought of bringing the issue of Daniel up between them and tap advice from them. “You see, this issue is getting worse. I don’t even know what to do.” The princess uttered.

‘What is the Queen doing about this?” Bibi asked.

“She said I should wait till we end our studies since we are all offering a four-year course.” She replied.

‘Its simple, we can deal with her personally.’ Rachael suggested.

‘Yes now. We can all do this, whatever we want, we must get.’ Stella added.

“Em.. What can we do?” The princess asked with concern.

‘I have a suggestion for her.’ Rachael quickly said.

‘Really?’ Princess moved closer.

They moved closer and started whispering to one another. “Let’s give this work to Agent Six.” Rachael uttered.

‘Who are they? And pouring acid on that girl, won’t be easy.’ The princess pitied.

‘Why won’t it? We’ll pay them off and they’ll get the job well done for us now.’ Rachel insisted.

‘That’s no problem, we will do it.. Anything for you my friend, it will be done.’ Stella uttered.

“Em.. I’m scared” the Princess was concerned looking scared facially.

Rachael took a slight rest and sighed. “Don’t you want?” She asked again.

‘Alright, it should be done.’ Princess concluded.

The traditionalists got to the palace with different kind of strange things, looking angry. They came to hold a meeting with the King and were very serious and determined that they won’t agree until the King hearkens to them.

The King was so scared by all what they brought to him to scare him, he was told about how his father ruled the Kingdom and other Kings, his own shouldn’t be a problem.

They were doing this while Daniel was with Darasimi talking about how the next session would be. They’d be resuming by January 7th back to the school, its been Dan that has been helping her in all what she needs.

Dan got a ping from the princess to come home immediately that the King was in a coma. He left immediately and on getting home met the princess and her friends gisting. He walked towards the pool angrily. “Don’t just tell me you were joking!” He said angrily.

‘Dan, don’t start all that. Where do you always go? Come and sit with us, let’s gist.’ Rachael replied smiling and bubbling the gum she was chewing.

“You these girls are bunch of fools, idiots! I was doing something important there, you just interrupted it!” He exclaimed.

‘Huh? Fools? Us?’ The princess stood up and walked towards him.

‘Don’t just move closer.. I don’t need to tell you this, I’m off.’ He uttered and walked out.


David got home after the hectic day, the farm work has turned him into another dimension, looking so tired and sick. He couldn’t condone the hot sun and walked home. He got to his room and met the door locked.

He wondered where his wife would have gone to. He walked to his living room and started hearing shouts from inside, as if some people are playing and shouting. He exclaimed his wife’s name and walked to the door.

Everything became quiet, he continued knocking on the door but no one could come out to respond to him. He sat by the door.

Episode 55

Shalewa became so afraid in the bedroom. Sammy summoned courage and came out after putting on his clothes. “Let me pass” he said and hit David’s hand with his left leg so he would be able to move out, David stood up and them.

Sammy gave David the beating of his life. If not for the intervention of his wife, Shalewa, he might have beaten him to death. Shalewa packed her things immediately and left the house, they turned him into an empty barrel.


Dan was at the entrance to their place. Gloria came out to open the gate for him, smiling. “Happy new year son.” She wished and hugged him.

‘Same here mum, happy new year. You are just getting more beautiful. You’ve never come to greet me in the palace and even greet the King, its not good oh.’ He uttered cleaning his feet and walked into the house.

“..eeeeh.. Bibi, how are you!” He quickly shouted and ran to her.

‘I’m good bro, happy new year.’ She smiled.

“Abi na, we thank God. Its a really new year.” He smiled.

‘I should come to the palace? For what?’ Gloria asked as she walked inside looking so beautiful.

“Yes now. Since the King assisted us, you’ve never come to greet him and I’m not even sure if you’ve seen the Queen before.” He replied.

Gloria smiled and turned into laughter. She kept on laughing and staring at Daniel. ‘You won’t know, don’t tell the Queen about me sha.’ She added.

“Hmmn? Okay don’t worry. I’ll do as you want, stand by your will.” He smiled and laid on the sofa.

‘That’s means all Darasimi told me is true. This Queen can harm Darasimi too, even me myself. I must not reveal anything about my mother to her not even a bit.’ He thought.

He slept off on the chair he laid on, he phone was personalized to silent when he was tired of his whatsapp messages, he forgot to return it back to normal. The King had called him severally but he wasn’t picking up. The Queen came out and thought it would be an opportunity to implicate Darasimi more where the King is. She started her lies.


Tony was in his car all alone, off to get some provisions that evening, he was on a fast speed because there were some places he still wanted to touch. He got there and started picking what he’d love to get, he was listening to the sales girls as they were playing. He was smiling, suddenly he heard. “Damilola, don’t take that groundnut, it won’t be funny oh!”

He turned and peeped at them. “DAMILOLA?” He asked again. He picked all he could and got back into his car, still thinking. He remembered the issue of perfume he smelt and Damilola he just heard flashed back into his memory. He continued thinking but still didn’t hit anything, he drove home and noted that name.

He got home and was somehow sad, he dropped his car key and sat in the sitting room. His two children rushed down to come and greet him, his wife was still heavily pregnant then. She came down to smiling, to welcome her husband.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you?” The daughters were asking.

His wife came down, looking very beautiful with the Ghana weaving hair on her. She was smiling only to discover that her husband wasn’t happy. “Haha. ” She exclaimed and walked properly beside him. “What’s the matter?” She asked with concern written all over her.

‘I’m okay. Just trying to remember something.’ He replied.

“Remember? About that issue?” She asked.

‘Yes.’ He replied and smiled at her. He cuddled his daughters “don’t worry dad is fine. Go to your rooms and rest.” He smiled to them.

The girls left for their various rooms while Tomilayo was still with him, also thinking.

“I heard a name today.. Damilola. I’ve been trying to remember what the name is all about but can’t at all.” He said.

‘Okay, let’s start like this. She was your sister, fianceé, cousin, nephew, niece, mother or what?’ She emphasized.

“I don’t know.” He replied.


The students resumed back to their various schools. The princess and her friends were after bringing Darasimi down. They called the guys that will execute the work for them. They concluded that they will carry out their operation on friday night.

They concluded on money and everything, those guys were exactly the same guys that kidnapped Tony. They still exist and still work together hire killing people for money.

“She’s gonna regret this!” The princess smiled and crossed her legs.


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April 6, 2017
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