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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

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Episode 46

Raymond walked up to the girls smiling. He was cute, tall and handsome. Smelling nice and without his father’s guards. “Hi.” He waved as he moved closer and smiling.

‘The prince.’ Funke tapped her friend and smiled. They looked at each other and stared at him without replying. “What is he doing here?” Gloria uttered silently.

‘I’m greeting you ladies.’ He said and walked closer.

He walked closer and continued smiling at them. “How are you?” He stretched his hand forward for handshake.

‘Fine.’ They replied at once.

‘I love your outfit, you are looking beautiful.’ He pointed at Funke.

‘Argh.. Thanks your Ma..’

‘Don’t complete it!’ He interrupted quickly. “I’m Ray, don’t call me majesty. Majesty bawo?” He laughed.

“Ooh boy, be fast oh!” Tony shouted from where he was.

Ray looked at the back and smiled. He stretched his hand demonstrating to him to wait.

‘Let me help you with the water.’ He uttered, stretching his helping hand.

‘No.. You are a prince!’ Funke stopped him.

“Em.. The Prince, don’t bother about that. We can do it ourselves.” Gloria added.

‘Noo.. I can help you. Do you live together?’ He asked smiling.

‘Em..’ Gloria stammered staring at Funke with the face “should I tell him?”

‘Ray, I’m waiting oh. We aren’t with the guards oh!’ Tony shouted.

He shunned him. “Please talk.” He quickly talked.

‘Okay, around the village, beside the pap seller’s place.’ Gloria said.

‘Ehnehn.. Em.. That place around the market?’

“Exactly.” Funke replied, bending to carry the pot.

Raymond quickly bent to assist her with the pot.

Raymond and the girls departed. He walked up to his friend standing around the river. “I’m sorry dude, let’s go jurh.” He uttered smiling at him.

Tony changed his face as if he was angry and started laughing with time. “You no fit act, you can be a theatre artist. You are pretending as if you were angry but not angry.” He laughed.

‘No problem, we shall see. As the oga na.’ Tony laughed.

‘Should we go to their place now?’ He asked smiling, although he wasn’t ready to go just pulling Tony’ legs.

“Carry me there.” He replied laughing, he knew it was deliberate.

Damilola and her best friend, Dolapo were in the living room. Dami’s mother who’s the women-leader of the Kingdom had gone for meeting then and her father, to his place of work. They were gisting about the issue of their boy-friends happily since no one was at home to know about what they were talking about.

“See that guy, I mean Tony. He won’t want to do such a thing. Cheat on me? Hmmn.. I’ll make him know I’m tough!” Dami shouted.

‘I know you, you are tough. This Demola of mine, I can’t trust him. I see him with different ladies, he’s just..’

‘Heeeeeeee… See the person I’m calling my best pal oh. Don’t worry, leave everything to me, we’ll treat his f–k up for him, he’ll know that you have a crazy friend.’ She expressed lifting her body up and down.

‘I fear oh.. He’ll be wounded now.’ Dolapo was concerned.

“Is he not doing more than that to you?” She asked rhetorically.

‘Yes but you know..’

“Girl it don finish.” She uttered and shunned her, adjusting her hair.


Tony and Damilola were together at Dami’s place gisting when Raymond arrived happily with two packs. He knocked at the door and was allowed in. Tony was surprised seeing him there. “How did you know I’m here?” He asked staring at his two hands

‘Where else can you be?’ He smiled.

Dami kept staring at him, smiling and adjusting her hair. “See handsome guy.” She was thinking and continued with her smiling.

‘What do you have in there?’ Tony asked standing with the mind of him collecting one. Its as usual, it must be that the King just bought us something. He wondered.

Whatever the King or Queen buys for the Prince, they’ll also get for Tony too. Both still didn’t know they were twin brothers.

‘Do you now want to snatch it? Anyway, they are phones. Father just gave them to me as a casual gift, a white man brought it into the Kingdom.’ He explained.

“Phone?” He smiled and stretched his hand forward to collect his own.

‘There is a sim there also, I’m off to somewhere, I’ll see you later.’ He smiled and gave his his pack.

‘Where are you going to. You aren’t with the guards?’ He asked.

‘I’m with them. Father insisted that they must follow me………

Episode 47

Raymond left Damilola’s house and headed to Funke’s place. Funke and Gloria were outside the living room playing playing-cards and laughing as they were gisting. Raymond got there and met the gate opened. He walked in without knocking.

He was relieved seeing the two girls outside playing. I pray their parents aren’t at home, he said as he walked in. He walked closer and waved at them so that they would see him. Funke saw him first and tapped and Gloria, pointing at Raymond.

‘Hi.’ He bowed.

‘The prince bowing for us? Ordinary us?’ Gloria uttered quietly.

“Yeah. Welcome, why are…” Funke was asking while she was interrupted.

‘Nooo.. Don’t bother about me, I came to see you specifically. Can I see you in private please?’ He asked with a polite face.

Funke stared at Gloria for some seconds before Gloria moved her head to the direction of where Raymond was, explaining to him to go and speak with him.

“I’ll be right back ore.” She uttered tapping her shoulder and walked down to Raymond. They both walked outside the house.

‘Can I help you? Fro christ sake, you are the Prince.’ She uttered with concern and fear over her.

“Please don’t shout. The guards are there, I don’t want them to hear what we are saying. Em.. I don’t know how to start but..”

•5 years later….•

The love grew rapidly after that day. The Prince and Funke loved each other and everything was more than peaceful, unlike Dami’s own that is trouble everyday for Tony.

Damilola got to the palace sweating profusely. She was with a basket full of fruits. Her mother sent her there to deliver it to the Queen. As she entered, the King saw her and called her, interrogating on who she was. She explained she was the daughter of the women leader of the Kingdom. The King was surprised and loved her on seeing her. “You look so beautiful.” He commented and smiled to her.

‘Thanks your highness.’ She replied laughing and happy she was admired by the King.

“It must be that the King likes me so much.” She thought as she left the palace smiling.


Dolapo and Dami were at Dami’s place, all alone in the house. They were gisting as usual suddenly Damilola rushed out vomiting and feeling dizzy. “Is this malaria?” Dolapo asked with surprise.

‘I don’t know. Can you follow me to the clinic so that we can go and see the doctor?’ She asked.

“That’s not a problem. Let’s go.” She pulled her.


Gloria and Funke were sweeping the compound together and gisting. It was like something was making them happy, they were beating each other with the broom with them and playing. The prince and Tony got there and met them playing, they were behind and laughing at them. Raymond cleared his throat suddenly and got their attention.

‘Ur.. You startled us.’ Gloria shouted.

‘Em.. We are sorry about that. We came to greet you and…’ He was saying while he was tapped by Tony.

“See…” He pointed outside the gate. It was Damilola and her friend.


Ray and Tony sighted both Damilola and Dolapo outside and walked out of the building. “I’m coming dear.” Raymond told Funke demonstrating with his hand. Gloria and Funke were by the gate peeping and listening to what they saying.

“Why are you like this? How on earth do you know that I’m here?” Tony questioned.

‘What on earth are you doing here too…’ She wanted to start shouting but stopped because of the prince that she was in love with.

‘Sorry Damilola, he only escorted me here. We do things together, that’s the reason.’ He explained.

“Anyways, that’s good. I want to talk to you personally.” Damilola faced Tony.

They walked to the front of the gate of Funke and Gloria, they could hear and see them properly then and were laughing silently inside.

“I’m two week pregnant oh…” Damilola uttered softly so that no one would hear.

‘You are…. You are what?’ Tony repeated, his system has changed. Funke and Gloria kept their heads back then Funke mistakenly hit the gate with her leg. Tony suspected that Funke and her friend must have heard all what they discussed there. He stopped hearing the sound of their sweeping. “I’m I not dead now?” He asked himself and turned to the right, straight to the prince’s eyes.

“What?” The prince said silently that the movement of his mouth can only show what he just said.

Tony laughed. “Thanks dear, I understand..” He turned everything into laughter so that no one would know about it.

“Don’t tell anyone too oh.” Tony said softly, looking straight into her eyes.

‘But your friend’s babe and her friend has heard now. Will you tell me you didn’t notice they ran away now?’ She asked bodly.

“Em.. Urgh, no. They must be inside. Busy.. No, cooking, I mean.. Praying.” He was parabulating, didn’t know what to say.

‘Okay, if you say so.’ Dami uttered and smiled. She walked to her friend and winked at the prince, waving at him.


‘What did she come for?’ The prince asked as he walked up to the gate to meet him.

‘Em.. Shey Dolapo?’ He said somehow unstable.

‘DOLAPO? Isn’t that her fri..’

‘Ooh… Dami. She came to tell me about her… her , I mean.. Em.. You know her mum’s uncle now?’ He asked using that as a medium to think of what he’d say.

‘How do you expect me to know. Do we live together?’ He laughed.

‘Urgh, sorry, her mother died.’ He uttered.

“Mother died??’ He quickly said looking surprised.

‘Wait, let me finish. Its her mother’s brother.’ He concluded.

“Argh! Tony. Na u sabi. Let’s go and meet Funke oh, we’ve been keeping her waiting.” He addressed.

‘We? I’m I her..’ He smiled so that Ray won’t suspect.

Tony had his asthmatic attack there on their way inside the place, his breathing changed. Maybe because of the shock.

Episode 48

He was helped inside. Thank God the girl’s parents weren’t inside the house, he was well taken care of and was normal. Tony was still feeling somehow to look at Gloria and Funke, they all departed that day without revealing anything.


The King’s cough worsened. He knew his days were already numbered. He sent for the women leader and her daughter, he invited Tony and Raymond to be seat also. The Queen and Seun were also there.

“I called this important meeting because you all know that my says are numbered.” The king uttered and paused.

‘Numbered?’ Ray said silently.

“This is a medium I got to ask the hands of your daughter in marriage for my son.” The King uttered facing the women-leader.

‘Hmmmn…….’ Tony grinned and looked sideways. He stared at Ray for some minutes.

Ray’s mouth was opened, he couldn’t close it. His eyes was still focused on Tony, “My best friend” he was thinking.

‘Em… Fath..’ He was shunned by the King not to utter a word.

The King continued what he was saying. “I wish you please release your beautiful daughter for my son to marry. Before a man becomes the king, he must have a wife.” He uttered.

‘Father, I can get..’

“Shut up!” The King shouted and shunned him again.

“That’s a simple thing your highness, your wish is our command.” The women leader uttered.

Seun and Toye were seated beside each other smiling. They didn’t know anything about all what was happening.


It was immediately Dami and her friend left, Tony had his asthmatic attack. Raymond quickly knocked at the door so that the girls would come and render assistance. They came out with a great pretense of not hearing what Tony discussed with Dami but never knew they’d meet him that way.

Thank God the two girls’ parents aren’t in, they rushed Tony in and Ray got his inhaler from Tony’s pocket. He was okay in some minutes time but couldn’t look at Gloria and Funke.

“What’s bothering you man?” Raymond asked him.

‘Bothering? I’m not bothered. Let’s get going.’ He replied.

‘We should start going?’ He asked again.

“Yes now.” Raymond replied.


The King had started liking Damilkola from the day he saw her in the palace, she’s even a daughter of an important personality in the kingdom. He invited Dami and her mother, the woman leader to the palace. He got Tony and Raymond to also be present and the Queen with her best friend.

He started everything after he had some cough. “As you all know, my days are already numbered on earth.” He paused.

‘Numbered?’ Raymond repeated.

“Yes, a man with a chronic asthma can die at anytime. I don’t want to be flown abroad, I’m okay. The purpose of this meeting is based on you, the women leader.” The king pointed.

‘Me?’ She asked again.

‘Sure, you. I called you and your daughter to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage. I want her to marry the prince.’ He uttered.

“HUH?” Tony and Raymond stared at each other.

‘I now see that the days of this king are numbered. What is he saying now?’ Tony uttered faintly.

‘Yes, what’s your huh about? Please, I want you to consider this that I’ve said.’ The King added.

Tony and Damilola started looking at each other. Dami wasn’t disturbed, although didn’t show that she was happy but within her, she was happy.

‘Its a little thing your highness, your wish is our command.’ The woman replied.

“So you’ve agreed?” The king asked smiling.

‘Sure. We’ve concurred.’ She replied.

The Queen and her friend were just smiling where they were. They didn’t know anything.

‘Haha.. Will this girl just go like that ni?’ Tony was thinking.

“She’s pregnant for me oh!”

Episode 49

“She’s pregnant for me!” Tony kept thinking uncomfortably.

‘That’s the final.’ The King uttered.

‘Em..’ Raymond wanted to talk but was shunned again.


Dolapo and her friend met discussing about the issue of Tony and the Prince. She was happy but thoughtful about her pregnancy. ‘So what are we now going to do about this now?’ Dolapo asked thinking on what to do.

“Its very easy now. The prince and I will marry in less than a week time, according to the King. Therefore, I can still pretend till I get married to him.” She replied.

“So you really much love that guy? What of Tony now and Ray’s babe?” She continued her question.

‘My business? They must solve themselves out. But I have an impression that the girl Ray is going out with heard all what I discussed with Tony.’ She added.

“Urgh.. That will be a problem now. You guys didn’t look around so well?” She asked sadly.

‘My mind didn’t strike that, all I was thinking on was just about breaking the news.’ She uttered.

“Its very simple. Funke can use that to implicate you so that she would be able to glue to the prince. We’ll eliminate her and her friend.” She suggested.

‘What of Tony?’ She asked with thoughts.

“Eliminate him too…..” She added.

‘Eliminate? The father of this unborn baby.’ She uttered.

“Baby? Let’s go and flush this thing out my friend.” She adviced.

Dami stared at her scornfully. “Abort? I can never do it. So you are this short-memoried. Have you forgotten that it was abortion that killed Wunmi.” She said.

‘That’s true.’ Dolapo replied, still thinking.

Dami kept on thinking. “This point we are now, we are on the lane of no mercy. We are going to eliminate anyone that crosses our path.” She uttered.

‘Tony?’ She quickly asked.

“Sure, he should even be the first.” Dami uttered.

‘No problem then.. I trust you.’ Dolapo replied.


A week later…

Dami and Raymond’s wedding came up, great and interesting. It was after the wedding Tony started sending messages that he would reveal the secret between them. Everything turned out to be scary, she quickly called on her friend to eliminate Tony as fast as possible.

Episode 50

Funke was in the room, weeping profusely. She was unhappy that Raymond left like that, though it wasn’t his fault. Gloria was out then, she went out to get a cup of sugar, not quite long after she arrived, Tony got to their place.

He was moody, with an angry look. He got in as usual, the gate was opened. He called on the two friends to come out to see him. Gloria rushed out while Funke walked outside also moody. She was angry to see him, as his friend. “Although, his girlfriend has been snatched.” She thought.

‘I’m sorry to bother you. I officially came here to apologize to you about all that happened. Please, I don’t want you to disclose all what you heard to anyone.’ He begged.

‘What we heard? Disclose?’ Gloria repeated.

Funke was leaning against the wall, just staring at him.

‘I’m sure you guys heard about the incidence of Damilola, please, don’t tell anyone. And, she knows you guys heard all we discussed, she might be trailing us. I don’t know how you’ll do it now but its dangerous staying here. He explained.

“It doesn’t concern you….”

Some hefty guys came in and carried Tony in the presence of the two friends. Gloria and Funke took to their heels.

The white Toyota bus was on a great speed along an express way that leads to a village in Oyo state. They’ve already left the Kingdom with Tony and drugged him that he didn’t know what he was doing any longer and his image has blurred.

The five guys including the driver was laughing inside the car there. They were happy they got that kind of job that will replenish their pockets. They all got ready, they were very close to a village and around a stony area with a continuous great speed, they managed to stand up and threw Tony out of the car on great speed, he hit his head on some stones.

That was the way they usually use to eliminate anyone, they don’t use guns, just drugs.


THE AKINOLA FAMILY, a family blessed with money and children. They have a big building and boys’ quarters in that house. The man and his wife blessed with two children. Three female children and a male child. The mother works and the father works likewise, Mr Akinola was a tough and a no-nonsense man, he doesn’t pity anyone no matter who you are.


Raymond was already forgetting his pasts with Funke, at keast he had no choice and had always hated two wives, whereas his father even married just a wife despite all what happened. He started living happily with his new wife, Dami.

Gloria and Funke left the village the exact day they witness what happened to Tony to prevent them dying. The neglected their parents to save their own lives and moved to a far village from the exact one they were in.

They had no place to go to, no food to eat. Although its better that way, Damilola had started looking for them in the village and her friend. Their parents went so worried about there whereabouts and wellness, its something that will be forgotten soon.

The two ladies where assisted by an old woman in the village they just go to, she provided them with all what they’d need, although old. They started wondering on how she was able to get food and everything she needed.


Deolu was on a normal speed. The driver for the Akinola, he noticed a body lying beside the road but neglected him. He drove Mr Akinola to that village to check on some amenities regarding the work he’s into.

‘Wait.’ He ordered the driver and stared at Tony where he was dropped.

He came down from the car and called the driver to follow him and assisted him inside his car.

The guys Damilola sent returned to the normal place they do meet and called her to tell her about their moves. She got there few minutes after she received the call with her friend, Dolapo. They met the guys smoking cigarette as usual and taking alcoholic drinks. One of them stood up and talked on seeing them walking in.

‘We’ve searched everywhere, those girls aren’t longer in this Kingdom’ he uttered.

‘No.. You can’t tell me that. They must be hiding somewhere, you can’t tell me that you can’t find them. I’m not safe.’ She replied.

‘Yes now.’ Dolapo added.

“Na true talk we talk for here oh. We don check the entire Kingdom and Villages under it, we no see them.” Another uttered with a bushy hair on him.

‘Do you guys really mean this?’ Dami asked again.

‘Why we go lie! Madam, waka this place jere.’ A guys said from the back.


Tony was rushed to the hospital, he was totally unconscious, despite Mr Akinola wasn’t nice and was difficult, he helped Tony on the way. The hospital attended to him immediately and was admitted. Mr Akinola cancelled where he was going to, and went back home so he would come back to check on him later.

He got home and changed his clothing, he took a nap while the driver was outside with the gate keeper gisting. Grace Akinola, the wife was already at work then, the children were not around, each had gone to school.

He got up some hours later and headed to the hospital, the Doctor told him Tony was still unconscious, and asked for his relationship with him.


It was 5:49am the following morning, Tony coughed from the sick bed, he opened his eyes but his head hurts. The Doctor was alerted to check on him, he was examined by the happy Doctor who was happy to see him alive. “What is your name?” The Doctor asked him smiling.

‘Name? I don’t know my name.’ He replied slowly, looking around him.

‘Huh?’ The doctor stared at the Nurse beside him.

‘Amnesia?’ The Doctor asked himself.

“Where are you from?” He asked him.

‘Me?’ Tony asked again, his voice wasn’t that strong to be questioned.

“I can’t remember.” He replied.

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April 6, 2017
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